Albany, GA - Naked Man In Street - Dancing - Gives Middle Finger To Officer - Runs Around To Running Patrol Car - Tries To Steal It - Tased - Cuffed - Says Smoked Weed

March 6, 2015

Officers say a naked man tried to steal a police cruiser, after they responded to calls that the man was dancing around in the middle of the road.

It happened at the intersection of South Madison Street and Newton Road around 9 p.m. Thursday.

According to a report, an officer found Charles Burns, III wearing red boxer shorts.

The officer got out of his car and approached Burns, who flipped up his middle finger, and then tried to jump into the drivers seat of the patrol car.

The officer tased Burns and took him into custody at the scene.

Burns was then taken to the hospital, after he mumbled to officers that he had "smoked some weed" and was allergic to it.

According to eye-witnesses, Burns was completely naked before police arrived.

He was charged with public indecency, obstructing or hindering law enforcement, and criminal attempt theft by taking a motor vehicle.

Here is the official police report, from Albany Police:

I responded in normal patrol mode to the intersection of South Madison St. and Newton Rd, in reference to a naked man running around the intersection. Upon arrival, I observed a black male subject dancing around the intersection, wearing only a pair of red boxer shorts. The subject was running at cars in the road, and running and jumping around cars at the intersection. As I approached the subject in my patrol car, he began jogging South down the 1100 Block of S. Madison St.
I activated lights and sirens on my car to stop the subject, who stopped and turned around approximately twenty feet in front of my patrol car. As I exited my patrol vehicle (see vehicle sheet), the subject began to walk toward me with a blank stare on his face, ignoring repeated verbal commands to stop. I began to back up while telling the subject to stop, who then raised his middle finger toward me, and turned towards my open patrol car driver side door.

As the subject attempted to enter my running patrol vehicle, I again gave verbal commands to stop, which he ignored. The subject was about halfway into the driver seat of my vehicle, when I deployed my X-26 Taser, striking him in the back with both prongs. The subject then fell to the ground, and I continued to give verbal commands for him to put his hands behind his back. The subject was handcuffed, double locked in the rear, and searched. I advised dispatched that I had tased the individual, and requested a supervisor and EMS.

EMS and Sgt. Denise Barnes responded to the scene. The subject refused to give his name, and kept m mumbling random and incoherent statements. Mr. Remus

Moreland, who was at Brother's Convenience Store when the incident took place, stated that before I arrived the subject was running around the area in a complete state of nudity.

He also said that he saw the subject attempt to enter my patrol car. Eric Glade, and employee at the store, stated he also saw the subject running completely naked before my arrival, and attempt to enter my patrol car.

EMS arrived on scene, and checked the subject, who I then transported to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital for treatment. At the hospital, the subject kept mumbling that he had 'smoked some weed', and that he was allergic to it. After running one the the names that the subject mumbled through dispatch, I was able to identify the subject, Mr. Charles Edward Burns III, with a photo from the Jail.

After receiving treatment at the emergency room from Dr. Williams, the subject was transported to the Dougherty County Jail.

Warrant # 100835APD for Public Indecency, 100836APD for Obstructing or Hindering Law Enforcement

Officers, and 100837APD, were taken out against Mr. Burns. This case has been cleared by arrest.