10/16/17  Palm Beach County, FL - Florida Deputy's Son Steals Patrol Car - Pulls Ex-Girlfriend Over - Orders Her New Boyfriend Out Of The Car - Robs Him

10/13/17  El Paso, TX - Stolen Vehicle Stop - Suspect Runs Then Steals Unmarked Police Car - Helicopter Spots Stolen Police Car - Man Runs Into Hotel

10/11/17  Las Vegas, NV - Thief Broke Into Garage And Stole Las Vegas Metro Unmarked Police Car - Missing 9mm Handgun, Radio, Tactical Vest, Taser, Uniform

10/10/17  Jersey City, NJ - Juveniles Steal State Department Of Treasury Van - Almost Hit Patrol Car - Chase - Crashes Into 3 Parked Vehicles

10/09/17  Bridge City, TX - Call For Suspicious Male - While Attempting To Arrest Man - Broke Away And Stole Bridge City Police Car - Pursuit

10/06/17  San Joaquin, CA - Man Attacked Police Officer - Tased - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - TREMCO SAVED THIS PATROL CAR - Escaped In Own Car

10/03/17  Orleans, MA - Man Steals Running Dennis Police Cruiser - Crashes Into Fence, Pile Of Wood, And Lawn Mower - Tries To Escape - Says He Wanted To Get Arrested

10/01/17  Salt Ste. Marie, Can. - Call For Service - Dodge Charger With Anti-theft System Stolen And Crashed Into Utility Pole

09/28/17  Parma, ID - Warrant Arrest - Handcuffed Prisoner Crawls Through Patrol Car Divider - Crashes 2 Miles Later - Escaped

09/26/17  Ocala, FL - Deputy's Nephew Steals His Uniform And Patrol Car - Pulls Over A Driver And Reports Disturbance At Convenience Store - Arrested

09/25/17  Listowel, Canada - Stolen Vehicle Stop - Man Assaults Police Officer And Steals Patrol Car - OPP Police Cruiser Found Crashed Into Trees - Escaped

09/22/17  Irondale, AL - Man In Car Wreck Breaks Into Home - Assaults Woman In Her 70s - Police Arrive - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Chase - Wrecks Police Cruiser

09/18/17  Thurston County, WA - Disorderly Subject Maybe With A Gun Call - Into Patrol Car To Steal It - Suprise - K9 Jaxx Chased Him Out - Suspect Jumps - Jaxx Runs Him Down

09/18/17  Timmins, Ontario - Suspicious Person Call - Man Steals Police Cruiser - Man Arrested Wearing A Mask And Costume - Taser Deployed

09/14/17  Abilene, TX - Man On A Rampage Call - Man Runs Toward Patrol Car - Attacks Police - Taser Not Effective - Steals Patrol Car - Officer Fights Him Inside

09/13/17  Rochester, MN - Frantic Woman Jumps Out Of Vehicle - Boyfriend Fights With Captain - Steals Squad Car - Hits Civilian Vehicle Then Crashes Squad Car - K9 Finds Him

09/08/17  Lafayette, LA - Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Patrol Vehicle Was Stolen From Apt. Complex - Vehicle Found Missing Two Firearms - 1 Glock And 1 Rifle - 1 Balistic Vest

09/06/17  Tulsa, OK - Two Tulsa Police Officers Were Assaulted - A Suspect Jumped Into An Officer's Patrol Car And Drove Off - Escaped

09/05/17  Wapato, WA - Police Car Stolen From Police Department - Police Car Found Out Of State In Oregon - Escaped

09/04/17  Lufkin, TX - Handcuffed Woman Steals Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase For 20 Miles - Crashes into Tree

09/01/17  Romulus, MI - Man Attempted Trailer Theft Steals Romulus Patrol Car - Chase - Man Ditches Patrol Car - Escaped

08/26/17  South Union, PA - Man In His Underwear Steals PA STATE POLICE PATROL CAR - Chase - Pit Manuever - Many Damaged Civilian And Patrol Cars

08/23/17  Harrisburg, PA - Responded To A Fight - Officers Saw 2 Men Pull Handguns - Officers Jumped Out Weapons Drawn - Unmarked Police Car Stolen - Found Later On Fire

08/21/17  Upper Saucon Twp, PA - Hit And Run Call Accident - Bystanders Held Him Down - DUI Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Patrol Car - Suspect Escaped And Recaptured

08/17/17  Ashland City, TN - Handcuffed After Shoplifting Incident - Female Steals Ashland City Patrol Car With Blue Lights On - Ditches Patrol Car 15 Miles Later

08/11/17  Wichita Falls, TX - Escaped State Hospital Patient Steals Patrol Car - Suspect Shot - Chase - Hits Other Vehicle - Patrol Car Totaled - Captured

08/07/17  Independence, MO - Man In Stolen Pick Up - Chase - Crash - Foot Chase - Steals Independence Police Car After Struggle - Suspect Shot - Suspect Crashes Into Mobile Home - Suspect Dead

08/07/17  Northhampton, MA - A Man In His Underwear Only Runs Through Hospital Parking Lot - Officers Followed Him Into Woods - He Emerged - Stole Police Car - Slow Speed Chase - Captured

08/04/17  Norcross, GA - Hit And Run Suspect In Handcuffs - Steals 4 Vehicles - One A Gwinnett County Sheriff's Patrol Car - 8 Hit And Run Accidents - 3 City Chase - 4 Patrol Cars Damaged

08/01/17  Milwaukee, WI - Detective Dropped His Keys - Man Steals His Unmarked Into Ilinois And Struck Many Civilian Trucks And Cars - Pursuit All The Way To Missouri - Crashed

07/31/17  Wendover, UT - UTAH Highway Patrol Trooper Investigates Single Car Accident - Handcuffed Female Steals Patrol Car - Trooper Fires Several Shots - Pursuit - Captured

07/28/17  New York City, NY - NYPD Police Car Stolen By Man On Drugs - Police Car Was At A Traffic Stop - Suspect Captured 3 Miles Away

07/21/17  Lyons, NY - Man Crashes His Car - Runs Away - Deputy From Wayne County Sheriff's Office Fights With Suspect - Man Steals Deputy's Patrol Car And Crashes

07/18/17  Fort Pierce, FL - Officer Sitting In Patrol Car - Man Opens Back Door With Intentions Of Stealing The Patrol Car - Foot Chase - Suspect Captured And Charged

07/17/17  Northmoor, MO - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Chief's Patrol Car - Suspect Attempted To Hit Police Chief - Police Chief Shot Suspect - Patrol Car Wrecked Into Pole

07/13/17  Miller County, MO - Female In Handcuffs With Illegal Narcotics And Felony Warrants Steals Miller County Sheriffs Deputy's Patrol Car - Pursuit - Escape - Long Search - Found

07/09/17  Tawas, MI - Golf Cart Drunken Driving Suspect In Handcuffs Steals MICHIGIAN STATE PATROL CAR - 20 Miles Later - High Speed Crash Suspect Dead

07/04/17  Chicago, IL - FBI Agent At Gas Station - Suspect Steals His SUV Dragging The Agent - SUV Found Later With Some Equipment - Haven't Found The Guns Yet

07/02/17  Attleboro, MA - Man Hallucinating Assaulted Officer - Jumps In Patrol Car Fighting The Officer - Drags Officer And Crashes Into Pole - Officer Injured - Very Dangerous Encounter

06/29/17  University Of Oregon, OR - Man Smashes Window Of Running Patrol Car - Steals Patrol Car - Found 1 Hour Away In Residential Area - Suspect Escaped

06/26/17  Prineville, OR - Naked Man Assaulted Woman - Attempted To Steal Her Car - Man Then Forces His Way Into Police Car - Assaulted Police Officer - Tased - Arrested

06/22/17  Mankato, MN - Felony Warrant Arrest Suspect Assaulted Police Officer - Steals Patrol Car - High Speed Chase - 130 MPH - Spike Strip Crash Into Corn Field

06/17/17  Indianapolis, IN - Handcuffed On Warrant - Robbery/Hand Gun - Steals Patrol Car - Pursuit - Crashed Into Two Civilian Cars - Crashed Three Patrol Cars - Totaled Cars

06/15/17  Los Angeles, CA - Cadets Steal 3 LAPD Patrol Cars - Ages 15 - 17 - Two Pursuits Resulted In Crashes - Injured Civilian - Cadets Arrested

06/14/17  Orange County, FL - Narcotics Deputy's Car Stolen - Found Abandoned - Stolen Out Of Orange County Deputy's Car - Submachine Gun, Smith & Wesson Pistol, Glock, Ammunition, Mags, Tactical Vest

06/13/17  St. Louis, MO - Break Into Car Call - Man Steals St. Louis Police Car - Chase - Captured In University City - Spike Strips Used

06/12/17  Camden County, GA - Drunk Found Passed Out Behind The Wheel - Placed In Handcuffs - Steals Camden Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - Chase - Damaged Several Patrol Cars

06/08/17  Glen Rock, WY - Suspect Suspected Of Transporting Drugs - Failed To Stop - 90 MPH Chase - Shoots At Officers - Steals Glen Rock Patrol Car - Assaulted - Hijacked

06/07/17  San Antonio, TX - Suspicious Man At Apartment Complex - Attempted to Apprehend - Man Steals Police Cruiser - 100 MPH Chase - 45 Minutes - Spikes - Crash - Fist Fight - Injuries

06/01/17  Tulsa, OK - Unmarked Police Vehicle Stolen - No Firearms - Does Have Ballistic Shield, Vest, Pepperball Gun, Handheld Radio - Oklahoma 046 EYH - Missing

05/19/17  Hillsboro, MO - Man Wanted For Burlgaries In Handcuffs Steals Police Vehicle - Drives Toward Officer - Hits Other Police Car - Gun Shots Fired At Police Car - Escaped

05/17/17  Waco, TX - Police Officers And Marshals Attempted To Arrest - Suspect Ran And Tried To Steal Undercover Law Enforcement Vehicle - Tased - Captured

05/11/17  Hanson, MA - Traffic Chase Strikes Cruiser - Spike Strips - Runs - Steals Hanson Police Cruiser - Dangerous Chase - Spike Strips - Standoff - Injured With Dog Bite

05/09/17  Houston, TX - Break In At Store Call - Man Steals Deputy Constable's Patrol SUV - Long Chase - Crash - Forced Way Into House - K9 Gets Him

05/08/17  Los Angeles, CA - Unmarked LA County Sheriff's Vehicle - Stolen Dodge Charger Has Lights And Sirens - No Weapons

05/01/17  Council Bluff, IA - Inmate Returning From Court To Jail Steals Deputy's Weapon - SHOOTS TWO DEPUTIES - ONE DEPUTY KILLED - Steals Prisoner Van - Crashed

04/30/17  Santa Fe, NM - Patrol Car Stolen And Pinned The Santa Fe Police Officer Against A Tree - Officer SHOT AND KILLED SUSPECT

04/26/17  Richland County, SC - Woman Steals Running Richland Co. Patrol Car - High Rate Of Speed - Hits Pedestrian Woman With The Patrol Car - Found Locked In The Patrol Car At Apartment - Attempted Murder

04/26/17  Escambia Co., FL - Man Pulls Gun Out To Carjack Deputy Sitting In Unmarked Police Car - Attempted Carjack Failed And Suspect Ran - Captured Later

04/25/17  Hattiesburg, MS - A Teenager Stole A Lamar County Patrol Car - A Mississippi Highway Patrol Car Was Wrecked During The Pursuit - Vehicle Captured On Medium

04/23/17  Driggs, ID - Residence Call - While Deputy From The Teton Co. Sheriff's Dept. Was Searching - A Man Stole His Patrol Car - Deputy Was Able To Jump Into Passenger Side And Intoxicated Man Gave Up

04/18/17  Mulhall, OK - Eviction Notice Call - Logan County Deputy Is SHOT AND KILLED - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Drives 25 Miles And Steals Another Car - Escaped

04/16/17  Anniston, AL - Domestic Call - Male Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Anniston Patrol Car After Squeezing Through Divider - Police Chase - Damaged Patrol Car

04/12/17  Franklin County, WA - Domestic Violence Suspect In Handcuffs Gets To Driver's Seat Of Franklin County Patrol Car - While Stealing It - Deputy Shoots Him In The Leg

04/06/17  Visalia, CA - Handcuffed Woman That Had Been Trying To Get Into A Reported Stolen Vehicle Earlier - Steals Visalia Police Car - Found Police Car Later With GPS

04/05/17  Nazareth, PA - Police On Unrelated Call - Man Opens Passenger Side Of Patrol Car - Throws His Backpack Into Patrol Car - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - 4 Officers Subdued Him

04/04/17  Pendleton, SC - Domestic Call - Man In Underwear Charged At Officer - Suspect Tased - Stole Patrol Car - Shot By Officer - Crashed Into Tree - Suspect Dead

04/02/17  Iola, KS - Suspect Steals Iola Police Car - Dragged Police Officer And Injured - Suspect Hits Tree With Patrol Car and Injured - Both To Hospital

03/30/17  Buffalo, NY - Man Steals Buffalo Police's New Charger - Smashes Into Fire Hydrant Causing Flooding - Other Buffalo Police Cars Damaged

03/28/17  Tulare, SD - Man Runs Out Of Gas - Calls Spink County Sheriff's Office For Assistance - Pushed Deputy Out Of Squad Car - Steals Squad Car - 140 Mile Chase - Runs Out Of Gas

03/25/17  Jemison, AL - Pursuit - Crashed Into Church - Man Steals Patrol Car - Officer Fired Shots Into Vehicle - His Life In Danger - Abandoned - Escaped - Caught

03/09/17  Pooler, GA - Vehicle Stop - Man Steals Pooler Patrol Car - Chase And Crash Into Ditch - Georgia State Patrol Involved

03/06/17  Eau Claire, WI - Domestic Call - 3 Injured - Child and Police Officer - Suspect Steals Squad Car - Crashes Into 4 Civilian Vehicles - Totaled Squad Car

03/03/17  Walton County, FL - Man Crashes - Lights Stolen Vehicle On Fire - Handcuffed - Stole Walton County Deputy's Patrol Car - Crashes Patrol Car

03/02/17  Dallas TX - Handcuffed Man Steals Grand Prairie Patrol Car From Parkland Hospital - 30 Mile Chase - Crashed Down Embankment - Severe Damage

03/01/17  Houma, LA - Fight Call - Woman Bit Boyfriend - Placed In Handcuffs - Steals Terrebonne Sheriff's Department Patrol Car - 20 Feet Away Captured

02/26/17  Hamilton, OH - Man Steals Televisons From Target - Bails Out - Steals Fairfield Township Police Cruiser - Ditches Patrol Car - Robs Barber Shop - Captured

02/16/17  Valparaiso, IN - (MAN STEALS TWO SQUAD CARS) - Traffic Stop - Steals Hobart Police Car - Chase - Home Invasion - Jumps Out 2nd Floor - Steals 2nd Porter County Squad Car

02/15/17  Salem, OR - Arrested Female In Handcuffs Steals Police Car - High Speed Pursuit - Danger - Pursuit Called Off - Patrol Car Found Crashed

02/13/17  Detroit, MI - Take Home Unmarked Impala Stolen From Officer's Home - Recovered 2 Hours Later

02/10/17  King City, CA - Reckless Driver - CHP Chase - Spike Strip - Physical Struggle With Officers - Tasered - No Effect - Suspect Tried To Steal CHP Patrol Car - 1 Shot Fired

02/07/17  Abbeville, LA - Police Chase For Attempted Murder Suspect Ends In Crash - Suspect Runs And Attempts To Steal Police Unit - Taken Down - Arrested

02/03/17  Cincinnati, OH - Handcuffed Man Felon In Back Of Patrol Car Steals Patrol Car - Blocked In - Injures Officer's Ankle And Bites Officer

01/30/17  Orlando, FL - SWAT Members Unmarked Stolen Outside Apartment - Recovered - Missing Heckler & Koch Submachine Gun - Four Full Mags - Other Ammo

01/29/17  Miami, FL - Man Steals Miami-Dade Running Patrol Car While Officer Investigated Suspicious Incident - Patrol Car Crashed Into Multiple Vehicles - Suspect Dies In Fire / Crash

01/27/17  Los Gatos, CA - Bank Robbery Suspect In Santa Clara County With Stolen Unmarked Police Car - Escaped - Elementary School On Lockdown

01/25/17  Lawson, MO - Registered Sex Offender Sought For Felony Warrant - Steals Clay County Deputy's Car - Abandoned Patrol Car - Caught 7 Hours Later

01/22/17  Austin, TX - 18 Year Old At Construction Site Questioned For Checking Car Doors - Suspect Jumps Into Patrol Car To Steal It - 2nd Officer Assisted Pulling Suspect Out

01/13/17  St. Cloud, MN - Building Alarm Call - Man Steals St. Cloud Squad Car - Talks On Radio After Chase - Returns To Original Location - Says "This Will Teach Them"

01/12/17  New Orleans, LA - Two People Stole NOPD Officer's Rental Car And Found Keys To His Unmarked Police Car - Went Back And Stole Unmarked - Used In Thefts And Burlgary

01/09/17  Tulsa, OK - Armed Robbery Call - Suspect Crashes Getaway Car - Steals Tulsa Patrol Car - Suspect Crashed Patrol Car Near Train - Captured

01/05/17  Eloy, AZ - Naked Woman Steals Maricopa Co. Sheriff's Truck From Emergency Call - Deputy Injured - 100 MPH Long Chase - Crash With Stop Sticks - Shot With Bean Bag

01/01/17  New York City, NY - Handcuffed Gang Member Steals NYPD Marked Unit - Patrol Car Found 13 Miles Away In Yonkers - Escaped - Found Later

*****HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017*****

12/19/16  Wichita Falls, TX - Man Breaking Into Cars - Scuffle With Police Officer - Steals Police Car - Runs Over Officer - High Speed Chase

12/16/16  Jefferson County, TN - Four Inmates Escape Jail By Assaulting Deputy And Taking The Keys To The Deputy's Car - Caputured 140 Miles Away

12/13/16  Washington, DC - Unwanted On The Property - Handcuffed Woman Steals DC Police Department Housing Authority Patrol Car - 10 Mile Chase - Smashes Into 10 Civilian Cars - Totaled Patrol Car

12/12/16  Shippensburg, PA - Man Being Questioned At Construction Yard - Stole Police SUV And Tried To Run Down An Officer - SUSPECT SHOT - Drove 1.5 Miles - Had To Stop For Medical Attention

12/11/16  Cartersville, GA - Marked Patrol Car Stolen By Man And Woman Wanted For Burglary Charges - Patrol Car Contains A Shotgun And A Rifle

12/07/16  Jacksonville, FL - Deputy Doing Well Being Check At Store - Suspect Steals Marked Patrol Car - Calls 911 And Says He Saw The Patrol Car Stolen - Suspect's Apartment Had The Rifle - JSO Jacket - Ammo And More

12/05/16  Wildomar, CA - Felon On Parole Steals Riverside Co. Deputy's Patrol Car From Medical Center - After Pursuit, Suspect Taken Into Custody

12/05/16  West Valley City, UT - Domestic Call - Man Tells Police Officers A Man Is In The House Going To Kill People - While Police Investigate, Suspect Steals Police Car - Found Abandoned - Man Escaped

12/03/16  Jeffersonville, IN - Stolen Vehicle Stop - Woman Runs - Caught By K9 - Handcuffed - Placed In Patrol Car - Steals Patrol Car - Pursuit - Stolen Police Car Boxed In - Damaged Patrol Cars - Officers Injured

12/01/16  Howard County, MD - 27 Year Old Male - Sex Sting With A Minor On Social Media - Arrested - He Lunged Into The Front Seat Trying To Steal Detective's Car - Assaults Officer

11/24/16  Hancock County, KY - Disturbance Call - Man Placed In Handcuffs Steals Hancock County Deputy's Cruiser - High Speed Chase - Chased Into Indiana - Stop Sticks Used

11/20/16  Chandler, AZ - Hit And Run Accident Suspect Attempts To Steal Chandler Police Car - Taken Down By Officers

11/15/16  Oak Park, MI - Woman Under Arrest For DUI In Cruiser - Unknown Jumps Into Cruiser And Steals It - Chase And Captured After Cruisers Damaged

11/08/16  Camp Creek, WV - Person Firing A Weapon Call - Handcuffed - Steals West Virginia State Police Car - Talks On Radio - Lights Patrol Car On Fire - Causes Brush Fire

11/07/16  Alexandria, MN - Woman Arrested For Arson Is Handcuffed In Patrol Car - Slips Cuffs - Steals Patrol Car - Chase Over 100 MPH - Stop Sticks - Crash

11/02/16  North Little Rock, AR - Man Harassing Children At Bus Stop - High On Drugs - Steals Patrol Car - Dragged Officer 40-50 Feet - Crashes Into House - Serious Injuries To Officer

11/01/16  Oakwood Village, OH - Traffic Stop Stolen Vehicle - Suspect Uses Officer's Taser On The Officer - Steals Patrol Car - Drags And Injures Officer - Suspect Escapes

10/31/16  Tulsa, OK - Man Steals Police Car - Live Streams On Facebook - High Speed Pursuit - 100 MPH In Trick-Or-Treat Residential Area - Turns On Siren And Sings

10/25/16  Austin, TX - Disturbance Call - Man Drunk Pulls Away From Officer - Jumps Into Patrol Car To Steal It - Revving Engine - Man Tazed - Civilians Helped Pull Him Out

10/24/16  Lincoln County, OK - Double Murder Suspect With AK-47 Shoots And Wounds Two Police Officers - Steals Patrol Car - Then Car Jacks Woman And Shoots Her - Escaped - Being Hunted

10/23/16  New York City, NY - NYPD Patrol Car Swiped From In Front Of Police Station - 1 Mile Zig Zag In Heavy Traffic - Crashes Into Four Cars - Suspect Escaped

10/23/16  Tulsa, OK - Man Arrested For Stealing Tulsa County Sheriff's Patrol Car - A DUI Suspect Was In Back Seat - Suspect Charged With Kidnapping And Battery On Officer

10/16/16  Fairbanks, AK - Police Officer Encountered Pedestrian - Police Officer Shot Multiple Times Then Suspect Steals The Police Cruiser - Suspect Escaped - On Video

10/14/16  Falmouth, ME - Cumberland County Sheriff's Office Truck Reported Stolen Has Been Found Abandoned - Correctional Officer's Uniform And Badge Missing

10/10/16  Indianapolis, IN - Metro Police Had Police Officer's Assigned Patrol Car Stolen From His Driveway - Police Car Found In The Middle Of A Field - Window Broken

10/09/16  Williston, VT - Wrong Way Driver Slams Head On Killing 5 Teenagers - Police Car Stolen From Scene Turns Around And Slams Into Accident Scene At 100 MPH Hitting 7 More Cars - Injuries

10/05/16  Lancaster, CA - Los Angeles Co. Sheriff's Sergeant Shot And Killed - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Rammed Patrol Car Into Other Patrol Car Injuring Other Deputy - Shots Fired - Suspect Injured

10/04/16  Parkersburg, WV - Parole Violation Suspect In Handcuffs - Steals Patrol Car - Chase And Crash Into Ditch - School Lockdowns

10/04/16  Grand Rapids, MI - Assault Call - Cruiser Parked - On Scene With Critical Injuries - Cruiser Stolen - Recovered Nearby

10/03/16  Schoharie County, NY - Female Suspect Arrested On Burlgary Charge - Slipped Handcuffs - Hopped Into Driver's Seat - Steals NY State Trooper's Car - Drags Trooper - Injuries - Shots Fired - Ditched Car - Suspect Found 7 Hours Later

10/01/16  Springville, UT - Suspect In Truck Swerving Lanes On Highway - Arrested - Meth And Marijuana Found In Truck - Suspect Climbed Seat And Tried To Steal Patrol Car - Ran Into Traffic And Asked Deputies To Shoot Him

09/29/16  South Pasadena, CA - Downed Motorcyclist On Highway Assist - Suspect Comes Out From Hiding - Struggle With Police Officer - Steals Patrol Car - Crash - Dies

09/24/16  Crawford County, AR - An Inmate Awaiting A Hearing Stole A Sheriff's Officer Patrol Car - Pursued By Several Agencies - Hit And Spun Into Ditch - Crash

09/23/16  Hayward, CA - MV Crash Site - Man Steals Patrol Car - Police Pursuit - Crash On San Mateo Bridge - 3 Other Vehicles Involved In Crash - Patrol Car Rolled Over

09/22/16  Portland, TX - Intoxicated Man Walking Is Questioned - He Runs Away - Comes Out From Hiding - Steals Patrol Car 1 Mile Away - Totals Patrol Car

09/18/16  Baton Rouge, LA - Man Smoking (Mojo) Attacks Police Officers - Tazed 4 Times - Steals Patrol Car - Tries To Run Over Officers - Crashes - Charged - Attempted Murder On Police

09/16/16  Terre Haute, IN - Handcuffed Robbery Suspect Kicks Out Screen Door Divider And Steals Patrol Car - Suspect Rams Several Squad Cars - Finally Captured

09/13/16  San Gabriel, CA - Homeless Man Hits Parking Enforcement Officer In The Head - Steals Her Marked Vehicle - 2 Hours Later Suspect Found At McDonalds - In Custody Dies

09/06/16  Bellevue, OH - Domestic Call - Man Jumps In Deputy's Cruiser After Shoving Deputy - Deputy Struggles With Suspect In Moving Cruiser - Tazed - Suspect Continues Trying To Steal Sandusky Sheriff's Cruiser

09/03/16  Tulsa, OK - Woman With Warrants Placed In Handcuffs - Steals Tulsa Police Cruiser - Abandons Cruiser - Hides In Shed - To Hospital With Police Dog Bites

09/01/16  Denver, CO - Wanted 21 Year Old Man Jumps Out Of Window - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - Wrestles With 3 Officers - Tries To Steal Officer's Gun - Shot And Killed

09/01/16  Tulsa, OK - Man Steals Oklahoma Highway Patrol Cruiser - Helicopter Used To Locate Cruiser - Suspect Jumped Down A River Bank - Firefighters Used Rescue Boat

08/31/16  Daytona Beach, FL - Officers Responded To Robbery - Officer Jumps Out - Man Jumps In And Steals Daytona Police Car - Captured 3 Miles Later After Chase

08/28/16  Gallitzin, PA - 21 Year Old Leaves Assisted Living Home - Breaks Into Sewage Treatment Plant - Steals Gallitzin Officer's Police Car - Highway Chase

08/28/16  Deer Park, NY - Gang Member Being Arrested For Drugs Steals Unmarked Police Car - Suspect Escaped - Lockdown

08/27/16  Nutley, NJ - Domestic Call - Man Steals Nutley Patrol Car - Crashes And Injures Many Civilians In Clifton, NJ - Hit SUV

08/26/16  Huntsville, AL - Medical Assist - Man Pushed Officer To The Ground - Steals Police Cruiser - Puts In Reverse - Officer Has To Jump Out Of The Way - Cruiser Stuck In Ditch - Escaped

08/26/16  Newport News, VA - Domestic Call - Female Put In Patrol Car - Boyfriend Fights With Police - She Steals Patrol Car - High Speed Chase Called Off - Dangerous - VA State Catches Her

08/18/16  Poway, CA - Suspicious Activity Call - San Diego Sheriff's Deputies Exchanged Gun Fire - Patrol Car Stolen - Car Jacks SUV - More Shots Fired - Crash - Dead Behind Wheel

08/15/16  Florala, AL - Man With Gun In Altercation With Family - Handcuffed - Steals Patrol Car - Crosses From Alabama Into Florida And Totals Patrol Car

08/12/16  West New York, NJ - People Drinking In Public Call - Officers Investigating - 54 Year Old Man Jumps Into Marked Patrol Car And Drove Off - Captured In Patrol Car

08/11/16  Chehalis, WA - 17 Year Old With 15 Year Old Refused To Stop For WSP Trooper - Bails From Car - Steals Chehalis Chief's Patrol Car - Hits/Injures Trooper - Chase - Hits Two Cars - Dog Gets Him

08/06/16  Seattle, WA - Man Arrested For Attempted Theft Of Seattle Police Car - This Man Stole A Police Car Prior To Attempting To Steal A Second Seattle Police Car

08/04/16  Indianapolis, IN - Unmarked Detective's Car Stolen Out Of His Driveway - Metropolitan Indianapolis Police Department Police Car With Equipment

08/01/16  Ottawa, CAN - Store Burglary - Suspect Steals Ottawa Patrol Car - Shots Fired - 37 Year Old Man Apprehended In Aylmer, Quebec - Released

07/30/16  San Diego, CA - Drunk Driving Accident Scene - Man Steals San Diego Patrol Car - Long Chase - Spike Strips In Ranch Penasquitos

07/29/16  Vidalia, LA - Stolen Vehicle Stuck In Ditch - Fight With Deputies - Steals Concordia Sheriff's Patrol Car - Strikes And Injures Two Deputies - Long Chase

07/28/16  Tucson, AZ - Bank Robber - Crash - Shootout - Steals Marana Patrol Car - Chase - Carjacks Civilian - Crash - Shootout - Steals Second Police Car From Tucson - Shot And Killed

07/28/16  Goat Springs, AZ - Two Hitchhikers Stole A Marked Navajo Police Car At An Accident Scene - Witnesses Saw Them Steal It With Emergency Lights On - Crash - Injuries

07/26/16  Ignacio, CO - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Ignacio Squad Car - Crashed Into Tree On The New Mexico Border - Escaped - On The Run

07/23/16  Grand Chute, WI - At Pawn Shop - Confrontation - Suspect Steals Squad Car With K9 In Car - Hits Police Officer - Crashed Into Another Squad Car - Suspect Shot - Escapes And Car Jacks Other Vehicle - Search - Arrested

07/21/16  Apple Valley, CA - Suspect Attempts To Steal Police Vehicle At A Car Wash - Suspect Punched An Employee - Swung A Metal Chain And Was Tackled - Deputies Arrested Him

07/17/16  Bartow County, GA - Man Breaking Into Cars Steals Bartow Deputy's Patrol Car - County Chase - Dozens Of Police Cars Damaged - Crash - SUSPECT SHOT TWICE

07/15/16  Miami, FL - Dodge Charger Assigned To Officer Has Been Stolen - Two Other Personal Vehicles Were Broken Into Prior To The Police Car Stolen

07/14/16  Bedford County, PA - Vehicle Stop - 1,000 Packets Of Heroin Found - Man Steals Patrol Car - High Speed Chase For 14 Miles - PIT Manuever - Crash - Police Cars Damaged

07/11/16  Lequire, OK - Public Intoxication Call - Man In Handcuffs Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Pursuit - Haskell County Sheriff's Car Tire Shot Out - Suspect Shot And Injured

07/06/16  North Bend, OR - While A Man Was Being Arrested - Woman Steals Coos County Deputy's Car - Chase - Crashes Into Atleast 4 Civilian Vehicles

07/05/16  Palm Beach Gardens, FL - DUI Woman In Handcuffs Steals Patrol Car - Pursuit - Crashes

07/02/16  Canton, MS - Fight Call - Suspect Jumps Into Canton Police Car - Steals It And Drives To A Hotel - Suspect Taken Out Of Police Car - Maced And Handcuffed - Suspect Collapsed And Died

06/22/16  Albuquerque, NM - Deputy Arrives At Fight - Suspect With Metal Pipe Breaks Window Of Patrol Car With Deputy In It - Confrontation - Patrol Car Stolen - 20 Mile Chase - Crash

06/20/16  Johnson County, KS - A Woman Needing Medical Attention Stole A Deputy's Patrol Car - Patrol Car Recovered - Woman Arrested

06/16/16  West Memphis, AR - 15 And 19 Year Old Steal Unmarked Patrol Car - Turn Lights And Siren On Trying To Pullover a Tractor Trailer - Observed By Police - Suspects Run Away

06/10/16  Forest County, MS - Deputy Flagged Down To Assist Injured Hit In Head With Hammer - Police Cruiser Stolen With K9 In Car - Highspeed Chase - Crash - Suspect Shoots Himself In Head

06/08/16  Cincinatti, OH - Housebreak Call - Man Naked Is Tased Several Times And Tries To Steal The Police Car Twice - Big Struggle

06/04/16  Las Vegas, NV - Woman In Custody By The Metro Police Auto Theft Task Force - She Steals Metro Unmarked Patrol Car - High Speed Chase - Arrested Again

06/02/16  Huntsville, Can. - Housebreak - Man Steals Keys And Pick Up - Traffic Stop - Assaulted Police Officer - Steals Police Car - Crashes

05/30/16  Birmingham, AL - Burglary Call - Suspect Runs Around Building - Jumps Into Running Patrol Car - Crashes Patrol Car - Severe Damage - Escapes

05/27/16  Honolulu, HI - Police Have Recovered The Officer's Stolen Car From A Parking Garage - The Firearm Recovered - Suspect Arrested

05/24/16  Harker Heights, TX - Man Detained Steals Police Car - Crashes Into Ambulance - Steals Ambulance - Chase - Lost Control Of Ambulance And Rolls Over

05/22/16  Crookston, MN - 23 Year Old Female (Disturbance Drunk Call) At UND Grand Forks - Steals Patrol Car - 20 Miles Later In Crookston, MN - Rolls And Totals - Injured

05/17/16  Cape Coral, FL - Handcuffed DUI At Crash Scene Escapes And Steals 2nd Patrol Car - High Rate Of Speed - Refused To Stop - Crashed Into Cement Pole - Serious Injuries

05/13/16  Hayward, CA - Running Police Car Stolen At The Police Station While The Officer Was Standing Nearby - Patrol Car Found Later Abandoned - Suspect Escaped

05/12/16  Carson City, NV - Armed Robbery Suspect Slits Wrists - Steals Patrol Car With K9 - Dragged Deputy - Slams Into Second Patrol Car - Crashes Into Building - Totaled Two Patrol Cars

05/11/16  Jonesboro, AR - Hazard Driving Stop - Suspect Ignored Commands - Tased - No Effect - Tased Second Time - Jumps Into And Steals Police Car - Chase - Stops For State Trooper

05/10/16  Modesto, CA - Accident Scene - Woman Jumps Into Stanislaus Sheriff's Deputy Patrol Car - Steals Patrol Car With Emergency Lights On - Pursuit Onto Highway - Finally Surrendered

05/09/16  Kansas City, KS - Suspicious Person Shoots And Kills Kansas City Detective - Steals His Police Unmarked - Crashes - Carjacked Woman And Children - Shot A Woman - Shot By Police

05/08/16  Charlton County, GA - Traffic Stop - Man In Handcuffs Steals Trooper's GEORGIA STATE PATROL Car - Crashed The Patrol Car - Escaped

05/07/16  Las Vegas, NV - Robbery Car Jack Call - Officer Meets Armed Suspect - Steals Patrol Car And Drives Toward Officer - Suspect Shot Multiple Times - Crashed

05/02/16  Stockton, CA - Wanted Criminal - Attempts To Steal Patrol Car While Officers Investigated Another Incident - Suspect Tried To Drive The Vehicle Away

04/28/16  Perry, SC - Unattended Police Station In Small Town Broken Into - Police Cruiser And Guns Stolen From Crime Scene - Police Cruiser Found Damaged In Next County

04/25/16  Homestead, FL - Police Office Awoke For Work And Found Her Marked Miami Dade Police Car Had Been Stolen - The Search Is On

04/23/16  Pocola, OK - Domestic Call - Female Teen Steals Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase - Flipped It In High Speed Crash - Injured

04/19/16  Tulsa, OK - Intoxicated Man Broke Into The City Garage - Stole A Police Car - Smashed Into Two Other Cars And Fence - Found Passed Out Wearing Police Jacket In Police Car

04/15/16  Jersey City, NJ - Stolen Unmarked Taken From The Parking Lot Accross The Street From The North District Police Station - Vehicle Spotted - Sped Away At Attempted Stop

04/13/16  Patterson, MO - Kansas City Police Cruiser Stolen Two Years Ago With Shotgun Stolen - Patrol Car Abandoned After Chase - Shotgun Found With Bones Of Car Thief In Farmers Field

04/12/16  Spokane, WA - Police Confirm A Border Patrol Tahoe Was Stolen From A Homeland Security Facility - The Telecommunications Facility Gate Was Smashed By The Tahoe

04/07/16  Shaker Heights, OH - Man Tries To Enter Troubled Children's Center During Fire Drill - Hides Under Parked Car - Steals Police Vehicle - Crashes Into Two Other Police Cars - Officer Injured

04/06/16  Spartanburg, SC - Suspect Committed Larceny - Vehicle Chase - Captured - Handcuffed - Officers Investigating Heard The Patrol Car Siren - Suspect Climbed Through Cage - Subdued In Driver's Seat

04/05/16  Washington State - Man Resisting Arrest Punched Washington State Patrol Trooper In The Face - Runs Away - Vancouver PD Assists - Tased - Dog Bites - Handcuffed - Tries To Steal Patrol Car

04/03/16  Indianapolis, IN - Woman Tried To Jump Into Indianapolis Patrol Car And Was Forcibly Removed While Fighting With The Police Officers - Almost Got The Patrol Car

04/03/16  Jackson, MS - 14 Year Old DUI Suspect In Handcuffs Stole Jackson Police Cruiser And Crashed It Into A Ditch

04/02/16  Miami Gardens, FL - Florida Teen Steals Patrol Car - Slams Into Three Cars And Slams Into A Fast Food Restaurant - Teen Had Been Involved In A Robbery

04/02/16  Hancock, NH - Wanted Man For Bank Robbery Punches Police Officer In The Face - Steals Police Car - Fire Chief And Officer Pulled Suspect Out Of The Vehicle And Arrested Him - Injured Officer Hospitalized

04/01/16  Rusk County, TX - Man In Custody Steals Patrol Vehicle - Pursuit - Crashed Into Wooded Area - Captured In Woods

03/29/16  Pasadena, CA - Man Threatening To Shoot People At Burger Stand - Escaped - Police Trying To Arrest Him - Steals Police Car - Pursuit - Rammed By Other Police Cars - Arrested

03/27/16  Los Angeles, CA - Woman Carjacks Pick Up - 1 Hour Dangerous Chase - PIT Manuever by LAPD - Woman Runs To LAPD Patrol Car - Opens Door To Steal It - Dragged And Slammed To Ground

03/23/16  Sacramento, CA - Handcuffed Auto Theft Suspect Steals CHP Pick Up From Scene Of Arrest By Auto Theft Task Force - Suspect Pursuit - Found Hiding Later

03/21/16  Oxford, MS - Couple Arrested For Stealing Oxford Police Car - Arrested In Memphis At Home Where The Couple Was Dismantling The Police Car

03/19/16  Buffalo, IA - Arrested Robbery Suspect Assaulted Police Officer - Steals Muscatine Sheriff's Officer Transport Vehicle After Smashing Out Window - Pursuit - Recaptured

03/17/16  McLean, VA - Traffic Stop - Suspect Struck Both US Park Police Officers - Suspect Crashed - Foot Chase - Stole US Park Police Cruiser - Crashed Escaped

03/15/16  Evansville, IN - Man Threatening To Kill People At Restaurant - Armed With A Knife - Steals Patrol Car - Chase - Got Out With A Knife - Shot And Killed

03/14/16  Indian Point, MO - K9 SUV Stolen And Found By Missouri Highway Patrol - Troopers Recovered The Abandoned Patrol Car With The K9

03/13/16  West Covina, CA - Man Given A Ride By Police Officer Somehow Steals Patrol Car - Turns On Lights - 100 MPH Chase For An Hour - Suspect Rammed - Crashed - Shot And Killed

03/11/16  Vancouver, Can. - Street Fight - Officers Jump Out - Woman Steals Marked Patrol Car - Crashes Into Store Front

03/11/16  Freeport, NY - Handcuffed Man Steals Freeport Police SUV - Chase - Slammed Into Several Civilian Vehicles - Injuries - Arrested

03/09/16  Reno, NV - Inmate Steals Police Detective's Car - Escaped - Found 2 Days Later - Washoe Sheriff's Investigating

03/03/16  McKeesport, PA - Man Released From Holding Cell At The Police Station For Drunk And Disorderly - Steals Running Police Car Undercover Car - Stopped On A Bridge - Caught/Arrested

03/02/16  Bakersfield, CA - Inmate Slipped Handcuffs - Steals Prisoner Van With Other Inmates - Crashes Gates - Crashes Into Deputies In Personal Vehicles, Blocking Him - Deputies And Inmate Injured

02/29/16  Wilbraham, MA - 3 Teens Steal Springfield Unmarked Police Car - Teens Didn't Know It Was A Police Car - Chase - Stop Sticks - K9 Gets Them

02/24/16  Twin Falls, ID - Barricaded Suspect Jumps Out Of Bedroom Window - Steals Sheriff's Deputy's Patrol Car - Chase - Crash - Escaped And Captured - Injured

02/19/16  Hartford, CT - Man With Psychiatric And Drug Problems Jumps Into Police Cruiser - Officer Takes Him Out At Gun Point - Suspect Says He Was Going To Take It

02/08/16  Beaumont, TX - Traffic Stop - Suspect Not Part Of The Stop Jumps Into K9 Tahoe With Dog - Steals - Long Chase - Wrecked Patrol Car Into The Woods

02/05/16  Los Angeles, CA - Suspected Driver In Handcuffs Steals CHP Patrol Car - Lead Troopers On Pursuit - Crashed - Tried To Run Away

02/04/16  Los Angeles, CA - Exposition Park DPS Car Was Stolen And Crashed Into An Apartment Building - One Person Injured - Taken To Hospital

02/03/16  Selma, AL - Suspect Calls Dispatch - Says He Needed A Police Car To Patrol The County And City - Hours Later He Goes To The PD And Steals An Unmarked - He Crashes And Totaled The Police Car

02/01/16  Springettsbury Township, PA - Wal-Mart Shoplifter Steals Police Cruiser - Gets Out On Foot And Fled Into A Restaurant - Arrested Hiding

01/30/16  Campbell, CA - 3 Suspects With Two Stolen Cars Crash Head On Into Responding Officer - Foot Chase - Woman Steals The 2nd In Police Car Dragging and Injuring Police Officer - Escaped

01/23/16  Hamilton County, IN - Stolen Vehicle Stop - 21 Year Old Female In Handcuffs - Steals Patrol Car - Chase To Henry County - Crash - Woman Escaped

01/21/16  Socorro, NM - Detained Man In Patrol Car For Stolen Vehicle Steals NMSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Patrol Car - Shots Fired At Fleeing Patrol Car - Crash Into Ditch

01/21/16  Tacoma, WA - Suspect Jumps From Car - Runs Through Traffic - Climbs Fence - Sees Running Patrol Car - Jumps In On Top Of Police Officer - Tries To Steal It

01/18/16  Lyndon Station, WI - Intoxicated Woman Steals Juneau County Squad Car From Gas Station - State Trooper Stops Her On Highway - 3rd OUI

01/18/16  Danville, OH - Dispatcher Recieved Call - Ex Boyfriend With Weapons Looking To Kill Police Officer - Police Find POLICE OFFICER SHOT AND KILLED - Police Cruiser Stolen

01/16/16  Orlando, FL - Authorities Shot Teen Who Stole Orange County Sheriff's Vehicle Orlando Police Say He Tried To Strike Officer With It - Shot - Crash Into Home

01/15/16  Burns, OR - Oregon State Police Arrested Man In Stolen Fish And Wildlife Service Pickup - Reported Stolen With A Van To the Harney County Sheriff's Office

01/11/16  Jacksonville, AR - Female Being Transported In Patrol Car Steals It - Police Officer Had Stopped To Assist A Suicidal Bridge Jumper - Patrol Car Chased To Little Rock

01/11/16  Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma Highway Patrol K9 Police Cruiser Stolen With The K9 - Chase - Taken Into Custody

01/10/16  Ontario, CAN. - Wrong Way Driver Crashes Head On - Injures Multiple People And Small Kids - Patrol Car Stolen From Accident Scene Escaped

01/06/16  Thurston County, WA - Deputy Assaulted - Suspect Steals His Patrol Car - Deputy On Running Board Tazed Suspect - Patrol Car Crashes Into Car - Keeps Going - Deputy SHOOTS AND KILLS

01/01/16  Charlotte, NC - Police Responded To Fight - Impaired Man Steals Patrol Car - Chase - Wrecks And Totals Patrol Car - Hit And Run

*****HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016*****

12/30/15  Granite City, IL - Officer Stops Behind Van - Someone Jumped Into His Running Unmarked - Hits And Injures Officer - Both Vehicles Leave - Police Car Found In St. Louis - Firearms Missing

12/29/15  Gary, IN - Marked Police Car Stolen In Front Of Officer's Home - Someone Broke The Patrol Car Window To Get It - Found Later

12/28/15  Auburn, WA - Man Jumps City Fence - Steals Marked Police Tahoe With Assault Rifle - Crashes Fence To Escape - Left Scene With Siren Blaring - Statewide Search

12/24/15  Milpitas, CA - As Officer Walked Toward A Suspicious Van - A Man Entered His Marked Patrol Car And Drove Away - Patrol Car Found In San Jose - Car Jacks Woman

12/22/15  Westland, MI - Stakeout For Murder Suspect - Suspect Breaks Away And Steals Patrol Car - Chase - Crash - Bystander Injured At Crash Site

12/21/15  Sacramento, CA - DUI Alert - CHP Officer Pulls Him Over - Handcuffed Suspect Steals CHP Patrol Car - Officer Shoots Several Times At Patrol Car - Crashes Into Vehicle And Another CHP Cruiser

12/17/15  League City, TX - Officer In Uniform Stops At Accident Scene - Suspect Pulls Gun And Officer Shoots Him - Suspect Steals Officer's Car - Found At Trailer Park

12/12/15  Los Angeles, CA - Handcuffed Woman With Man Steal LA County Patrol Car - Chase - Crash Into Multiple Vehicles - Family of 5 - Crashes Into Pole - Burst Into Flames - Injuries

12/07/15  Macedonia, OH - Walmart Shoplifter Confronted - Jumps Into Police Cruiser - Tased - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Crashes Into SUV - Officer Punched In Face - Runs Back Into Walmart

12/03/15  Gulfport, FL - Police Chief's Car Stolen In Front Of His House In St. Petersburg - Police Cruiser Found - Laptop Stolen - Fingerprints Found - Juveniles 15 And 16 Arrested

12/01/15  Aurora, CO - Stranded Driver Assist - Officer Severely Injured To Head By Man - Man Steals Patrol Car - Shots Fired At Patrol Car - 65 MPH Chase - Suspect SHOT AND KILLED

11/30/15  Las Vegas, NV - Man Charged With Attempted Murder - Tried To Steal Metro Police Vehicle - Was Boxed In - Spent 45 Minutes In The Police SUV - Ran - Chase

11/28/15  Albuquerque, NM - Stolen Check Cash Attempt - Woman In Handcuffs Steals Albuquerque Patrol Car - Runs Red Light - Crash With Multiple Civilians - Injuries - Totaled Police SUV

11/27/15  Akron, OH - 22 Year Old Threatening To Harm Himself - Foot Chase - Steals Akron Police Cruiser - Attempted To Run Over Officer - Shot By Officers - Crash

11/17/15  Miami, FL - Teens Had Stolen Unmarked Pick Up Truck With Radio And Lights - High Speed Chase - Crash - 3 Teens Shot Trying To Run Down Police

11/11/15  Vancouver, BC - Man Tries To Carjack Unmarked RCMP With Two Plain Clothes Mounties In It - At Intersection The Man Pulled The Driver Out And Was Arrested

11/09/15  Putnam County, FL - Deputy Ambushed By Man - Violent Fight - Suspect Jumps Into Patrol Car - Attempted To Drive Away - Deputy Used Tazer - Suspect Escaped - Dog Got Him

11/07/15  Buffalo, NY - 21 Year Old Tried To Steal Buffalo Police Cruiser - A Civilian Saw The Suspect Jump Into Running Police Car - Caught

11/03/15  Birmingham, AL - Drug Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Birmingham PD SUV - High Speed Chase Through 3 Counties - Crash - Wrong Way Highway - Spike Strips Georgia Line

10/30/15  Miami, FL - Woman Jumps Off Roof - Steals Miami Police Car - Crashes Head On With Another Police Car - Woman And Officer Injured

10/30/15  Ohio County, KY - Intoxicated Man On Four Wheeler Steals Deputy's SUV - Crashes Into Another Vehicle - High Speed Chase Into Other Counties - Crashes SUV - Carjacks Jeep

10/28/15  Hazard, KY - Traffic Stop For Walmart Shoplifter - Man Runs And Jumps In Hazard Police Cruiser - Ditches Police Cruiser - Escaped

10/26/15  Thorsby, Can. - 26 Year Old Male Jumps Into RCMP Patrol Car - Schools On Lockdown - Aircraft And Police Dogs - Man Escaped

10/24/15  San Francisco, CA - Man With Knife Steals Patrol Car - Injures Officer Trying To Stop Him - High Speed Long Chase - Shots Fired - Hits Many Civilian Cars - Crashes On Bay Bridge

10/16/15  Lawrence, IN - 21 Year Old Woman In Handcuffs For Shoplifting Steals Patrol Car And Ditches It - Calls Her Mother In Handcuffs - Mom Turns Her In

10/14/15  Forrest City, AR - Shoplifter - 62 Year Old Jumps Into Patrol Car - 90 MPH Chase - Crashes And Totals Patrol Car Into Stump - Hits Building - Injured

10/10/15  Corpus Christi, TX - Disturbance Call - Woman Steals Corpus Christi Patrol Car With Emergency Lights On - Went Wrong Way - Bails Out - Caught - Has Warrants

10/04/15  Henry County, MO - Man Steals Henry County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Turns Patrol Car Around - Tries To Kill Deputy And Trooper - Suspect Shot - Suspect Hit And Injured Deputy And Trooper - Airlifted With Gunshot Wounds

10/04/15  Jasper, GA - Man Wrong Way On Highway - Crashes - Steals Jasper Patrol Car - Drags Officer - Shuts Door On Officer's Arm - Officer Injured - Chase - Crash

10/03/15  Fayetteville, NC - Domestic Violence Handcuffed Man Steals Fayetteville Police Car - High Speed Chase - Crash Into Three Vehicles - Totaled Vehicles - Man Injured

09/28/15  Victorville, CA - 19 Year Old Nude Man Had Broken Into An Apartment - Tried To Carjack Two Vehicles - Tried To Steal A Sheriff's Patrol Car - Hospital For Drugs

09/26/15  Thibodaux, LA - Woman Reports Killing To Deputies - Woman Steals Lafourche Parish Deputy's Patrol Car While They Investigate - Found Guns And Meth - Woman Punched Deputy

09/25/15  Houston, TX - Stabbing Call - Man Jumps Into Houston PD Patrol Car - Police Opened Fire On Suspect - Patrol Car Crashed Into Pole And Ditch

09/24/15  Sequoyah County, OK - Man Steals Spiro Police Department Patrol Car From PD - 1 Hour Chase With Lights And Sirens - Wrong Way On Highway Into Arkansas

09/21/15  North Tulsa, OK - Handcuffed Female From Stolen Car Stop - Steals Osage County Deputy's Car With Lights Flashing With Guns - Found Abandoned - Escaped

09/20/15  Little Rock, AR - Arkansas State Police Have Recovered Three Of The Four Stolen Patrol Cars Out Of Service From Administered Services - One Crown Victoria Missing

09/18/15  Kershaw County, SC - Two Men In A Stolen Timmonsville Police Dept. Unmarked Crown Victoria - Broke Into Several Stores After Hours - Stole Guns, Cigarettes, And More

09/18/15  Salt Lake, HI - APB For Stolen Honolulu Police Officer's SUV Stolen At Salt Lake Residence - Badge, Vest, Radio, Extra Uniforms Missing With The SUV

09/11/15  Smith County, TX - Felony Chase - Stop Sticks - Run - Car Jacks - Gun Point - Chase - Crash - Breaks Window Of Smith Co. Sheriff's Tahoe - Steals It - Chase - Crash - After Shots Fired - Steals Pick Up - Escaped

09/09/15  Leesburg, GA - Handcuffed Man Steals Police Cruiser - Tries To Run Down Two Lee County Police Officers - Fled On Foot - Massive Search - Captured Days Later

09/07/15  Eastman, GA - Car Burglary Call - Suspect Jumps Into Eastman Patrol Car And Fights With A Knife - Steals Patrol Car - Rolls And Totals Patrol Car - Caught Later Stealing Second Car

09/04/15  Gallatin, TN - Sumner Co. Jail - Sally Port - Prisoner Steals Westmoreland Patrol Car - Drags And Injures Officer - Steals Shotgun - Takes 30 Hostages - Captured

09/03/15  Anchorage, AK - Warrant Arrest - Handcuffed In Backseat - His Wife Steals ALASKA STATE POLICE CAR - Helicopter Search Found Patrol Car - Both Escaped

09/01/15  Leesport, PA - Man Hitting Mailboxes Call - Man Punches Police Officer In Head - Steals Patrol Car - Crashes Patrol Car Into Dirt Embankment - Second Fight - Foot Chase - Tased

08/31/15  Denver, CO - Officers Respond To Hit And Run On Foot Call - Suspect Steals The Denver Unmarked Car With A Shotgun - Suspect Crashes Two More Times With The Unmarked - Escaped

08/29/15  Pueblo, CO - Burglary Female Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Pueblo Police Car While Officers Were Securing The Home - Chase For Her - Captured

08/27/15  Douglas, AZ - Man Taken At Gun Point Stealing A Douglas Police Undercover Pick Up In Front Of The Detective's Home - Suspect Had A Key - Engine Running

08/26/15  Bexar County, TX - Felony Arrest Warrant - Subject Chased In Stolen Car - Suspect On Foot Steals Bexar County Sheriff's Car - Pursuit - Abandoned Deputy's Car - Escaped

08/25/15  Cincinnati, OH - Man With 3 Violent Felony Convictions Runs Around Highway Trying To Carjack - Attempts To Steal Cincinnati Police Cruiser - Has Lights On Directing Traffic At Construction Zone

08/24/15  Atlanta, GA - Police Are Searching For A Suspect Trying To Steal Police Cruiser - Shots Fired Call - Police Officer Came Back To His Patrol Car - Damaged Window And Door - Personal Bag Stolen

08/23/15  Waverly, OH - A Massachusetts Man Stabbed A Relative - Raped A Woman - Drove Both Victims To Ohio - Police Pursuit - Standoff - Steals Pike County Patrol Car - Captured

08/19/15  Kernersville, NC - Unmarked Dodge Charger Police Car Stolen In Front Of Officer's House - This White Dodge Charger Has A Black Spotlight - Thief Knew It Was A Police Car

08/18/15  Detroit, MI - Undercover Police Car Stolen - Police Can't Disclose The Secret Undercover Location - Lots Of Police Equipment Gone

08/16/15  Cleveland, OH - Police Car Stolen From The Police Station - Police Car Found Crashed - Suspect Found And Arrested

08/12/15  Cross Lanes, WV - Suspect Stealing SUV Questioned By Deputy From Kanawha Sheriff's Office - Suspect Fights With Deputy - Jumps In Patrol Car - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - Arrested

08/11/15  Atlanta, GA - Cobb County Police - Woman Jumps Into Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase Down I-75 - Woman Crashes Into Civilian Vehicle - Serious Injuries To Civilians, Suspect, And Police Officer

08/11/15  Plantation, FL - Armed Robbery Of Convenience Store - Officer Saw The Man Running - Foot Chase - Man Doubled Back - Steals Police Car - Escapes

08/05/15  Sacramento, CA - Traffic Stop - A Man In The Area Jumps Into The Patrol Car And Dragged The Injured Officer - Carjack Charges

08/04/15  Lawrence County, MO - Woman Arrested In Stolen Vehicle - Handcuffed - She Steals Lawrence County Deputy's Patrol Car - Chase - Helicopter - Crash - Woman Escaped

08/01/15  St. Petersburg, FL - Knife-Weilding Man Opens The Door Of Unmarked Police Car To Jack At Knife Point - Two Detectives Point Guns And Capture Suspect After Struggle

07/31/15  Mariana, FL - Florida State Wildlife Truck Stolen From The Home - When Deputies Found Them - Foot Chase - In Truck Found Meth And Molly

07/30/15  Lubbock, TX - Officer Stopped For Stranded Motorist - Foot Chase - Suspect Steals Patrol SUV - After Violent Confrontation - Crash Into Pole - Officer Injured Hanging On - Suspect Injured

07/28/15  Hildale, UT - Intoxicated With Marijuana And Handguns - Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Police Car - 120 MPH Chase

07/26/15  Prescott Valley, AZ - Man Throws Rock Through Window Of BMW - Tries To Steal It - Jumps Into Police Tahoe - Crashes Police Car - K9 Catches Later

07/25/15  North Bend, WA - Warrant Arrest Subject In Handcuffs Steals King County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Ditched Patrol Car - Massive Search For 5 Hours

07/22/15  Atlanta, GA - A Man Loitering At Hotel Began Fighting With Police - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - Taser Deployed - Subdued

07/18/15  Waterbury, CT - Highway Chase - Subject Taken To Hospital - At Hospital Steals Police Car - Chase - Tried To Run Over CT State Trooper - Crashed In New Milford

07/18/15  St. Johns, Can. - 16 Year Old Woman And 19 Year Old Man Charged With Stealing a RCMP Police Vehicle - Ongoing Investigation

07/16/15  Sayre, OK - Traffic Stop - Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Sayre Patrol Car - Chase - Suspect Shot - Pursuit Ended

07/14/15  Clewiston, FL - Home Invasion With Firearms - Suspects On Bicycles Fled On Foot - Circled Around - Stole The Officer's Patrol Car - Chase - Bailed - Escaped

07/08/15  Clovis, NM - Naked Man Found On Highway Says He Was Poisoned - Steals Curry County Deputy's Patrol Car - Uses Patrol Car Radio Complaining - Arrested At Hospital

07/05/15  Paramus, NJ - Carjacker Steals Woman's Car - Chase - Suspect Steals Englewood Cliffs Patrol Car - High Speed Chase - Rams Multiple Police Cars - Injuries

07/03/15  Hurricane, UT - Traffic Stop - Passenger Steals Washington Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase - Multiple Agencies Involved - Chased Into Zion National Park

07/02/15  McMinnville, OR - Yamhill County Deputy Car Stop - Passenger Runs - Drops Meth Pipe - Jumps Into Deputy's Patrol Car And Tried To Steal It - Shot And Killed

06/30/15  Ardmore, OK - Texas Man Steals OHP Patrol Car At Accident Scene - 130 MPH Chase - Suspect Had Lights And Sirens On - Crash Into Civilians And Tree

06/29/15  Volusia County, FL - 17 Year Old Arrested For Stolen Truck - Handcuffed In Patrol Car - Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Deputy Jumped Out Of The Way - Crashes Into Fence

06/28/15  Charlotte, NC - Accident With Downed Wires And Fire - Woman Without Pants Steals Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Car - Crashed Into Wall

06/26/15  El Monte, CA - Police Officers Jumped Out Of Their Patrol Car To Chase A Burglar - Someone Stole Their Black And White And Left It On Interstate - Escaped

06/25/15  Hutto, TX - Suspect Crashes Into Fire Hydrant - Runs Away - Fights With Police Sgt. - Steals The Police Car - Hits And Kills The Police Sergeant

06/24/15  Seminole, OK - Wanted Suspect - Tased And Handcuffed - Steals Seminole Police Cruiser - Pursuit To Pottawatomie County - Crashed Through Barbed Fence Into Pasture - Other Patrol Car Damaged In Pursuit

06/23/15  Isleta, NM - Casino Attempted Arrest - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Severe Injuries To 2 Police Officers - Suspect Crashes Into 4 Vehicles

06/22/15  Steelville, MO - Stolen Car Suspect On LSD - Jumps On Patrol Car Windshield - Punches Officer - Jumps In Patrol Car - Dragged The Officer - Tased Multiple Times - OC Spray

06/18/15  Monte Vista, CO - Bank Robbery Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Police Fired Two Shotgun Blasts And State Trooper Fired His Handgun Three Times - Chase - Abandoned Police Car - Arrested

06/17/15  Greenwood, AR - Domestic Call - Woman Crashed Her Own Car In Handcuffs - Steals Patrol Car And Crashes Patrol Car Into A Gas Well - Rolls It And Causes $50,000 Damage

06/15/15  Loudonville, OH - Woman Arrested By The Ashland Co. Sheriff's Office For House Break - In Handcuffs Steals Patrol Car - Escaped - Arrested Hours Later

06/13/15  Lincoln, NE - 32 Year Old Male On Crime Spree - Stealing From 2 Businesses - Suspect Found Later In Police Car At Police Station Trying To Steal It - Escapes - Arrested Later

06/12/15  Newark, NJ - Shooting Call At Corrections Patrol Car - Man Jumps In Newark Police Marked Pick Up With Barricades Trailer - Chase - Suspect Jumps Out Of Moving Truck

06/11/15  Porter, TX - Couple Stopped For Speeding - Female And Male Busted For Large Quantities Of Meth - Slips One Handcuff - Locks Deputy Out Of Car - Almost Steals Patrol Car

06/07/15  Detroit, MI - MICHIGAN STATE POLICE Car Stolen From A Business In Warren - Police Chased Patrol Car Into Detroit - Suspects Escaped On Foot

06/04/15  Wilkes-Barre, PA - Suspect Steals Patrol Car When Officer Bends Over To Tie His Shoe - Goes To Best Buy - Buys a GoPro - 90 MPH Chase - Puts It On Facebook

06/03/15  Ellis County, TX - Italy Police Traffic Stop - 2 Brothers Steal Officer's Marked Tahoe - 1 Hour Chase - 2 Hour Standoff - 1 Brother Shoots Himself - 2nd Brother Pointed Rifle - Shot Dead

06/02/15  Jacksonville, FL - A Police Vehicle - Chevrolet Lumina Was Stolen From The Jacksonville County Sheriff's Office Undercover Facility - Arsenal Of Police Equipment - Police Car Found Burned

06/01/15  Baton Rouge, LA - Man Attempting To Break Into Homes With An Axe Attacks / Injures Police Officer - Steals His Police Cruiser - Crashes Into Ditch

05/31/15  Merced County, CA - Homeless Man Under The Influence Of Drugs Steals Running Patrol Car - Officers Pursued The Squad Car And Captured Him

05/30/15  Moss Point, MS - Domestic Call - Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - A Patrolman Shot Out One Of The Tires - 60 MPH Chase - Stop Sticks

05/27/15  Auburn, CA - Just Disclosed - Two Deputies That Were Killed In Sacramento And Auburn Had Stolen A Patrol Car

05/16/15  Lafayette, IN - Inmate Attacked Deputy From Back Seat Of Tippecanoe Co. Sheriff's Marked Police Car - She Fired One Shot At Stolen Police Car Shattering Window - Caught Next Day

05/14/15  Jeffersonville, IN - Armed Robbery Suspect Steals Police Van - He Was Finally Caught In Louisville

05/13/15  Montogmery County, MS - Naked Man On Drugs Jumps On Patrol Car - Then Jumps On Deputy's Back - Tased Several Times - Steals Patrol Car And Wrecked It

05/12/15  Morgan County, WV - Traffic Stop - Handcuffed Person STEALS WEST VIRGINIA STATE POLICE CAR - Badge - AR15 - 12 Gauge In Car - Helicopter Looking

05/11/15  Columbus County, NC - Deputies Stopped Wanted Man - In Handcuffs - Jumps Into Deputy's Front Seat - Steals Patrol Car - 2nd Patrol Car Chased Stolen Patrol Car Into South Carolina - Crash

05/10/15  Hattiesburg, MS - Traffic Stop - Backup Called - 2 Police Officers Shot And Killed - Suspects Steal Police Cruiser - Abandoned Police Cruiser Escape - Caught Later

05/06/15  Edinburg, TX - The Hidalgo Sheriff's Office Is Investigating The Theft Of A Department Of Public Safety Unmarked Unit - Vehicle Found - Equipment And Firearms Missing

05/05/15  St. Louis County, MN - Deputy's Car Stolen From The University Of Wisconsin - Superior Campus - The Black Unmarked Car Was Stolen In Broad Daylight

05/05/15  Coeur D'Alene, ID - Northern Idaho Police Sgt. Shot - In Critical Condition - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - 125 MPH Chase - Abandons Patrol Car - Caught By Police Dog Hiding Under Truck

05/04/15  Miami, FL - Running Police Cruiser - Part Of Dignitary Protection Detail - Stolen - Crashed Into Other Police Cruisers During Chase Inside Port Miami Tunnel - Extensive Damage

05/01/15  Daytona Beach, FL - Orange Co. Sheriff's Office Unmarked Cruiser Was Stolen From Motel - Sheriff's Car Found Abandoned - 2 Guns Missing

04/30/15  North Platte, NE - 112 MPH Traffic Stop - Handcuffed Man And Woman Placed In NEBRASKA STATE PATROL CAR - 1.1 lbs. Of Meth Found - Man Steals Patrol Car - 45 Mile Chase - Stop Sticks

04/28/15  Kansas City, MO - Woman In Handcuffs Steals Andrew County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Crashes Into Ditch - Tries To Enter Woman's Home

04/27/15  San Antonio, TX - Home Invasion Call - Foot Chase - Suspect Jumped Into Open Window Of A Police Car - Steals Police Car - Chase - Crash Injured

04/22/15  Miami, FL - Second Patrol Car Taken In A Week - Mental Distress Patient At A Crisis Center Jumped Into Patrol Car - Used Lights And Sirens - Comes Back To Hospital

04/18/15  Birmingham, AL - Burglary In Progress Call - Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Police Car - Suspect Escaped And Later Captured

04/14/15  Miami, FL - Traffic Stop - Man Gets Out Of Taxi With Assault Rifle - Opened Fire On Police Officer - Steals Police Cruiser - Chase - Suspect And 2 Others Shot

04/12/15  Seattle, WA - Disturbance Call - Man Jumps Into Running Seattle Police Car And Drives Off - Captured Down The Street Under The Influence

04/10/15  Dallas County, MO - Deputy Investigating Assault - Someone Hopped Into His Patrol Car And Drove Off - Suspect Escaped

04/09/15  Mississauga, Can. - Peel Police Officer Stabbed By Suspect With Mental Health Issues - Suspect Steals Police Car - Shots Fired During Altercation

03/26/15  Greenville, SC - Officers Respond To A Crash - Suspect Jumps Into Greenville City Marked Patrol Car - Pursuit - Crash Into Wall - Suspect Dead At Scene

03/22/15  Matheson, Ont. - Police Cruiser Stolen From OPP Police Station - Other Cruiser Spots It - Spike Belt Used To Disable It - Investigation Continues

03/17/15  Faulkner County, AR - Police Chase - Suspect Crashes - Suspect Struggles With Deputy - Steals Patrol Car With Deputy's Weapon - Flees With Lights And Sirens - Escaped

03/16/15  Rochester, NY - Investigators Were Chasing A Suspect On Foot - Suspect Jumps Into Unmarked Police Car And Steals It - Captured Later - Grand Larceny

03/15/15  Morristown, TN - Suspect In Handcuffs Responsible For 15 Stolen Cars - Steals Hamblen Co. Sheriff's Department Patrol Car - Rolls Patrol Car Over - Escapes - Steals More Vehicles - Still Wanted

03/11/15  Fallbrook, CA - DWI In Handcuffs Steals California Highway Patrol Car - 10 Mile Freeway Chase - Crash Into Other Vehicle - Foot Chase

03/06/15  Albany, GA - Naked Man In Street - Dancing - Gives Middle Finger To Officer - Runs Around To Running Patrol Car - Tries To Steal It - Tased - Cuffed - Says Smoked Weed

03/03/15  Vernon, TX - Suspicious Person Call - Suspect Handcuffed Steals Vernon Patrol Car - Shots Fired At Patrol Car - Patrol Car Crashed - Foot Chase - Suspect Found Hours Later - Shot In Leg by TCD Guards

03/01/15  Billings, MT - Stolen Vehicle Incident Suspect Opens Door Of Yellowstone County Sheriff's Patrol Car And Tries To Steal It - Deputy Used Taser

02/26/15  Magnolia, TX - Stolen Car Chase - Stop Sticks - Foot Chase - Steals Magnolia Patrol Car - Abandons It - Jumps Train To Escape - Found Gun, Meth, Pot In SUV

02/19/15  Louisville, KY - Traffic Stop - Subject Runs - Foot Chase - Circles And Steals Lousville Police Cruiser - Officer Had To Jump Out Of The Way - Chase - Escaped

02/05/15  Springfield, MA - Domestic Call - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Suspect Taunts Police Over Radio For 20 Minutes - Finally Boxed In - Officers Had To Smash Window

02/04/15  Walterboro, SC - Shoplifter At Walmart Wrestled With A Gun - Handcuffed - Steals Police Car - Officer Jumps In Front Seat - Police Car Crashes Into Pole And Fence

02/04/15  New Brunswick, NJ - Burglary In Progress Call - Foot Chase - Subject Steals Police Car - RUNS OVER POLICE OFFICER - Attempted Murder

02/02/15  Bainbridge, GA - Police Car Locked Up At Walmart - Security Video Shows Man Smashing Police Car Window - Steals Police Car - Chase - Lost Car - Escape

01/31/15  Pinellas County, FL - Man Down - Deputy Investigates - Man Punches Deputy Several Times And Injures Him - Jumps Into His Running Patrol Car - Can't Get It Out Of Gear - Tasered Twice - Tremco Saved This Vehicle

01/29/15  Irondale, AL - Dodge Charger Marked Patrol Car Stolen In Front Of Officer's House Between 12:30am And 7:30am - AR15 Rifle In It

01/28/15  Lynn Co., TX - Routine Stop - Suspect Handcuffed And Placed In Police SUV - Suspect Steals Lynn County Sheriff's SUV - Suspect Shot And Killed Driving

01/20/15  Taylor, MI - Man Crashes Head On Then Hit Trees And Utility Pole - Injuries - Suspect Steals Patrol Car Dragging Police Officers - Then Crashes

01/19/15  London, KY - 18 Year Old In Stolen Car - From Virginia Crashes - Foot Chase - Steals Patrol Car - 130 MPH Chase Wrong Way Turns Toward Traffic - Shot Out Tire - 2nd Patrol Car Hits Him - Crash

01/15/15  Center Township, PA - Female Shoplifter In Handcuffs Steals Center Township Cruiser - 120 MPH Chase By 7 Police Agencies - Crash - Suspect Steals Second Vehicle

01/14/15  Hunt County, TX - Arrested Subject In Handcuffs Steals Squad Car - High Speed Chase - Suspect Accelerated Toward Officers - Shots Fired At Patrol Car - Crash Into Tractor Trailer

01/14/15  San Diego, CA - Officer Investigating House Break In - Subject Steals His Patrol Car - Runs Down The Officer (Serious Injuries) - Suspect Shot In The Waist - Crash

01/13/15  Erie, PA - Police In Northwestern PA Are Searching For The Man That Stole A PENNSYLVANIA STATE Police Car - Suspect Escaped

01/12/15  Marion County, IN - 20 Year Old Female Steals Marion County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Crashes Into Brick Wall - Escapes On Foot

01/07/15  Dallas, TX - Disturbance Call - Subject Jumps Into Dallas Patrol Car And Drives Away - Patrol Car Found Abandoned - Escaped

01/06/15  Des Moines, IA - 14 Year Old Female Steals Patrol Car From Dispute Call - Polk County Deputy Finds Her Stuck In Ditch

01/05/15  Sioux Falls, SD - Two Suspects Tried To Enter Unmarked Police Car - Officer Was In Police Car And Captured - Both Suspects Came In Stolen Car

01/03/15  Pensacola, FL - Shooting Suspect Handcuffed - Steals Pensacola Police Car - Abandoned Police Car - Steals Second Car - Crash - Arrested Again


*****HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015*****

12/10/14  Eagle Mountain, UT - 23 Year Old Prisoner Steals Utah County Sheriff's Patrol Car - 90 MPH Chase - Spike Strips - Foot Chase

12/04/14  Blacksburg, VA - Domestic Call - Intoxicated Man In Handcuffs Climbed Through The Partition - Steals Police Car - Captured Close By

11/20/14  Fayette County, TN - Prisoner In Orange Jumpsuit, Shackles, Handcuffs Overpowered Deputy - Suspect Steals Deputy's Car - Captured 50 Miles Away

11/18/14  Haltom City, TX - A Police Detective In His Unmarked In Driveway Warming Up - Suspect Attempts To Steal The Running Car - Getaway Car Chase - Crash

11/14/14  Cleveland, OH - Domestic Violence Call - Suspect Attempts To Steal Cruiser And Crashes Into Another Vehicle - Suspect Taken To Medical Center

11/12/14  Houston, TX - Routine Check At Motel - Shootout With Man - Suspect Steals Houston Police Car While Officer Takes Cover - Crash Into Tree

11/09/14  St. Paul, Can. - Domestic Violence Call - Suspect Attacks RCMP Officer While Trying To Arrest - Suspect Punches And Tries To Disarm Officer - RCMP Patrol Car Stolen - Ditched

11/07/14  San Diego, CA - Female In Handcuffs Steals CHP Patrol Car - Long Chase - Crashes Into 3 Civilian Vehicles - 5 Shots Fired At Patrol Car - Crash

11/03/14  NYC Flatbush, NY - Suspect Jumps Into Back Seat Of Running Undercover Squad Car - Sergeant In Car Fights With Suspect - Suspect Gets The Firearm - Suspect Shot/Critical At Scene

11/01/14  Edmonton, CA - Police Responded To A Female Motorist Threatened By A Man - Suspect Steals Police Car And Crashes It

10/31/14  Houston, TX - 15 Year Old Steals Houston Police Car - The Officer Was Helping Fire Fighters With Crash Victims - Chase - Totaled Patrol Car

10/30/14  Edmonton, Can. - Woman Calls - Man Trying To Open Her Car Door - Police Officer And K-9 Chase Suspect On Foot - Suspect Doubled Back Steals Patrol Car - Crash - Tree

10/18/14  Nye County, NV - A Suspect Stole A Nye County Sheriff's Car - Pursuit - SHOTS FIRED To Stop The Vehicle

10/17/14  Winchester, VA - 15 Year Old Wanted For A Shooting Steals Frederick Co. Police Cruiser While Handcuffed - Chase - Pit Manuever - 2 Crashed Police Cruisers

10/16/14  Arkansas City, KS - Traffic Stop - Suspect Steals Cowley County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Chase - Suspect Wrecked The Patrol Car In A Ditch - Escaped

10/14/14  Talladega, AL - Prowler Call - Female Fled On Foot - Put In Patrol Car - Steals Patrol Car - Tries To Run Down Deputies - SUSPECT SHOT - Crashes Patrol Car

10/10/14  Indianapolis, IN - Metro Patrol Car - Stolen In Front Of Officer's Home - Shattered Glass In Street - Patrol Car Found In Field

10/03/14  Franklin, IN - Greenwood Patrol Car - Completely Destroyed By Fire - Stolen - M4 Rifle With Ammo - Laptop - Breath Measurement

09/28/14  Lorman, MS - Suspect Crashes - Runs - Jumps Into Patrol Car - Crashes Patrol Car - Steals Another Vehicle - Comes Back To Scene - SHOOTS AT POLICE

09/22/14  Boulder County, CO - Unmarked Boulder County Sheriff's Car Stolen From Detective's Apartment - Vehicle Found - AR15- 30 Round Mag - Ballistic Vest Missings

09/22/14  Topeka, KS - Stranded Motorist - The Woman Suffering From Asthma Was Placed In The Patrol Car Waiting For EMS - She Stole The Patrol Car - Spike Strips

09/21/14  Junction City, KS - Deputy Stopped To Help A Driver Of Disabled Vehicle - Medical Emergency - Called Ambulance - Deputy Patrol Car Was Stolen - Stop Sticks Disabled Patrol Car

09/19/14  Portland, OR - Erratic Behavior Call - Police Found Him Running In The Street - Steals Portland Patrol Car - Drives On Sidewalk - Hits Tree - Breaks Leg

09/16/14  Delray Beach, FL - Man Committing Burlgary Runs From Palm Beach County Deputy - Foot Chase - Tries To Steal Patrol Car After Being Tased

09/16/14  Zillah, WA - Sunnyside Man Steals Police SUV - 100 MPH Chase for 50 Miles - Hit And Run - 2 County Chase

09/12/14  Anderson, SC - Wanted Man Handcuffed - Steals Anderson Police Car - Chase - Foot Chase - Taken At Gun Point

09/04/14  Tacoma, WA - Man Stripped Off His Clothing - Stole A Corrections Officer's Vehicle - High Speed Chase - Crashes Vehicle - Caught Fleeing

09/02/14  Torrington, CT - Man Crashes Into Pole - Steals Police Cruiser From Scene - Almost Ran Over Officer - Chase - Bails Out - Tries To Steal Second Police Cruiser - Breaks Shifter

08/27/14  Kansas City, MO - Mentally Ill Man Steals Police Cruiser With Shotgun - Police Cruiser Found Abandoned Near Pattonsburg - Shotgun Missing - He Escaped

08/26/14  Newark, NJ - Unmarked City Police Car Stolen From Home Depot - Police Car Recovered Later - Suspects On Video Tape

08/25/14  Akron, OH - Traffic Stop - Female Prisoner In Back Seat - Male Jumps Into Police Cruiser - Steals It - Officer Injured Trying To Stop Moving Cruiser

08/19/14  Oroville, CA - Suspect Breaks Window With A Rock - Steals Police Car - Leads Police On Chase - Police Use Spike Strips - K9 Deployed - Suspect Tased

08/18/14  Calgary, CAN - Suspect Restrained - Loaded Into The Back Of Police Cruiser - Cruiser Takes Off While Police Were Attending To Other Matters - RCMP On The Hunt For Suspect

08/17/14  San Diego, CA - 22 Year Old Female Steals San Diego Patrol Car - Long High Speed Pursuit - Head On Crash Into Another Police Vehicle

08/15/14  Marshall County, MS - A Jail Trustee Has Stolen A Marshall County Squad Car - BOLO Ford Crown Victoria G40287 - Still Missing Felon

08/14/14  Cherokee County, GA - Handcuffed Prisoner Smashed Window And Escaped - Foot Chase - Prisoner Returns - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE - Captured In Driver's Seat

08/10/14  Cobb County, GA - Woman With A Weapon Call - Woman Steals Cobb County Police Cruiser - Injured Officer - 100 MPH Chase - Four Vehicle Crash - Many Injuries

08/04/14  Iowa City, MN - Criminal Mischief Call - Suspect Breaks Window Of Running Squad Car -Suspect Tears Out Squad Car Camera Screen - Charged With Drunk Driving - Stolen Squad Car

08/03/14  Pittsburgh, PA - Intoxicated Woman Attempted To Steal A Pittsburgh PD Unmarked Car - She Jumped Into The Driver's Seat While Other Officers Were In Vehicle

07/28/14  Greenfield, MO - Man Steals Dade County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Chase - Crashed Into Two Other Cars - Patrol Car On Fire - Escaped

07/23/14  Colorado Springs, CO - Man In Handcuffs For Felony Warrant - Climbs Into Drivers Seat - Steals Patrol Car And Crashes

07/22/14  Burr Ridge, CA - Disturbance Call - Female Punches Police Officer In Face - Jumps Into Officer's Patrol Car - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - Tased

07/19/14  Catoosa County, GA - Female Arrested For Stolen Property - In Handcuffs Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Chase - Crashes It

07/18/14  Wellston, MO - Traffic Stop - Fake Tags - Female Handcuffed - Slips Cuffs - Steals Squad Car - Abandons Police Car - Escapes

07/12/14  Orange County, FL - Deputy's Unmarked Car Stolen From Gated Community - A Seminole County Deputy Found It Burglarized And Burned - Totaled

07/09/14  Payson, AZ - Shoplifting Case - Suspect Steals Payson Police SUV - 90 Minutes Later It Was Spotted - DPS Chased - Stop Sticks Flattened The Tires

07/08/14  Waner Robins, GA - Motorist From Florida Arrested For Drugs - In Handcuffs Steals Houston County Deputy's Police Cruiser - Fleeing Suspect Goes 5 Miles In Cruiser

07/07/14  Elizabethtown, NC - Handcuffed Prisoner Felony Probationer - Steals Police Car - 2 County Chase - Finally Captured With Patrol Car In Ditch - High Speed

07/05/14  Norman, OK - Traffic Stop - 2 Men Scuffle With Deputy - Steal His Cleveland County Cruiser - 1 Suspect Shot And Killed In Patrol Car

07/03/14  Boynton Beach, FL - Female Shoplifter In Handcuffs Steals Police Cruiser - 2nd Cruiser Chases And Hits Stolen Cruiser - Suspect Runs Into A Home - Homeowner Wrestles Her Down

06/28/14  Houston, TX - DWI Suspect Escapes - Steals Patrol Car - And Escapes

06/21/14  Salem, NH - Unruly Driver Zapped With Stun Gun - Two State Chase - Suspect Assaults Officer - Steals Marked Police Car - Abandons Police Car - Escaped

06/19/14  Marion County, IN - Drunk Steals Marion County Sheriff's Department Van With Keys - Just Hours After MPD Had Patrol Car Torched At Officer's Home

06/18/14  Fairbanks, AK - Domestic Disturbance Call - Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Fairbanks Patrol Car - Patrol Car Found Abandoned Hours Later - Escaped

06/17/14  Queens, NY - Handcuffed Drug Suspect Steals NYPD Police Cruiser - Suspect Drags Suspect With Stolen Cruiser - Suspect Escaped

06/15/14  Becker County, MN - Arrested Subject In Handcuffs Steals Becker County Sheriff's Car - Escapes - Then Steals Van - 100 MPH Chase - 9 Agencies Involved

06/11/14  Euless, TX - Officer Arresting A Man Put Up A Fight And Stole His Marked Police SUV - Found A Few Miles Away Abandoned - He Escaped - Armed And Dangerous

06/10/14  Bensalem, PA - Escaped Prisoner Stabbed Police Officer - Vest Saved Police Officer - Suspect Steals His Marked Police Car - Escapes - Police Car Found Abandoned - Later Arrested At Playground

06/07/14  Hazelton, PA - Suspect Steals Park Ranger Vehicle - Kidnaps Woman - Steals Second Vehicle In NJ - Crashed Twice On George Washington Bridge Slamming Into Port Authority Vehicles

06/05/14  Harrisburg, PA - City Police Garage B & E - Police Car Smashed Into Gate - Last Month Had Similar Police Car Stolen And Crashed

06/04/14  South Hampton, NH - Armed Man - Police Take Cover - Suspect Attempts To Steal NH State Police Cruiser - TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE - Suspect Steals Kensington Police Car - Crashes Into Two State Police Cruisers

06/04/14  Lindenwold, NJ - Naked Sweaty Man - Punches Police Officer While He Is Talking To Other People - Jumps Into Running Patrol Car - TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE

05/29/14  Modesto, CA - Traffic Stop Attempt - Suspect Chased And Crashed - Rollover - Suspect Gets Out - Steals Modesto Police Car - Chase - Rammed Other Squad Cars

05/25/14  Houston, TX - Traffic Stop - Suspect In Handcuffs - DWI - Steals Houston Patrol Car - Crashed Into Tree

05/22/14  Boca Raton, FL - Suspect Tries To Steal Police Unmarked Car - Officer Was In It - Suspect Couldn't See Him (Tinted Windows) - Gun Point

05/21/14  St. Catharines, CAN - Attempted Robbery Suspects Ran From Niagra Regional Police - One Of Them Tried To Steal The Police Car

05/16/14  Hillsborough, NC - Atlanta Carjacking Chase - Foot Chase - Suspect Tries To Steal Hillsboro Patrol Car - Officer Pulls Suspect Out Of His Patrol Car - Struggle

05/14/14  Farmington, MO - St. Francois County Sheriff's Department Had A Hummer Stolen From Them - Video Has The Vehicle Doing A Smash And Grab

05/10/14  Memphis, TN - Mental Illness Patient Pushes Police Officer Down - Steals Patrol Car - Chase - Police Officer Injured Breaking Window

05/09/14  Lexington, KY - Male And Two Juveniles Took Lexington Patrol Car On A 100 MPH Chase To Louisville - Spike Strips

05/07/14 Mishakawa, IN - Police Car At 7-Eleven Ends Up Smashed Into A Rail At Riverwalk

05/06/14  Vicksburg, MS - 54 Year Old Tries To Steal Police Car In The Parking Lot Of Police Department - Arrested

04/30/14  Lubbock, TX - California Gang Member Shot And Killed By Trooper Trying To Steal Her Patrol Car

04/29/14  Washtenaw County, MI - Thief Stole Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Patrol Car - Crashed It

04/28/14  Nichols, SC - Police Car Stolen Outside Of Police Station - Car Found Up In Flames With Sounds Of Gunfire Heard

04/28/14  Adams County, CO - Suspect Steals Marked Adams County Deputy Sheriff's Patrol Car - Crashes With Colorado State Patrol Car

04/26/14  Sastoon, Can. - Armed Man With Knife Steals Patrol Car - Drags Police Officer - Suspect Was Tased And Crashed The Patrol Car - Fled On Foot - Captured

04/24/14  Spokane, WA - Man Trying To Steal Man's Car - Spokane Co. Deputy Pepper Sprays Man - Foot Pursuit - Suspect Steals Patrol Car Bailed Out - Escaped

04/19/14  St. Albans, VT - Man Attempted To Steal A US Border Patrol Vehicle - Attempted Operation Of Patrol Vehicle - Arrested

04/11/14  Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Police Car Reported Stolen From Catonsville - The Chevrolet Impala Was Parked - There Was Ammo, Police Radio, Stun Gun, SWAT Gear In It

04/04/14  Windsor, Can. - Suspect Attempted To Steal An Unmarked Police Car - Officer Was In It - Struggled With Officer And Ran

04/04/14  Coeur D'Alene, ID - A Juvenile Female Runaway Slipped Her Handcuffs - Crawled Through Divider - Steals Squad Car - Chase - Captured

04/01/14  Fairfax Co., VA - Police Officer's Son Takes Dad's Police Cruiser For A Joy Ride With Girlfriend - Lights On - Fled Scene - Caught

03/30/14  Myrtle Beach, SC - Individual/Mental Papers Leaves Hospital - Foot Chase - Suspect Steals Georgetown Co. Police Car - High Speed Chase All The Way Into North Carolina

03/23/14  Sunset, UT - Handcuffed Burglary Suspect Steals Sunset Police Car From In Front Of His Mother's House - Police Car Found Abandoned In Ogden

03/22/14  Becker Co., MN - Traffic Stop - Suspect Approached Becker County And Hubbard County Deputies With A Gun - Suspect Steals Becker County Sheriff's Car - Shots Fired - 10 Mile Pursuit - Spike Strips

03/17/14  San Antonio, TX - Suspect Arrested For Stolen Truck - Handcuffed Suspect Steals San Antonio Patrol Car - Police Vehicle Found Abandoned - Suspect Escaped

03/09/14  Old Lycoming Township, PA - Police Chase Stolen Pick Up - Dead End - Foot Chase - Suspect Jumps Into Police Cruiser - Police Car Found In Williamsport - Suspect Escaped

03/04/14  Duncan, SC- Disturbance Call - Officer Questions Man Stealing Car Battery - Woman Steals Patrol Car - Woman Shot And Killed In Patrol Car

02/25/14  Laurel, MT - Wanted Suspects - One Attempts To Steal Police Car - One Car-Jacks a Pick Up - Yellowstone Co. Deputy Shot Suspect After 80 MPH Pursuit

02/22/14  Milledgeville, GA - Handcuffed Female Steals GEORGIA STATE PATROL CAR - 100 MPH Chase - Tire Deflating Device

02/21/14  Beaumont, TX - Disturbance Call - Female Steals Patrol Car - Drags Officer - High Speed Chase - Crash Into Utility Pole - Totaled

02/21/14  Newark, DE - University Of Delaware Police - Drunken Student Jumps In Running Police Cruiser To Steal It - Police Officer In Passenger Seat Stops Him

02/20/14  Nashville, TN - Police Officer Struggle With Suspect - Suspect Runs And Steals A Metro Police Cruiser - Suspect Escapes - Cruiser Found Abandoned

02/13/14  Wapato, WA -Aggressive Unwanted Male At Sports Bar Call - Tased Twice - Hit With Batons - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Crashes Into Parked Car - Totaled - 2 Officers Injured

02/12/14  Hemet, CA - Shoplifter Foot Chase - Suspect Steals Hemet Police Car - Long Chase - Suspect Crashes - Physical Confrontation With Officers

02/11/14  La Mirada, CA - Suspect At Biola University - Trying To Open Car Doors - Campus Officer Confronts Him - He Jumps Into Squad Car Trying To Steal It - Tased - Arrested By LAPD

02/07/14  Pacific, WA - Officer Stops Stolen Truck - Suspect Runs And Returns To Patrol Car - Struggles With Officer - Steals Patrol Car - Shot Suspect - Suspect Crashes

02/06/14  Ashdown, AR - Patrol Car Stolen From In Front Of Officer's Home - Neighbor Finds Suspect In A Ditch With The Patrol Car - Suspect Taken Down At Gun Point

02/02/14  Milan, NM - Police Officer Transporting 2 Females In Handcuffs - One Escapes - The Other Steals Police Car - Police Car Found Abandoned With Shotgun In Front Seat

01/26/14  St. Albans, VT - Foot Chase - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Hits Officer - High Speed Pursuit - Crashes Into Telephone Pole Injuries

01/22/14  Los Angeles, CA - DUI Stop - Suspect Drove Into Parked Cars, Stop Sign, Fire Hydrant - Steals LA Police Car - Helicopter Chase To Police Station

01/19/14  Black Creek, NC - Ex-Boyfriend Lights Her House On Fire - Handcuffed - Steals Police Car - Injuries To Police Officer - Empty Police Car Found - Guns Missing - Escaped

01/17/14  Rockford, IL - Handcuffed Female Prisoner Steals Winnebago County Sheriff's Squad Car While Deputy Was Stopped For Gas - 2 Hour Manhunt - Escaped - Found In Garage

01/16/14  Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Unmarked Dodge Charger Stolen From Officer's Home - Fort Lauderdale Stolen Police Car Found In Oakland Park

01/15/14  Brandon, Can. - Chevrolet Tahoe Marked Police Vehicle Stolen From Chief Constable's House - Vehicle Found With Weapon Stolen

01/14/14  Cherokee Co., GA - Unwelcome Guest Call - Subject Runs Around Building - Steals Deputy's Squad Car - Tried To Run Down Deputy - Chase - Deputy Shot Suspect Several Times

01/11/14  Lauderdale Co., TN - Serving Warrant - Deputies Find Pipe Bombs And Meth Lab - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Patrol Car SUV - Massive Search - Suspect Escaped - Armed And Dangerous

01/03/14  Garden Grove, CA - A Glendale Patrol Car Was Stolen From The Orange County Sheriff's Training Academy - Found Abandoned - Damaged - Light Bar Stolen

*****HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014*****

12/31/13  Shodack, NY - 15 Year Old Being Questioned At Police Station About Stolen Cell Phone - Steals Patrol Car From Station - Patrol Car Found Near Mother's House

12/27/13  McComb, MS - Man Breaks Into Home - Kidnaps Woman - Crash - Carjacks Police Chief's Patrol Car - Shoots At Officers - Crashes Patrol Car

12/25/13  Skagit County, WA - Man Acting Strangely Was Put In Back Of Patrol Car- Seals Patrol Car - Chase By Washington State Patrol - Crash Into Tree - Totaled

12/20/13  Indianapolis, IN - Vice Squad Police Car Stolen On Northeast Side - Wanted Suspect Didn't Take Any Weapons - Escaped

12/17/13  Bryan County, OK - Burglary Investigation - Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Deputy Grazed By Patrol Car - Shots Fired At Patrol Car - Suspect Hit Vehicles And A Home

12/10/13  Union City, GA - Arrested Female In Handcuffs Steals Police Car - Crashed Into Several Vehicles - She Escaped

12/05/13  Philadelphia, PA - Police Officers SUV Stolen - Crashed Into House - Suspect Escaped With Police Officer's Weapon, Ammunition, Uniform, Wallet, Handcuffs

12/02/13  Boone County, KY - Deputy's Police Cruiser Stolen At Investigation - Suspect Steals Shotgun - Tries To Break Into Home - Caught - Shoots Himself With Shotgun

12/01/13  Chicago, IL - Burglary Call - Looking For Suspect - Squad Car Stolen From Chicago Police - 2nd Stolen Squad Car In 2 Weeks

11/29/13  San Marcos, TX - Man Takes Ex-Girlfriend Hostage - Steals Police Cruiser - 50 Mile Chase At 100 MPH - Suspect Shot And Killed

11/26/13  Tupelo, MS - Multiple Vehicle Accident Scene - Passenger Jumps Into Patrol Car - Pursuit - Suspect Drives Himself To Jail - DUI - Turns Himself In

11/24/13  Syracuse, NY - Burglary Call - Suspect Held In Handcuffs - Steals Police Car - Chase - Suspect Crashes Into Utility Pole - Escapes

11/20/13  El Paso, TX - Stolen Car Stop - Handcuffed Teen - Suspect Steals El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy's Patrol Car

11/18/13  Chicago, IL - Squad Car Stolen In South Side - Police Pursuit - Suspect Jumps Out - Foot Chase - Head Injury

11/08/13  New Madrid, MO - Woman Steals MISSOURI STATE HIGHWAY PATROL CAR - Drives Wrong Way - Crashes Into Three Law Enforcement Vehicles

11/04/13  San Bernardino, CA- 43 Year Old Arrested For Stealing Unmarked Police Car - He Was Previously Incarcerated For Theft Of A Police Car

11/02/13  Quebec, Can. - Drunk Man Breaking Windows Call - Suspect Assaults Police Officer - Breaks His Jaw - Tries To Steal Squad Car

11/01/13  Arkansas City, KS -Drunk Driver Checkpoint - Suspect Arrested - Suspect Entered Running K-9 Patrol Car - Revved The Engine - Tried To Steal It

10/30/13  Slocomb, AL - Female Burlgary/Narcotics Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Police Chief's Car - Chase To Florida From Alabama - Finally Caught

10/27/13  Albuquerque, NM - Man Ambushes Police - Steals Police Car - Chase - 3 Police And 1 Deputy Shot With Assault Rifle - Suspect Shot - Crash At Gas Station - Killed

10/26/13  Lewisville, TX - Two Suspects Arrested By DPS Troopers For Stealing A Lewisville Police Department Car - Speeding And Marijuana Possession

10/25/13  Weed, CA - Suspect Assaulted Police Officer - Tased - Attempts To Steal Police Car - Suspect SHOT AND KILLED By Weed PD And Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office

10/24/13  California, MD - Intoxicated Suspicious Person Steals St. Mary's County Sheriffs Marked Patrol Car - Captured Later

10/23/13  Detroit, MI - Detroit Police Chief Avoided A Carjacking - Suspect Jumped Out And Ran Toward Passenger's Side Of His Police Car

10/22/13  San Bernardino, CA - Police Car Stolen Outside San Bernardino City Hall - Patrol Car Still Missing - Unknown If Hotwired Or Shaved Key

10/16/13  San Francisco, CA - Suspect Smashed Patrol Car Window - Stole Items - He Had Asked Witness To Help Him Steal A Cop Car

10/14/13  Palm Beach Co., FL - Wanted Suspect - Foot Chase - Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Crashes - Escapes - Prostitute Turns Him In The Next Day

10/11/13  Forest Park, GA - Murder Suspect At Traffic Stop Tries To Steal Police Car - After Striking Police Sergeant

10/10/13  Ashville, NC - Police Car Stolen From Substation And Wrecked - Then Stole Pick Up - Attempted To Hit Police Officer - Crashes Into Another Police Car - Escapes

10/09/13  Monroe County, GA - Prisoner Runs From Courthouse - Steals And Flips Pick Up - Chase - Steals Patrol Car - 10-12 Shots Fired

10/08/13  Redding, CA - Man Crashes Stolen Pick Up In Chase - Steals Patrol Car - Suspect Tased - Suspect Went Into Cardiac Arrest

10/06/13  Santa Barbara, CA - Burglar With Handgun - Handcuffed - Kicked Out Patrol Car Partition - Steals Patrol Car - Shot By Deputy - In Critical Condition

10/05/13  Boston, MA - Car Thief Suspect Steals BPD Patrol Car - Hits Two Police Officers With Police Cruiser - Officers Shoot

10/03/13  Rapid City, SD - South Dakota Highway Patrol Car Stolen - Suspect Tried To Run Over Officers - Suspect Shot

10/01/13  Clarksville, TN - Drunk Driving Female At Crash Scene Steals Clarksville Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase - Crash Into Utility Pole

09/28/13 East Chicago, IN - Officer Briefly Left His Squad Car - When He Returned - Unknown Suspect Had Stolen It

09/30/13  Corpus Christi, TX - Man Runs From Nueces County Court House - Tries To Steal Two Corpus Christi Patrol Cars - Locks Doors On Patrol Car

09/21/13  Waikiki, HI - 18 Year Old Arrested For Trying To Steal A Police Car - Honolulu Police Officer Saw Him Start It

09/17/13  Prichard, AL - Drug Arrested - Handcuffed - Steals Police Cruiser - Almost Hits Police Officer - Police Fire At Stolen Police Car - Crash - Suspect Escaped

09/12/13  Cumberland County, TN - Burglary Call - 19 Year Old Female Slips Cuffs - Steals Patrol Car - Suspect Tried To Run Over Two Deputies - SHOT - Killed In Patrol Car

09/09/13  Williamsport, PA - Heroin Drug Arrest Female - Steals PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE CAR - Crashed Into Tree - Pushed By Another Pursuing Cruiser

09/03/13  Fayetteville, NC - Woman With A Hammer - Police Tried To Use Taser Steals Patrol Car - Collides With Four Other Cars

09/02/13  North Miami Beach, FL - Man Steals North Miami Beach Patrol Car From Secure Area At Police Station - Just Wanted To Drive Around A Bit

09/01/13  Mesa, AZ - Teen From Alcohol Party Steals Mesa Patrol Car - Backs Into Patrol Car - Hits Ambulance - Foot Chase

09/01/13  Fayetteville, TN - Woman Steals Police Car - T-Bones SUV - One Killed And Four Injured - Crashed Into Gas Station

08/30/13  Riverton, WY - Shots Fired Call - Suspect Apprehended With The Weapon In Patrol Car - Suspect Tries To Steal Patrol Car By Squeezing Through Plastic Divider

08/28/13  Okaloosa Co., FL - Female Arrested For DUI In Handcuffs - Climbs Over Driver's Seat - Tries To Steal Patrol Car - Hit Deputy Several Times With Fist

08/27/13  Salt Lake City, UT - Man Accused Of Stealing A Police Car Allegedly Told Police Officers He Was Going To "Get It And Go Fast"

08/26/13  Chicago, IL - Arrested For Suspended License - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Chicago Police Car - Escaped - Found Later At His Home

08/21/13  Lindenwold, NJ - Domestic Call For The Lindenwold PD - Woman Steals Patrol Car - Drives 5 Miles - Captured In Cherry Hill

08/17/13  Chattanooga, TN - Suspects Rob Nail Saloon - Flashed FBI Badge - Opened Fire On Police - Stole Patrol Car With Other Suspect In Back Of Patrol Car - Chase

08/04/13  Pocono, PA - Burglary Suspect Handcuffed In Pocono Mountain Regional Patrol Car - Steals Patrol Car - Patrol Car Found Abandoned - Massive Search

08/01/13  Bell County, TX - Wanted Man Steals Bell County Sheriff's Vehicle - High Speed Chase - Temple Police Truck Destroyed

07/24/13  Wenatchee, WA - Suspect Jumps Into Douglas County Deputy's Patrol Car - Steals It - Hit Embankment - Stun Gun - Suspect Dies

07/19/13  Cincinnati, OH - Naked Man Tries To Break Into House - Naked Man Also Tried To Steal Police Car - Tazed Several Times

07/16/13  Connellsville, PA - Police Responded To Silent Alarm - Suspect Arrested Trying To Steal The City Police Cruiser

07/15/13  Kings County, WA - Woman Steals King County Sheriffs Deputy's Patrol Car - Crashes - Woman Caught Running Away

07/10/13  Anderson Co., SC - Man Handcuffed Escapes Patrol Car - Steals Patrol Car Almost Hitting Police Officer - Chase - Crash - Suspect Bit Arresting Officer

07/01/13  Memphis, NE - Woman Arrested In Handcuffs - Steals Saunders County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Escaped Then Captured

06/26/13  Malden, MO - Traffic Stop - Arrested Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Police Car - Massive Search With Helicopters, Dogs - School Lockdowns - Police Car Found - Escaped

06/24/13  Wildwood Crest, NJ - Man Arrested With Two Kids In Car - Drives Down Boardwalk - Struggle With Police - Tries To Steal Police Car

06/20/12  Houston, TX - Brazoria County Deputies Called To A Stabbing - 21 Year Old Woman Pulls Knife - Steals Deputy's Vehicle - Chase - Shot Out Tires

06/15/13  Riverdale, UT - Suspects Breaking Into Cars - Suspect On Heroin Handcuffed - Steals Police SUV - Chase - Drives Over Median - Officer Fires Shot At Him

06/14/13  Walworth Co., WI - Home Invasion Call - Suspect Steals Squad Car - Chase - Had Edged Weapon SHOT DEAD

06/11/13  Bledsoe Co., TN - Inmate Steals Police Car From Prison - 100 Mile Joy Ride - Back In Custody

06/10/13  Nanty Glo, PA - Handcuffed Drug Suspect Steals Pennsylvania STATE POLICE CAR - Chase - Crash

05/31/13  Pueblo, CO - Police Officer Investigates Drug Activity - Suspect Steals His Police Cruiser - Crashes Into Pole

05/29/13  Welch, WV - Police Looking For Suspects That Stole Police Cruiser And Attempted To Steal ATM - Cruiser Set On Fire

05/28/13  Queens, NY - Off Duty FBI Agent - Stolen Car Missing From His Home With M-4 Assault Rifle In Trunk

05/23/13  Indianapolis, IN - Female Felony Warrant Resisted - Slips Cuffs - Steals Police Car - Injures Officer - Crashes Into Tree

05/22/13  Jupiter, FL - Three Arrested For Stealing Police Cars - Rifles, Handguns, Handcuffs, Batons - Ammunition Recovered

05/20/13  Denver, CO - Unmarked Denver Police Car Stolen From Officer's Memorial Luncheon - Police Car Found Abandoned

05/14/13  Tempe, AZ - Two Men Arrested After Trying To Steal Unmarked Police Car - Foot Chase - Attempted Burglary - Drug Charges

05/11/13  Vancouver, CAN - Routine Traffic Stop - Bailout - Near University Of British Columbia - Foot Pursuit Of Two Suspects - Random Passerby Steals Patrol Car

05/10/13  Henryetta, OK - Man Crashed His SUV Into A Library - In Handcuffs Steals Patrol Car with POLICE K-9 IN BACK SEAT - Escapes - K-9 Is Safe

05/03/13  Seattle, WA - Man Assaults On Metro Bus - Seattle Police Officers Assaulted - Suspect Steals Seattle Police Car - High Speed Chase - Crash

05/01/13  Nashville, TN - Three Suspects Bail From Traffic Stop - One Doubles Back - Steals Davidson County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Crashes Into Tree - Escapes

04/30/13  Rensselaer, NY - Attempted Carjack Suspect Escapes Custody In Handcuffs - Jumps Into Unmarked Police Car - Attempted To Drive Away

04/26/13  Snellville, GA - Shoplifting Woman At Home Depot - Kicks And Bites - Tased - Steals Police Cruiser - Drags One Officer - Runs Over Second Officer Breaking His Arm - Crashes

04/24/13  Mount Airy, NC - Woman Steals Running Police Car While Officer Is Doing Larceny Investigation - Car Found On Other Side Of Town

04/20/13  Odessa, TX - Suspect Steals Odessa College Patrol SUV From Hospital - Hits 2 Police Officers - Shot Fired - Chase - Crash

04/18/13  Golden, CO - Inmate Steals Colorado State Patrol Vehicle From State Patrol Garage - Escapes

04/15/13  Spokane, WA - The Father Of A Spokane Man Shot To Death Stealing A Car - Has Been Arrested Trying To Steal A Police Car

04/10/13  Manassas, VA - Suspect Hits Arlington County Police Officer In Face - Steals Police Cruiser - Chase - Forced Off Road - Gets A Shovel - Hits And Injures Two Police Officers

04/09/13  Richmond, VA - Man Points Gun At Police Officer - Steals Patrol Car - High Speed Crash - Burst Into Flames - Dead In Patrol Car

04/06/13  Montose, MO - Woman in Handcuffs Steals MISSOURI STATE TROOPER'S Car - Tried To Run Down Officers - Several Shots Fired At Her - Crash In Ditch

04/02/13  Sacramento, CA - Acting Crazy On A Roof - Suspect Started To Run - Assaults Police Officers - Tries To Steal Police Car

04/01/13  Raleigh, NC - A Mentally Ill Patient Was Shot And Killed Easter Morning - Suspect Fought With Wake County Deputy - Stole Patrol Car - Crash

03/30/13  Nashville, TN - Tennessee State University Police Car Stolen From Campus - Metro Police Say Four Individuals Stole It And Escaped

03/27/13  Salt Lake City, UT - 18 Year Old Patrol Violation Handcuffed Suspect Steals Salt Lake City Sheriff's Deputies Patrol Car - Tried To Hit Deputy - Crashes Into Wall

03/26/13  Washington, D.C., A Police Sergeant's Patrol Car Was Stolen While On A 911 Call - The Metro Police Cruiser Was Crashed - Suspect Escaped

03/25/13  St. Petersburg, FL - An Unmarked St. Petersburg Police Impala Was Stolen Out Of The Detective's Driveway - Dumped Into Lake - Items Missing - AR15 - Glock - Ammo - Police Radio

03/22/13  Grandview, MO - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Jackson Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car - High Speed Chase - Crash - Extensive Damage To Buildings - Totaled

03/16/13  Lakewood, WA - Carjacking Suspects Crashed And Ran - One Suspect Doubled Back - Tries To Steal Police Car - Taken Out At Gun Point

03/15/13  Molalla, OR - Stabbing Call - Woman That Stabbed A Man Steals Clackamas Co. Sheriff's Office Patrol Car - Chase - Crash

03/14/13  East Point, GA - 15 Year Old Steals Police Car - Chase Into Atlanta - Suspect Barricades In Home - Tear Gas To Get Him Out

03/13/13  Miami, FL - Suspicious Person Being Handcuffed - Stole Miami Dade Police Cruiser - Tried To Run Officer Over - Suspect Shot And Killed

03/12/13  Jupiter, FL - The Son Of A Palm Beach Co. Sheriff's Deputy Stole Dad's Patrol Car - 120 MPH Chase By Florida Highway Patrol - Crash Into Trees

03/09/13  Muncie, IN - Police Officer Meets Suspect At Convenience Store With Keys Locked In His Car - Suspect Steals Officer's Patrol Car - Pursuit - Arrested

03/07/13  Savannah, GA - Murder Suspect Steals Savannah-Chatham Patrol Car - Officer Had To Dive Out Of The Way - Chase - Crash - Shootout - Officer And Suspect Shot

03/05/13  Philadelphia, PA - Suspects That Stole A Camden NJ Police Car Crashed In Philly - Woman Then Steals Philly Patrol Car - Hits Pedestrian - Crashes Into Many Vehicles

03/05/13  Camden, NJ - Traffic Stop - Couple Jumps Into Police Car - Hits Camden Police Officer - Injures - Breaks Legs Of Police Officer - Chase Into Philadelphia - Crash

   03/04/13  Charlotte, NC - 25 Year Old Woman Steals Charlotte - Mecklenburg Marked Police Car - Drives 4.5 Miles - Abandons Police Car

03/01/13  Madison, WI - Intoxicated Man Kicked Off Of Public Bus - Steals Metro Car - Suspect Crashes Into Wisconsin Veteran's Museum Statue

02/28/13  Santa Cruz, CA - Sexual Assault Allegation Call - Suspect Murders Two Police Officers At His Door Step - Steals Police Car - Found And Killed

02/24/13  Riverside, CA - Traffic Stop Chase - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Officer Shoots At Patrol Car - Suspect Crashes Patrol Car - Escapes

02/22/13  San Antonio, TX - Bexar Co. Deputy - Chase - Crash - Suspect Shoots Deputy - Steals Patrol Car - Suspect Shot And Killed

02/11/13  Miramar, FL - Deputy Pulled Over By Fake Police Car With Flashing Police Lights - Two Armed Men Carjacked His SUV - Escaped

02/07/13  San Jose, CA -Handcuffed Parole Violation Man Steals Police Van - Police Find Police Van 2 Hours Later - Man Escaped

02/01/13  Washoe, NV - Traffic Stop - Suspect Steals NHP Patrol Car - Tires Shot Out - Crash - Steals Civilian Car - Crash - Kills Himself With Shotgun

01/29/13  Norfolk, VA - Traffic Stop - Suspect Ran - Doubled Back - Jumps In Police Car - Drags Police Officer - Officer SHOOTS Suspect

01/28/13  Huntsville, AL - Huntsville Police Are Looking For A Stolen Huntsville Fully Equipped Unmarked Police Car Stolen From A Garage

01/27/13  Eden, NC - Juvenile Crashes Stolen Car - Steals Eden Police Car At Accident Scene - High Speed Chase - Crash

01/23/13  Jacksonville, NC - Man In Handcuffs Steals Jacksonville Police Car - Crashes Into Front Door Of Home - Injures Grandmother Inside Home

01/22/13  Addis, LA - Pharmacy Armed Robbery - Hostage - Suspect Steals Addis Police Car - Chase - Crash Roll Over - SUSPECT SHOT DEAD

01/18/13  Coctaw, OK - Handcuffed / Shackled Suspect Steals Coctaw Police Car - Long Chase Over 100 MPH - Ditched In Midwest City - Suspect Escaped

01/16/13  Berkeley, CA - A Transient Resisting Arrest Was Forced Out Of Police Car Trying To Drive It Home

01/13/13  St. Petersburg, FL - Domestic Call - Woman Steals St. Pete Police Car After Backing Into Other Police Car - Found In Tampa - Police Car Left In Gear Crashed Into Tree

01/07/13  Billings, MT - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car - Backs Into Tree - Hits Billings Police Officer - SHOT And Killed

01/05/13  Cleveland, TN - Meth Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - 3 Crashes - Chase - Escapes - Dangerous Reward

01/01/13  Memphis, TN - Carjacked Call - Suspect Steals Memphis Police Car - Crashed Into Guard Rail - Steals Shotgun - Police Car Burnt - Total Loss

                                                                  *** HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 ***

12/31/12  Mohegan, CT - Man Ejected From Mohegan Sun Casino - Steals Mohegan Tribal Security SUV - Crashes Into Car - 4 Injured

12/29/12  Quebec, CAN - Police Responded To Distress / Assault Call - The Suspect Steals Police Car - Ditched It - Escaped

12/27/12  York, AL - Teenager Steals Police Cruiser Outside Apartment Complex Call - Suspect Fled On Foot - Escapes

12/26/12  Medford, OR - Drunken Driving Stop - Man Assaults Police Officer - Stun Gun - Foot Chase - Female Passenger Stopped From Stealing Police Car By Police Ride-Along Female

12/23/12  Scranton, PA - Threat Of Suicide Call - 19 Year Old Female Points Pellet Gun At Officer - Steals Police Cruiser - Blocked In

12/18/12  Alexandria, VA - SECOND Marked Alexandria Police Car Stolen In Two Days - Police Car Found In Washington D.C.

12/16/12  Alexandria, VA - Marked Alexandria Police Car With Shotgun And Laptop Stolen In Front Of Officer's House - Police Car Found Abandoned In PG County, MD

12/13/12  Kearns, UT - Suspicious Person Call - Suspect Tries To Steal Officer's Weapon - Steals Salt Lake Unified Police Car - Chase - Police Car Crashed Into Other Police Car

12/07/12  White Settlement, TX - Handcuffed Burglary Suspect Steals Police Car - Stolen Police Car Found Abandoned In Fort Worth - Escaped

12/05/12  Gastonia, NC - Police Car At Strip Club Call - Suspect Jumps In Police Car - Talks On Radio - Tries To Steal

12/03/12  Delta County, TX - Suspect In Rash Of Delta County Burglaries Steals Police Vehicle - Escapes - Massive Search For Suspect

11/30/12  Coweta, OK - Drug Arrest - Handcuffed Subject Steals Coweta Police Car - Chase - Crashed Near Toppers

11/29/12  Covington Co., AL - Domestic Call Woman In Handcuffs Steals Covington Deputy's Patrol Car - Got Through The Cage - Runs Into Woods - Captured

11/25/12  East Providence, RI - Domino's Pizza Robbery Suspect Steals Police Car During Foot Chase - Crashes Into 3 Other Police Cars

11/24/12  Decatur, GA - Car Thief Suspect With Knife - Tased - Jumps In DeKalb Police Car - Tries To Steal It - Shot Dead

11/19/12  St. George, UT - Female With Firearm Steals St. George Police SUV With K-9 - High Speed Pursuit - Spikes Deployed - Standoff - WOMAN SHOT

11/16/12  West Lafayette, IN - Purdue Police Officers Were Breaking Up A Fight - Drunk Student Steals Police Car - Drives Over Curbs - Arrested

11/15/12  Fergus Falls, MN - Detox Woman Steals Squad Car - Hits Police Officer - Chase Through Stop Signs Struck Curb - Arrested For Assault

11/10/12  Quebec, Canada - Drunk Man Breaking Windows Assaults Police Officer - Breaks His Jaw - Tries To Steal Squad Car

11/06/12  Cleveland, OH - A Police Car Was Stolen From The Cleveland Municipal School District - The Thief Shattered The Driver's Window

11/05/12  Columbia, SC - A SWAT Member Of The Anderson Co. Sheriff's Office Had His SUV Stolen From A Parking Garage - Investigation Ongoing

11/04/12  Wister, OK - Stolen Vehicle Stop - Suspect Handcuffed Steals LeFlore Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - Patrol Car Found Missing Keys, Gloves, And Handcuffs

10/22/12  Missoula, MT - Police Called To A Bar - Suspect Charged With Trying To Steal Police Car - Says He Wanted To Take It For A Drive

10/21/12  South Salt Lake City, UT - Suspect Steals Salt Lake City Police Car - Crashes Into Two Other Vehicles - Critical Injuries To Suspect And Civilians

10/20/12  Leesville, LA - Courtesy Call - Woman Steals Vernon Parish Sheriffs Deputy's Patrol Car - Captured By Leesville Police And State Police

10/17/12  Modesto, CA - Burglary In Progress Call - Suspect Handcuffed - Escapes From Back Of Patrol Car - Jumps In Front Seat - Tries To Steal Patrol Car

10/13/12  Wasilla, AK - Traffic Stop - Alaska State Trooper Shot - Returns Fire - Suspect STEALS ALASKA STATE TROOPER'S CAR - Found Dead In It

10/12/12  West Mifflin, PA - Police Cruiser Stolen From Walmart In West Mifflin - Cruiser Found Behind Restaurant In Clairton

10/09/12  El Paso, TX - 3 Inmates Overpowered Guards - Steal Hudspeth County Sheriff's Patrol Car - 100 MPH 40 Mile Chase - Deputy Hit/Injured Putting Out Spikes

10/04/12  Perry, NY - Police Say Drunk 22 Year Old Man Stole A Marked Wyoming County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Damaged Radio

10/03/12  East St. Louis, IL - Man Refused To Pay Bus Fare - Removed From Bus - Steals Police Car - Crashes - Kills Woman - Many Injuries

10/02/12  Macedon, NY - 19 Year Old Steals Police Vehicle - Steals Handgun From Penn Yan PD - 2 Day Manhunt - School Lockdown - Troopers Arrest Him

09/28/12  Rocky Mount, NC - Handcuffed Woman Steals Rocky Mount Police Car In Sharpsburg - Escaped

09/23/12  Silverthorne, CO - 18 Year Old Girl - Traffic Stop - Handcuffed - Steals Clear Creek Sheriffs SUV - 100 MPH Chase - Girl Has Lights/Siren On - Rollover - Injured

09/22/12  Cottonwood Heights, UT - Drug User Assaults - Escapes Ambulance - Steals West Valley City Patrol Car - High Speed Chase Called Off - Escaped - Caught

09/18/12  Coachella, CA - Burglary Call - Suspect Attacked Riverside Co. Deputy - Stole His Patrol Car - Tried To Run Him Over - 6-7 Shots Fired At Patrol Car

09/14/12  Elkins, WV - Traffic Stop - Drugs Found - Suspect Jumps Into West Virginia State Police Car - Suspect Bites Trooper - Damages State Police Car

09/06/12  Louisville, KY - Woman High On Cocaine -Struggles With Officer - Steals Police Car - Goes From North Side Of Highway Into South Side

09/05/12  Pine Hill, NJ - Shoplifting Suspect Fights With/Injures Officer - Steals Police Car - High Speed Chase - Crash Into Tree

09/04/12  Detroit, MI - Secret Service Truck Stolen From Motel In Downtown Detroit - Sensitive Equipment And VIP Electronics In It

09/03/12  Tampa, FL - Officer Gets Into Fight With Drug Suspect - Steals Cruiser - Crashes Into Two Cars And A House

08/31/12  Los Angeles, CA - LAPD At Incident - 25 Year Old Jumps Into Running Patrol Car - 80 MPH - Crashes - Suspect Ejected - Severed Leg - Total Loss

08/30/12  West Columbia, TX - Meth Lab Suspects In Handcuffs Steal Patrol Car - One Captured - One Still On The Loose

08/21/12  Breckenridge, TX - Female Struggles With Police Officer - Steals Police Car - Drags Police Officer - Crashes Into Trees - Officer Shoots Out Tire

08/11/12  Santa Maria, CA - Bank Robber Steals Police Car - Drags / Injures Officer - Chase - Crash Injuring Many Civilians

08/09/12  Pettis County, MO - Inmate Assaults Deputy - Steals Patrol Car / Deputy's Weapon - 100 MPH Chase - Captured

08/08/12  Buffalo, NY - Convicted Sex Offender Fights Parole Officer - Steals Officer's Vehicle With Gun - SWAT Team Finds Him Dead

08/04/12  Fort Totten, ND - Three Suspects Stole A Spirit Lake Tribal Squad Car - Shot Holes In It - Drove Squad Car Into Lake

08/02/12  Waterproof, LA - Inmate Steals Cruiser - Drives 1800 Miles To Maine/Canadian Border - Arrested By US Customs And Border Agents

07/31/12  Denver, CO - Arrested Subject - Slipped Out Of Handcuffs - Climbs Through Security Partition - Attacks Officer - Suspect Shot And Killed

07/28/12  Lumberton, NC - Suspect Assaults Deputies - Tries To Steal Robeson Deputy's Patrol Car - Tased - Tries To Steal 2nd Patrol Car - Tased - Suspect Dies

07/24/12  Prichard, AL - Handcuffed Female Steals Police Cruiser - Chase - Almost Hits Police Officers - Police Open Fire On Police Cruiser

07/22/12  Palm Beach, FL - Drunk Leaving Concert Steals Unmarked Police SUV - Crosses Lanes And Crashes Into Taxi

07/20/12  Chandler, AZ - Illegal Mexican Tries To Steal Arizona DPS Trooper's Patrol Car - TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE - Suspect Shot

07/18/12  Columbus, OH - Burglary In Progress - One Shot Dead - 2nd Suspect Steals Police Car - Shots Fired At Police Car - Crash - Chase

07/17/12  Veneta, OR - A Wanted Man Tried To Steal A Patrol Car As Deputies Tried To Take Him Into Custody - Tased - Captured

07/16/12  Las Vegas, NV - A Woman Who Stole An Idling LAPD Police Car At A SWAT Incident - Escaped - Arrested In Las Vegas

07/15/12  Walton County, FL - Intoxicated Female Steals Walton County Sheriff's Office Investigator's Car From His Driveway - Stole Keys From His House While Not Home

07/13/12  Tensas Parish, LA - Inmate Steals Unmarked Police Car From Tensas Parish Detention Center - Still At Large

07/12/12  Thousand Oaks, CA - Deputies Arrested A Naked Teen Who Tried To Steal Ventura County Patrol Car - Stun Gun Used To Subdue

07/08/12  N. Little Rock, AR - At Hospital - Suspect Jumped Into North Little Rock Patrol Car - Runs Over Security Guard - Breaks His Leg - Crashes Into Ambulance

07/07/12  Bluefield, WV - Man In Custody Steals Cruiser - Suspect Steals Officer's Gun - SHOT AND KILLED By West Virginia State Trooper

07/05/12  College Park, MD - Man Has Shootout With Police - Steals Prince George's County Patrol Car - Crashes Into Wall At McDonalds

07/02/12  Russell County, AL - Suspect Attacked Deputy - Bit Him - Steals Patrol Car - Deputy Falls Out Of Patrol Car - Suspect Wrecks Patrol Car

06/27/12  Macon, GA - Police Chase In Stolen Jeep - Suspect Handcuffed - Steals Macon Patrol Car - Second Chase - Crashes Into Guardrail

06/22/12  Broken Arrow, OK - Police Continue To Search For Man That Attempted To Steal Unmarked Patrol Car - Accomplice Caught

06/20/12  Tempe, AZ - Man Steals Phoenix Police Utility Truck - Chase - Crashes Into Several Police Cars - SHOT DEAD

06/16/12  Baltimore, MD - Burglar Suspect Riding Bicycle With TV On Handlebars - Foot Chase - Steals Baltimore County Police Car

06/13/12  Klamath Falls, OR - Traffic Stop - Female Jumps Into Police Car - Locks Doors - Officer Came Through Open Side Window - Taser To Stop Her

06/12/12  Cincinnati, OH - Suspect Stole FBI SUV With Keys In It At Car Wash - FBI Jacket, Radios In It

06/04/12  New Britain, CT - Domestic Call - Man Stabs Wife - Stabs Police Officer Twice - Steals Police Cruiser - Crashes Into Fence

06/02/12  Fort Lauderdale, FL - Assistant Police Chief's Unmarked Police Car Stolen Out Of His Driveway - Beretta Handgun - Portable Radio - Two Badges

05/29/12  Buffalo, NY - Unknown Suspect Steals Buffalo Police Car - Police Confront - Fit The Description Suspect - Struggle - Officer Injured - Suspect Shot - Died

05/24/12  Albany, GA - Traffic Stop Drug Bust - Suspect Overpowered Deputies - Steals Tift County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Crashes Into Other Patrol Cars

05/21/12  Backus Township, MI - Prisoner Disarms Deputy Of His Handgun - Steals Transport Vehicle From Arenac Deputy - Escaped - Schools On Lockdown

05/20/12  Jonesboro, AR - Man Assaults His Mom - Steals Police Cruiser From Jonesboro Police - Destroyed Officer's Cell Phone - He Heard On Police Radio Plans To Track

05/18/12  Roswell, GA - Handcuffed Erratic Driver With Drugs Steals Sergeant's Police Car - Chase - 3 Police Cars Damaged - 1 Destroyed - Light Poles And Power Lines Knocked Down

05/07/12  Sparta, OH - Man Steals Knox County Sheriff's Office Cruiser By Smashing Window - Hits Deer / Air Bags Deploy - Suspect Points M16 At Deputies - Shot And Killed

05/06/12  Hoboken, NJ - Police Car Stolen From Large "Riot Condition" - Suspect Crashes Into Taxi Cab In Jersey City - Injuries - He Escaped

05/05/12  Rollinsford, NH - 18 Year Old At Serious Motor Vehicle Accident Tries To Steal Officer's Badge Off His Shirt - Runs Away - Steals Police Cruiser

04/25/12  Peoria, AZ - Man Breaks Into Multiple Homes - Crashes Stolen Car Out Of Garage - Chase - Arrested - Handcuffed - Steals Police Car - Chase - Crash

04/24/12  Fort Worth, TX - Defendant Runs From Court Room - Steals Police Car - Runs Red Light - Smashes Into Other Vehicle - Injuries

04/20/12  Manassas, VA - Man Punches Arlington County Police Officer In The Face - Steals Police Car - 100 MPH Chase - Forced Off Road

04/19/12  Memphis, TN - Delusional Man - Handcuffed - Breaks Police Car Window - Steals Police Car - Wrong Way Traffic - Crashes Police Car

04/11/12  Longview, OR - A Man Calling Himself "Messiah" Ran At An Oregon State Trooper Yelling He Was Going To Steal His Patrol Car - Fight - Trooper Won

03/28/12  Springer, OK - Prisoner Steals DOC Van From Lexington Correctional Facility - 90 MPH Weaving Chase - Crash - Totaled Highway Patrol Car

03/24/12  Pittsfield, MI - Homeless Man Acting Erratically Steals Patrol Car While Officer Was On A Call - MICHIGAN STATE POLICE Captured Suspect

03/21/12  Towanda, PA - An Out Of State Handcuffed DUI Suspect Steals Towanda Police Car And Uses It To Flee The Scene

03/20/12  Richland, MS - In Custody 16 Year Old With Ankle Shackles Steals Police Car - Abandoned Patrol Car In Jackson - Suspect Escapes With Shotgun - Massive Search

03/19/12  Polk County, GA - Patrol Car Stolen From Chief Deputy's Home - Patrol Car Found Abandoned - Shotgun, Duty Belt, Ammunition Box, And Gas Mask Missing

03/17/12  Hector, MN - Suspect Leads Police On Multi-County Chase - Gets Out With Knife - Tries To Steal Police Car - TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE - Tased

03/12/12  Unalakleet, AK - Police Car Stolen From The Police Station - ALASKA STATE TROOPERS Found Police Car Burning

03/05/12  Gary, IN - Unmarked Squad Car Stolen From Parking Lot Of Miller Restaurant Area Police Departments Searching

03/02/12  Derby Line, VT - Home Break-In Suspect Stole A New Hampshire DOT State Vehicle - Arrested Entering Canada

02/27/12  Peoria, IL - Unknown Suspect Breaks Into Police Car Overnight At Officer's Home - Tries To Steal It - Steering Column Damage

02/26/12  Washington, DC - Homeless Man Attempts To Steal Marked Secret Service Patrol Car Outside School Of President's Children

02/25/12  New Orleans, LA - Police Officer's Boyfriend Steals Her Marked Patrol Car From Home - Crashed Into Toll Booth

02/24/12  Buffalo, NY - 19 Year Old Arrested For Stealing Buffalo Police Car Outside Headquarters - Police Car Burned / Totaled

02/23/12  Salt Lake City, UT - While Police Were Working An Incident - A Man Jumped Into A Running Patrol Car And Drove Off - Police Grabbed Him At Stoplight

02/17/12  South Bend, IN - Drunk Civilian Employee Steals Fully Marked South Bend Squad Car - Drives Around For Three Hours Before Wrecking It

02/16/12  Richmond, CA - Home Invasion/Carjack Suspect Steals Richmond Patrol Car - Officer Fires Twice At Patrol Car - Chase - Crash

02/15/12  Janesville, WI - DUI Handcuffed Suspect Steals Janesville Police Car - Vehicle Found Abandoned - K9 Tracks Suspect - Arrested

02/14/12  San Bernardino, CA - Police Vehicle Stolen From Police Parking Lot - San Bernardino County Deputy Spotted Him Speeding - Arrested  

02/07/12  Keokuk, IA - Traffic Stop - Warrant Prisoner In Cuffs Steals Patrol Car - Officer Struggles Hanging In Window - Patrol Car Crashes Into Stopped Vehicle

02/06/12  Puyallup, WA - Man With Ax Smashes Out Windows Of Pierce County Deputy's Patrol Car - Chase - Crash - Fight - Tasered

02/04/12  Mobile, AL - Robbery Suspect Fatally Stabbed Police Officer - Steals Patrol Car - Chase - Shoots 2nd Officer - Suspect Killed

02/01/12  Pacoima, CA - LAPD SWAT Standoff - Perimeter Marked Patrol Car Stolen By 20 Year Old Woman - Suspect Escaped

01/31/12  Baltimore, MD - Vehicle Stop - Confrontation With Officer - Baltimore County Police Car Stolen - Suspect Later Shot And Killed

01/20/12  Lott, TX - Handcuffed Female Steals Patrol Car From School - Chase - Woman Crashes Lott Patrol Car Into House

01/19/12  Cedar, Canada - Police Chase - Man Kicks In Door Of Strangers House - Steals RCMP Patrol Car - 4 Hour Chase - Spike Strips

01/15/12  Edgewater, NJ - Jewelry Store Burglar Steals Edgewater Police Car From Crime Scene - Police Car Found Out Of Town - Suspect Escaped

01/13/12  Metairie, LA - Traffic Stop - Suspect Steals Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Patrol Car - SUSPECT SHOT By Deputy - Crashes Into Canal

   01/12/12  Auburn, AL - Chase Subject Crashes Into Utility Pole/Fence - Suspect Fights With Officer - Tries To Steal Patrol Car

01/10/12  Kouts, IN - Arrested Drug Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Police Cruiser - Suspect Uses Police Radio And Asked "Where Is The Cigarette Lighter And Cuff Keys?"

01/09/12  Palmer, TX - Disturbance Call - 15 Year Old Steals Police Car - 40 Minute Chase Through Ellis County - 120 MPH

01/08/12  Memphis, TN - Mother Helps 12 Year Old Daughter Escape From State Custody - Steals Police Car - Chase - Hit Curb - Flat Tire

01/07/12  Nashville, TN - Man Steals Nashville Metro Police Car From Apartment Complex - Suspect Arrested Near His Home

12/24/11  Jackson Co., MI - Handcuffed Standoff Suspect Steals Blackman-Leoni Public Safety Patrol SUV - 75 Mile Chase - 100 MPH - Crash - Injuries

12/23/11  Erie, PA - Robbery Suspect In Handcuffs Climbs Into Cruiser Seat - Tries To Steal Police Car - Fights Officers

12/15/11  Lexington, KY - KENTUCKY STATE POLICE Cruiser Stolen From Assault Call After Foot Chase - Cruiser Found Abandoned In Next County

12/12/11  Grass Valley, CA - CHP Officer Confronts Man Jumping In Front Of Vehicles - Violent Struggle - Suspect Jumps Into CHP Patrol Car - Tries To Steal It - Struggle/Injured

12/10/11  Missoula, MT - Downtown Missoula Bar Fight - Man Wearing Pajamas And Elmer Fudd Hat Steals Police Car - Found At Elks Club

12/09/11  Newark, NJ - Two Carjackers In Newark Get Shot Trying To Steal Officer's Car

12/01/11  Houston, TX - Police Officer In Undercover Police Car - Suspect Points Gun At Undercover Police Officer To Steal His Car - Suspect Shot Dead

11/30/11  Chattanooga, TN - Trespassing Call - Handcuffed Female Slipped Her Handcuffs - Popped Cage Window - Tried To Steal Patrol Car - Officer Breaks Window - Tasered

11/30/11  Amherst, OH - Suspect Caught Trying To Steal Patrol Car From Police Station Parking Lot - Wanted To Go On Patrol - Talked On Police Radio

11/24/11  Concord, CA - Handcuffed Female Under Arrest For Drugs Steals Undercover Concord Police Car - Captured One Mile Away

11/21/11  Los Angeles, CA - Park Ranger Handcuffs Woman - Patrol Car Stolen - Attempts To Hit Ranger - Shots Fired At Patrol Car - Crash / Injuries - CHP Gets Them

11/18/11  BC, Canada - Police Road Check - Suspect Refused To Stop - Abandoned His Car - Steals RCMP Patrol Car - 20 Minute Chase - Road Spikes

11/11/11  Lancaster, PA - Police Horse Stolen After Being Tied Up Downtown - Just Goes To Show - They Will Steal Any Police Transportation

11/16/11  Topeka, KS - Prime Suspect In Death Of His Infant - Handcuffed In Prisoner Transport - While Stopped At Gas Station Steals It - On The Run

11/10/11  Cullman, AL - Police Pursuit - Suspect Bails And Doubles Back - Steals Police Cruiser Then Throws Shotgun/Cell Phone Out Window - Ditches Cruiser

11/09/11  Fresno, CA - Student From Fresno Pacific University Running Around Naked Tries To Steal Patrol Car - Tasered 3 Times

11/07/11  Slave Lake, Canada - Drunk Beats RCMP Mountie - Steals His Patrol Car After Attack - Crashes Patrol Car - 15 Charges

11/06/11  Tucson, AZ - Wanted Suspect Steals Tucson Police Car - Drags Sergeant - 1 Shot Fired - 120 MPH 70 Mile Chase - Stop Sticks - Tasered

11/05/11  Palm Beach Co., FL - Couple Steals Unmarked Palm Beach Sheriff's Police Car With Keys In It - Suspects Stopped - Admit To Stealing It To Have Sex In It

10/31/11  RCMP, Canada - 16 Year Old In Stolen Car Steals RCMP Car - Mountie Injured By Stolen Police Car - Chase - Crash - Totaled

10/23/11  Baileyville, ME - 19 Year Old Drunk Steals Police Cruiser - Intentionally Drives It Off Boat Ramp Into Grand Falls - Partially Submerged

10/12/11  Pacolet, SC - Woman Under The Influence Of BATH SALTS Jumps Into Pacolet Police Car - Tried To Steal It

10/11/11  Miami, FL - Man Gets Into Multiple Vehicle Car Accident - Steals Miami-Dade Police Cruiser - 20 Block Chase - SHOT DEAD BY POLICE IN CRUISER

10/10/11  Columbus, OH - Alleged PROSTITUTE Steals Officer's Unmarked Police Car - Injures Officer Trying To Get Her Out - Hits Other Vehicle - Escapes

10/09/11  Panama City Beach, FL - Drunk At Accident Scene Knocks Down Panama City Beach Police Officer - Steals Patrol Car - Runs Over Officer's Foot - Two Mile Chase - Arrested

10/07/11  Salisbury Twp., PA - Suspect Finally Arrested For Stealing Pennsylvania State Police Car - Hits Trooper - Trooper Chases His Patrol Car In Tow Truck - Suspect Escapes

10/02/11  San Diego, CA - Drunk Steals San Diego County Sheriff's SUV - 38 Minute 23 Mile Chase By Multiple Police Agencies And Helicopter - Crash

10/01/11  Charleston, WV - Gas Station Attempted Robbery - Suspect In Stolen Car - Jumps Into Oak Hill Cruiser - Chase And Crash - K-9 Injuries

09/28/11  St. Louis, MO - Armed Robber Of 7-Eleven In Handcuffs Steals Detectives Car - Suspect Crashes St. Louis Detective's Car - Steals Second Car and Crashes It

09/26/11  Cleveland, OH - Suspect Steals Cleveland Police Car From SHOOTING SCENE - Officer Had Left Police Car Idling - Police Car Found Damaged

09/25/11  Sanger, CA - CHP Officer Pulls Up To Accident Scene - Two Suspects Charge At The Officer - Steal His Patrol Car - Crashes Into Fence - Escapes

09/23/11  Parkin, AR - Suspect Assaults Officers - Steals Squad Car - High Speed 3 Hour, 3 State Chase - Pitted - Crashed

09/22/11  Westminster, CO - Unmarked Boulder County Sheriff's Detective's Car Stolen Outside His Apartment - The Detective's Car Contains AR-15 And Ammunition

09/20/11  Weatherford, TX - Police Officer's SUV Stolen And Recovered Later - 40 Caliber Pistol, ID, And Key Card Missing

09/16/11  El Paso, TX - Fugitive Overpowered El Paso Co. Detective - Stole His Unmarked Police Car With Guns, Bulletproof Vest, And Portable Radio - Suspect Shot - Critical In Hospital

09/14/11  Fayetteville, TN - Female Carnival Worker Arrested On Felony Warrants - Squeezes Through Cage - Steals Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase Down Wrong Side Of Highway - Crash

09/13/11  Hemet, CA - Parolee With A Record Of Stealing Police Equipment Steals A Cruiser With Weapons From Riverside Sheriff's Station

09/12/11  Habershaun Co., GA - Suspect Steals Police Car - Wears Officer's Jacket - High Speed Chase - Lost Control - Flipped The Patrol Car

09/11/11  Knoxville, TN - Drunk Cumberland County Woman Pursued On Foot Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - High Speed Chase Through Several Counties

09/07/11  New London, CT - Disturbance Call At Downtown Bar - 2 AM - While Officer Was Making Arrests- Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Takes It To A Wal Mart In Groton

09/03/11  Crookston, MN - Bar Room Altercation Call, Suspect Assaults Officer - Pepper Sprayed - Tasered - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - High Speed Escape - Crashes And Kills Civilian - Others Injured

08/31/11  Oak Park, MI - Brazen Theft Of Dodge Charger Right Out Of The Police Department Garage- Found In Detroit

08/29/11  Hicksville, NY - Wrong Way Driver Stopped - Steals Nassau Co. Police Car - High Speed Chase - Suspect Injures 3 Officers - SUSPECT SHOT In Police Car

08/27/11  St. Louis County, MO - Burglary Suspect - Tasered By Police Officer - Jumps Into Her Patrol Car And Tries To Steal It - Officer Shoots Suspect - Critical Condition

08/26/11  Letcher County, KY - Inmate Overpowers Officer In Prisoner Transport Van - Steals Prisoner Van - Escapes In Orange Jumpsuit - On The Loose

08/25/11  Toledo, OH - Suspects Steals Toledo Police Car - Suspect Headbutted And Assaulted Toledo Police Officer - Suspect Captured Inside Police Car

08/23/11  Fredericksburg, VA - Traffic Stop - Suspect Pulls Gun On Westmoreland Deputy - Deputy Retreats - Steals Patrol Car - Uses Police Radio During Getaway - Suspect Taken Down

08/19/11  Allendale Co., SC - Burglary Suspect Overpowered Stephen's Co. Deputy - Steals His Gun And Patrol Car - Abandoned Patrol Car - Escapes

08/10/11  Mattawa, WA - Handcuffed Prisoner Steals Dodge Charger From Officers - Washington State Patrol Chased - Suspect Went Off The Road - Jumps Into River

08/08/11  Montreal, CA - Suspect Being Arrested - Steals Police Car - Officer Jumps Into Taxi Cab But Couldn't Catch Up To Police Car - Police Car Abandoned - Suspect Escaped

08/03/11  Dallas, TX - Burglar Call - One Handcuffed Suspect Struggles With Officers - Steals Police Car Fighting - Crashes Into Home - Injured

08/01/11  Austin, IN - Disturbance Call - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Did Some Donuts In A Field - Slams Into Home Knocking It Off Foundation

07/31/11  Pittsburgh, PA - Officer Looking For Assault Suspect - Suspect Opens Unmarked Police Car Door And Orders Plain Clothes Officer Out Of His Car - Arrested At Gunpoint

07/18/11  Kansas City, MO - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Spotted By Other Officers - Suspect Ditched The Police Car - Runs - Found - Pepper Sprayed

07/15/11  Tarrant, AL - Traffic Stop - Passenger Runs - Officer Chases - Doubles Back - Steals Police Car - Police Car Found Hidden - Suspect Escapes

07/03/11  Brenner Township, PA - DUI Suspect Released From Jail Steals Car From Jail Parking Lot - State Police Trooper Chases - Crash - Ran Off

06/26/11  Purcell, OK - Accused Murderer Overpowered Guards And Escaped From An Oklahoma Jail in A Stolen Police Car - Recaptured

06/24/11  Love County, OK - Man Trying To Set House On Fire With Child Inside Attacks Police Officer And Steals Police Car - Chase - Captured

06/23/11  San Antonio, TX - Wanted Suspect Stop - Steals Floresville Police Car With K-9 In Vehicle - Long Chase - Suspect Crashes Into Brush - Escapes - K-9 And Officer Treated

06/21/11  Fort Myers, FL - Suspicious Man With A Gun Call - Punches Deputy - Steals Patrol Car - Swerves Towards Deputies - 100 MPH Chase - Patrol Cars Crash

06/19/11  Louisville, KY - Arrested DUI Suspect Steals Heritage Creek Police Car - 2.5 Miles Later - Crashes - Totals Police Car - Escapes

06/17/11  Pork Ridge, IL - Suspect With Handgun Strapped To His Side Behaving Erratically At Gas Station - Breaks Free From Officers - Tries To Steal Patrol Car

06/16/11  Alamosa, CO - Murder Suspect Slips Out Of Handcuffs - Overpowers Deputy Sheriff - Steals Conjejos County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Escapes

06/15/11  Salem, NH - Officers Engage Burglary Suspect - Stopped With A Taser Trying To Steal Salem Police Car - Pulled Him Out Of Police Car

06/14/11 Whiting, IN - Handcuffed Prostitute Taken From Sleeper Of A Tractor Trailer At Truck Stop - Steals Police Car - Tasered At 2nd Truck Stop

06/13/11  Shreveport, LA - A Brand New Police Vehicle Was Found Sitting On Cinderblocks - Tires And Rims Stolen

06/09/11  Bristol, TN - Woman Charged With DUI After Hit And Run Accident Steals Police Cruiser - Crashes Police Cruiser Into Brick Column

06/08/11  Clinton Township, NJ - Handcuffed Fugitive Steals Clinton Police Car - 100 MPH Chase For 20 Miles - Crashes Into Medium - Shots Fired - Officer And Suspect Injured

06/04/11  Stockton, CA - Police Car Stolen From Outside A County Concert - Keys Were Inside The Stockton Police Car - Suspect Escapes

06/01/11  Ackerman, MS - Armed Robbery Inmate Grabs Officer's Gun - Forced Her To Unlock Chains - Steals Police Car - Died In Police Car

05/28/11  Burlington, NC - Drunken Man Steals Car At Police Department - Involved In 6 Hit And Run Accidents - Crashes Into Home - Suspect Fires Shot At Witness

05/25/11  Margate, NJ - Accident Scene Bystander - Steals Margate Police Cruiser - High Speed Chase Through 5 Towns - K-9 Bites Him - Police Sgt. Injured

05/22/11  Cleveland, TN - Bradley County Deputy Assists Woman With Two Children - Woman Slashed Deputy With Knife - Steals Police Car Shot Dead By Deputy - Crashes Into Tree

05/20/11  Jackson, MS - Agent Of Mississippi Bureau Of Narcotics Vehicle Stolen At Home Depot - 4 Weapons, Ammunition Vests, Computer Stolen

05/19/11  San Francisco, CA - Unmarked Crown Vic Police Car Stolen While Officers Were Assisting Other Officers Arresting Suspect - Stolen From Golden Gate Park

05/18/11  Lousville, KY - Suspect Steals Metro Police Car - Citizens Complain About Traffic Stops By Suspect - Suspect Arrested With BB Gun Firearm Wearing Police Shirt/Vest

05/15/11  Long Island, NY - Mental Patient Viciously Attacks EMT In Back Of Ambulance - Punches Good Samaritan - Steals Cop's Car - Chase - Crash At NY City Line

05/13/11  Sommerville, SC - Walmart Robber Attacks Police Officer - After Struggle Steals Patrol Car - High Speed Crash Into Truck

05/12/11  Chandler, TX - Robber With Handgun Crashes His Car - Steals Tyler Patrol Car - High Speed Chase - Pit Maneuver - Crash

05/10/11  Taliaferro, GA - Murder Inmate In Cuffs Steals Deputy's Tahoe SUV - 30 Mile Chase - Crashes Transport Vehicle

04/28/11  Phoenix, AZ - Inmate Released From Jail Steals Officer's Vehicle From The Jail Parking Lot - Pursuit - Crash - Back In Jail

04/26/11  Richmond County, NC - Domestic Call - Handcuffed Female Steals Sheriff's Office Patrol Car - Rams Other Sheriff's Car - High Speed 30 Minute Chase - Deputy Injured

04/23/11  Raymondville, TX - Handcuffed Female Slips One Cuff - Climbs Through Cage - Steals Police Car And Crashes

04/12/11  San Diego, CA - Mexican Drug Smuggler Convicted In Hit-And-Run Killing Of Border Patrol Agent - Got Control Of Border Patrol Vehicle - Escaped To Mexico

04/09/11  Albany, GA - Home Of Albany Police Detective Broken Into - Thieves Stole His Unmarked Police Car, Handgun, Vest, Badge, And Handcuffs

04/07/11  Las Cruces, NM - At Accident With Injuries Scene - Woman Steals LCPD Patrol Car - Chase - Head On Serious Accident

04/06/11  Houston, TX - Handcuffed Suspected Burglar Steals Pct. 4 Deputy's Patrol Car - Smashes 15 Yard Fences - Crashes Patrol Car

04/02/11  Lafayette, LA - Burglary Suspect Call - Lafayette Police Department Patrol Car Stolen And Found 45 Minutes Later - Suspect Escapes

04/01/11  Stafford Co., VA - Drunk In Public Subject - Steals Patrol Car - Chase - Crash Into Empty Stafford Co. Sheriff's Car - Rams Two VA State Police Cars - Crashes Into Pole

03/30/11  Jacksonville, FL - Schizophrenia - Suspect Wearing Trench Coat With 3 Foot Sword Trying To Steal Police Car With Weapons Is Shot And Killed

03/26/11  Phoenix, AZ - Detective's Car Stolen At Car Wash - Suspect Jumped Into Car And Shot At Detective - Suspect Found Dead - Self Inflicted Shot

03/25/11  Des Plaines, IL - Teen Caught Stealing Police Car In Parking Lot Of Police Station - Says He Wanted To Show It To His Friends Then Return It

03/24/11  Trussville, AL - Convicted Felon Severely Beats Police Officer At "Burglary In Progress Call" - Steals His Side Arm And Police Cruiser - Found 1 Hour Later

03/22/11  Ottawa, CA - Suspect Spotted With Weapons - Hour Long Chase - Attacked Officers With Crow Bar While Trying To Steal Patrol Car

03/21/11  Riviera Beach, FL - Handcuffed Woman Steals Riviera Squad Car - Strikes A Pick Up Truck - Crosses Medium - Injuries

03/15/11  North Vernon, IN - Wanted Drug Dealer Steals Patrol Car  While Handcuffed - Chase - Suspect Has Broken Hand

03/14/11  Porterville, CA - Carjacking Attempt Suspect Fights With Officers - Steals Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase - Civilians Injured - $1,000,000 Bail

03/12/11  Clayton County, GA - Marked Patrol Car Broken Into - Stolen And Found In Woods The Next Day - Suspect Escapes

03/05/11  Middletown, OH - Stabbed Domestic Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - 100 MPH Chase - Crash - Fought Police Dog - Injured Officers

02/28/11  Tulsa, OK - Suspect Steals Tulsa Police Car - High Speed Chase - Oklahoma Highway Patrol (Pit Maneuver) - Suspect Shot

02/23/11  Henderson, NV - Burglary Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Henderson Police Car - Suspect Escaped - Later Found - Grand Larceny

02/18/11  Dallas, TX - Impala Assigned To The Dallas Police Department Investigative Unit Used By Detectives Has Been Missing For Days

02/10/11  Goose Creek, SC - Berkeley Sheriff's Dodge Charger Stolen - Cruiser Found Abandoned - Hand Gun Stolen

02/05/11  North Little Rock, AR - Suspect Caught Breaking Into Police Transport Van - Fights - Threatens To Kill Officer - Steals His Patrol Car - Uses Police Radio - Arrested

02/03/11  Hayti, MO - Probation Suspect That Pulled a Gun On A Resident Steals Officer's Patrol Car - Pursuit - Road Block By Multiple Agencies - Arrested

02/01/11  Hoquiam, WA - Disturbance Call - Suspect Jumps Into Police Car - Bizarre Chase - Pit Maneuver To Stolen Patrol Car

01/27/11  Kaplan. LA - Shop Lifter Foot Chase - Doubles Back - Steals Police Car - High Speed Chase - Smashed Into Tree

01/23/11  Pineville, KY - Man DUI With History Of Trouble - Tries To Rob Diner And Steal Bell County Constable's Patrol Cruiser

01/21/11  Vinton County, OH - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser With K-9 - Drags Deputy And Injures Him - Chase - Shoot At Cruiser - Stabs Police K-9 Twice

01/20/11  Wicker Park, IL - Parolee Attempting To Burglarize Home Punches Officer - Drives Off With Officer In Back Seat - Fights - Flees On Foot - Nabbed

01/16/11  Richland, WA - Man Arrested Trying To Steal Richland Police Car - Said This Would Bolster His Reputation Amongst Gang Members

01/09/11  Oakland, MS - Suspect Steals Oakland Police Dept. Marked Cruiser - Suspect Slams Into 18 Wheeler - Flips Over Truck - Suspect Dead - Many Civilian Injuries

01/08/11  Jackson, CA - Female In Handcuffs Steals Police Cruiser - High Speed Chase - Taunts Police Over Radio - Police Car Rammed To Stop

01/05/11  Harvey, IL - 17 Year Old Son Of Harvey Police Commander Steals His Assigned Explorer - Runs Red Light - Crash - Serious Injuries To Woman

01/04/11  Jerome, ID - Man At Jerome Police Department - Breaks Window Of Police Car And Steals It - Police Car Found - Ran Out Of Gas On His Way To Mexico

01/02/11  Sardis, MS - Wanted Suspect Steals Police Car - Smashes Into Motel Overhang - 100 MPH Chase - Wrong Way On Freeway - Two Officers Injured

01/01/11  Hillsboro County, FL - 17 Year Old Crashes Car - While Deputy Was Investigating - Suspect Steals Patrol Car With Lights On

12/28/10  Atlanta, GA - GEORGIA STATE PATROL - Chase - Crash - Suspect Shoots - KILLS STATE TROOPER - Steals Patrol Car

12/26/10  Clark County, WA - Traffic Stop - Foot Chase - Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Suspect Shot Trying To Run Over Deputy - Escaped

12/25/10  Northlake, TX - Traffic Stop Xmas Day - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Police Officer Hit By Stolen Police Car

12/23/10  Mobile, AL - Man Acting Strange At McDonald's - Hopped Into Police Car - Chase To His Parent's Home

12/19/10  Santa Clarita Valley, CA - Man Stabs His Mother - Carjacks - Kidnaps 4 Year Old - Crashes - Steals Patrol Car - Crashes Over 100 Foot Cliff - Bursts Into Flames

12/18/10  Houston, TX - Parole Violator Being Arrested Steals Texas Department Of Public Safety Unmarked Police Car

12/17/10  Athens, GA - Shoplifting Woman Steals Madison Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - Crashes Into Telephone Pole - Escapes

12/15/10  Green Bay, WI - Police Chase - Crash - Suspect Steals Hobart-Lawrence Police Car - Police Car Found 2 Hours Later - Tried To Light Patrol Car On Fire

12/13/10  Southern View, IL - Suspected Mental Illness Woman Steals Police Car - Hits Police Officer - Hits Other Police Car - 100 MPH Chase

12/12/10  Dallas, TX - Domestic Call - Man Assaulted Girlfriend - Handcuffed Prisoner Steals Dallas Police Car - Police Car Found In Arlington - Escaped

12/06/10  Corpus Christi, TX - Man Being Detained For Recent Burglary Steals Corpus Christi Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase To His Home

12/05/10  Cherry Hill, NJ - Burglary Suspect - Foot Chase - Doubles Back - Steals Patrol Car - Crashes - Torched And Totaled

12/01/10  Lacey, WA - Thurston County Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen Outside Captain's Home - Bulletproof Vest And Lights Stolen

11/30/10  Salt Lake City, UT - Two Men Arrested For Stealing Salt Lake City Police Department SWAT Truck - Found At Motel - Meth Possession

11/28/10  Mount Holly, NC - Man Stabbed His Friend - Tried To Steal Patrol Car By Climbing Over Patrol Car Seat

11/27/10  Fargo, ND - Man Arrested After Trying To Take Squad Car - Says He Wanted To Drive It Home To Moorhead

11/23/10  Southfield, MI - Stolen Car Suspect In Foot Chase Doubles Back - Steals Police Car With Weapons - High Speed Chase Near Detroit - Suspect Escapes

11/20/10  Laconia, NH - Domestic Violence Call - Suspect Steals Police Cruiser With Gun Inside - Police Cruiser Found Abandoned - Suspect Escaped

11/17/10  Fort Lee, NJ - Handcuffed Fugitive Wanted In Bronx Shooting Steals NYPD Unmarked Police Car - 5 Miles Away Police Car Found - Suspect Escaped

11/16/10  Chapel Hill, NC - Escaped Inmate Steals UNC Police Car From Hospital - 20 Mile Chase - Speeds Over 100 MPH - Crash Into Truck

11/15/10  Pittsburgh, PA - Police Find Stolen Unmarked Police Car - Suspects Stole Police Equipment - Burglary Ring

11/10/10  Augusta, GA - Richmond County Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen - Patrol Car Found With DASH CAM STOLEN - Suspect Escapes

11/08/10  Salem, NH - Burglary Suspect Ran From Officers While Being Questioned - Jumped Into Police Car - Put Vehicle In Gear To Escape - Tasered

11/06/10  Birmingham, AL - Arrested Handcuffed Suspect Steals Birmingham Police Car - Suspect Crashes Police Car - Shots Fired At Suspect

11/05/10  Falls Church, VA - Fairfax County Police Shoot Suspect After Stealing Police Car - Chase - Crash  

11/04/10  Mobile, AL - Constable's Police Car Stolen - Mobile Police Concerned About This Crown Vic With Blue Lights Stopping Civilians

11/03/10  Jacksonville, FL - Suspect Steals Florida Fish And Wildlife Marked Law Enforcement Boat - US Coast Guard Makes Arrest

11/02/10  Crockett, TX - Purse-Snatcher - Foot Chase - Suspect Doubles Back - Steals Police Car - Suspect Escapes - Police Car Found In Brush

11/01/10  Birmingham, MI - Halloween Costumed Man Steals Police Car At Bar Fight Scene - Slams Police Car Into Cement Post - Escapes

10/30/10  North Salt Lake, UT - FBI Agent's Car Stolen Out Of His Driveway With Guns Inside - Vehicle Found Abandoned

10/27/10  Grimes Co., TX - Prisoner Breaks Partition - Steals Deputy's Gun - Fires 3 Shots At Deputy - Steals Patrol Car - Captured 50 Miles Later

10/26/10  Sacaton, AZ - Traffic Stop Illegal Immigrants In Stolen Truck - Suspect Punches Officer - Steals Patrol Car - Found 30 Minutes Later

10/19/10  Tucson, AZ - Man Pushes Down Officer - Steals Police Car - Shots Fired - Suspect Crashes Into Bus - Dies

10/18/10  Sisseton, SD - Suspect Smashed Out Squad Car Window Of Sisseton-Wahpeton Squad Car - Steals It - Rifle Removed From Squad Car

10/13/10  Kodiak, AK - Officer Responds To Domestic Disturbance Call - Adult Male Steals Her Police Car - Abandons It - Suspect Arrested

10/12/10  Billings, MT - Naked Man Steals Billings Deputy's Car - Ends Up In Hospital After Being Tased

10/5/10  Missouri Valley, IA - Gun Suspect Steals Police Car - Chase - Gets Away - Police Car Found With $10,000 Damage

09/24/10  Port Arthur, TX - Handcuffed Woman Steals Port Arthur Dodge Charger Police Car - 10 Mile 100 MPH Chase

09/23/10  Philadelphia, PA - Suspect Steals Philadelphia Police Car - Tries To Run Officer Down - Crashes Into Taxi - Injuries

09/22/10  Lee County, FL - Sheriff's Dept. Reports Corrections Dept. Vehicle Stolen From Home - Laptop, Handcuffs, And Pepper Spray Missing

09/22/10  Sunflower, MS - Police Car Stolen And Later Found In Memphis Tennessee - Police Car Ran Out Of Gas - Escaped

09/21/10  Quinwood, WV - Thieves Break Into Town Hall - Steal Cash - Steal Police Cruiser - Abandon It

09/14/10  St. Paul, MN - Gang Member That Stole St. Paul Police Car And Crashed It Goes To Prison

09/10/10  Galveston, TX - Convenience Store Burglary Suspect Sneaks Up On Running Patrol Car - Steals it - Escapes

09/10/10  Greeley, CO - Handcuffed DUI Suspect Steals Greeley Police Department Police Car - Chase - Arrested

09/09/10  Seattle, WA - Handcuffed Burglary Suspect Steals Seattle Police Car - Escapes - Helicopter And K-9 Capture

08/29/10  Plano, IL - Hit And Run Driver Steals Kendall Co. Sheriff's Car - Shoots At Deputies - Crashes Into Other Police Car - Suspect Shot Dead

08/28/10  Matewan, WV - Handcuffed Female Steals WEST VIRGINIA STATE Police Car - Trooper Shoots Out Tire - Chase - Crash

08/27/10  Albany, GA - Burglary Suspect Steals Albany Police Car During Foot Chase - Suspect Escapes

08/26/10  Chicago, IL - US Marshall's Car Stolen With Chicago Police Officer's Car - Police Equipment,`1,000 Rounds Of Ammunition, Guns, And Police Radio

 08/25/10  Somerville, MA - Police Officer Gives Drunk A Ride Home - Drunk Steals Police Car - Hits Utility Pole - Suspect Escapes

08/24/10  Miami Gardens, FL - Police Officer Attacked - Suspect Pushes Police Car Shift Lever Out Of Park Into Drive - Police Car Crashed

08/21/10  Hartford, CT - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Cruiser Near Hospital - Dumps Cruiser 10 Miles Away - Escapes

08/18/10  Bloomington, IN - Unmarked Police Car Stolen While Parked At Officer's Home

08/15/10  Houston, TX - Burglar Steals Marked Houston Police Car - Chase - Smashed Into Pick Up - Injuries - Totaled

08/12/10  Boaz, AL - Inmate Steals Police Car - Pulls Over Civilian - Assaults him - Steals Wallet - Police Chase Into Albertville 120-130 MPH

08/11/10  Orange, CA - Parolee Steals Orange PD Police Car From Railroad Crossing - Abandoned Police Car

08/10/10  Philadelphia, PA - Escaped Prisoner Stole Unmarked Philadelphia Police Car - Crashed - Escapes

08/04/10  Caruthersville, MO - Suspect At Domestic Call Steals Police Car - Chase - Crashes at 96 MPH Into Overpass - Suspect Ejected - Totaled Car

08/03/10  Killeen, TX - Female Steals Killeen Police Car - High Speed Chase - Stopped in Copperas Cove

08/02/10  Buchanan Co., MO - Disturbance Call Suspect Handcuffed - Steals Buchanan Co. Sheriff's Deputies Police Car - Deputy Shoots Out Tire

07/25/10  Prince George Co., MD - PG County Police Cruiser Stolen - Shots Fired - Chase - Suspect Had Lights + Sirens On - Crash - 5 Car Pile Up

07/23/10  Madisonville, KY - Convicted Felon Escaped With Police Cruiser - Chase - Takes Man Hostage For An Hour - Firearm Charges

07/10/10  St. Paul, MN - Gang Member Steals St. Paul Police Car - Chase - Crash Into Three Vehicles - Police Car Totaled

06/29/10  Cary, IL - 19 Year Old Crashes Car Into Tree - Foot Pursuit - Jumps Into Police Car - Attempts To Steal Police Car

06/24/10  Yuma, AZ - Arrested Female Steals US MARSHALS Vehicle - Federal Agent Injured - Crash - Escaped - At Large

06/23/10  Gaffney, NC - Handcuffed DUI Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Chase - Hits Pole - Crashes Into Car - Totaled

06/22/10  West Valley City, UT - Naked Woman Steals Car - Crashes - Steals Police Car - Drags Officers - Crash - Totals Police Car

06/18/10  Seven Springs, PA - Stranded Motorist Call - Juvenile Steals Police SUV - Lost Control - Rolls Police SUV - High Speed

06/15/10  Decatur, AL - Burglary Suspect Being Arrested Scuffles With Police Officer - Tries to Steal Cruiser

06/14/10  Charleston, WV - Drunk Climbed Into a Charleston Police SUB - Struck a Tree Then Struck Streetlight Pole By Police Station

06/09/10  Blue Rapids, KS - Murder Suspect Shoots Deputy Twice - Steals Patrol Car - Escapes - Barricades With Hostage

06/08/10  Franklin Co., GA - Handcuffed Church Thief Suspect Steals Franklin Co. Deputy's Car - Chase - 4 Police Cars Smashed Up

06/07/10  Edmonton, CA - Suspect Steals RCMP Police Cruiser - Plows Into Parked Car - Strikes Police Officer - Assaults Other Officer

06/05/10  Chicago, IL - Gang Member Smashed Into Cook Co. Squad Car in Reverse - Runs - Steals Squad Car - Chase

06/04/10  Poplar City, MT - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car - Crashes Into Tree - STEALS SHOTGUN from Police Car - and Fires At Officer

06/02/10  Aransas Pass, TX - Intoxicated Suspect Steals Police Car - Tries To Run Down Police Officers - Officers Shoot At Police Car - Crash

05/31/10  Brandon, MB - Handcuffed Intoxicated Suspect Steals Manitoba Police Car - 2nd Police Car Stolen This Month

05/25/10  Hokessin, DE - Arrested Domestic Suspect Steals New Castle Police Car - 100 MPH - 15 Mile Chase - Crashes Into Police Car - Injuries

05/24/10  Albuquerque, NM - Handcuffed Man Steals Officer's Car - Taser Attempt - Runs Over Albuquerque Police Officer's Car

05/24/10  Elkton, VA - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car With Police K-9 in Backseat - Chase - Crash - Steals 2nd Car - Crash

05/23/10  Stockton, CA - Police Officer's Car Stolen When Left Running In His Driveway - Officer Chased Him in Personal Car - Shot Fired - Escaped

05/20/10  St. Joseph's County, MI - Arrested Handcuffed Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Patrol Car Crashed - Rolled Over - Totaled

05/19/10  Syracuse, NY - Intoxicated Woman Stole Syracuse Police Cruiser From Sergeant At Bar Room - Crashes Into Two Cars - Injured

05/16/10  Laurel, MS - Handcuffed Felony Drug Suspect Steals Laurel Police Department Patrol Car - Abandoned Patrol Car - Escapes

05/14/10  Missoula, MT - Female Transient Steals Parking Enforcement Scooter - Crashes - Then Tries to Steal Police Car - Drug Possession

05/13/10  Minneapolis, MN - Career Criminal With Numerous Escapes Steals Minneapolis Squad Car - Crashes Into Pole

05/12/10  Mustang, OK - At High School Alarm - Man Steals Police Cruiser - Chase on School Property - Crash - Suspect Tasered

05/10/10  St. Louis, MO - Two Police Cars Broken Into at City Police Station - One Stolen And Found Later Ditched

05/04/10  San Antonio, TX - Burglary Suspect Trying To Put Car In Gear IS SHOT AND KILLED By San Antonio Detective

05/03/10  Centerville, IA - Handcuffed DUI Female Suspect Steals Appanoose County Deputy's Patrol Car - Deputy Had To Jump Out of the Way - Escapes

05/01/10  Vallejo, CA - Female Driving Wrong Way On Methamphetamines is Arrested - Slips Cuffs - Steals CHP Officer's Cruiser - Abandons Patrol Car

04/27/10  Caledonia, WI - Burglary Suspect Chased - Crashes - Steals Oak Creek Police Car - Hits Police Officer Twice - Shot Dead in Police Car

04/26/10  Miami, FL - Miami-Dade Detective Suffered Serious Brain Injury - Hit in Head With Cinderblock - Run Over With His Police Car

 04/23/10  Winnipeg, CA - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car - Crashes Into Concrete Wall - Police Officer Injured

04/18/10  Los Angeles, CA - Handcuffed Convicted Carjacker Slips Cuffs - Tries To Commandeer Police Car To Escape

04/16/10  Yellowstone, MT - Native American Female Teen Stole Yellowstone Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car With K-9 from Reservation - Case Dismissed

04/13/10  Dekalb Co., GA - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Dekalb Police Car From Traffic Stop - Hits Officer With Patrol Car - Found 2 Hrs Later By K-9

04/13/10  Salem, OR - Man Steals Marked Marion County Sheriff's Car Out of Deputies Driveway - Arrested DUI - Passed Out Behind the Wheel

04/12/10  Jacinto City, TX - Handcuffed Homicide Person Of Interest Steals Patrol Car - Patrol Car Found - Shotgun Missing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

04/11/10  Fairbanks, AK - Handcuffed Man Tries To Steal ALASKA STATE TROOPER PATROL CAR - Trooper and Suspect Injured

04/11/10  Baldwin County, GA - Domestic Disturbance Call - Suspect Steals GEORGIA STATE PATROL CAR - Car Burnt - GBI Investigates

04/09/10  Edcouch, TX - Man Steals Prison Guard's Car That Was Left Running - Patrol Car Chase - Arrested

04/01/10  New York City, NY - Two Women Steal NYPD Marked Patrol Car - Officers Chased the Men - The Women Stole the Running Patrol Car

03/20/10  Auburn, IN - Handcuffed Meth Lab Suspect Steals Auburn Squad Car - Chase Ended Into a Field

03/14/10  Wayne Co., MI - Wayne Co. Sheriff's Deputy is CRITICAL - After Being Run Over by his Own Stolen Patrol Car - Patrol Car Found Crashed                                                                                         

03/13/10  Lee County, SC - Stolen Contractor's Dump Truck Stuck in Mud - Patrol Car Ignition Broken - Patrol Car Set on Fire

03/09/10  Sheboygan, WI - Drug Crazed Woman Breaks Glass Door at Senior Living Facility - Runs Barefoot And Tried To Jump Into Squad Car                                                                                                  

03/07/10  New Carollton, MD - Police Cruiser Stolen While Officers Were Making Arrest - Cruiser Found Damaged - Suspect Escapes

02/28/10  Robinson, PA - Suspect Holds Gun to his Head - Steals Police Car - Officers Shoot at Car - Suspect Crashes - Escapes

02/21/10  Madison, NE - Suspect Steals Madison Police Department Cruiser With Shotgun - Vehicle Discovered Stuck In Snow Bank

02/20/10  Moore, OK - Handcuffed and Tasered Burglar Suspect Steals Police Car - Crashes Police Car Into Tree - Suspect Injured

02/10/10  Hodgenville, KY - Man Escapes From Kentucky Detention Center with Police Vehicle - Damages Police Vehicle

02/09/10  Newark, NJ - Suspect Wrecks His Car - Steals Port Authority Police Cruiser - Runs Over Police Officer - Crashes - Steals 3rd Car - Crashes

02/08/10  Elkhart, IN - Intoxicated Disturbance Call Suspect Steals Elkhart Sheriff's Department Patrol Car - Chase - Crash At Construction Site

02/07/10  Tallahassee, FL - FSU Police Arrest Two Suspects That Crashed A State Agriculture Police Officer's Car - Tazer and Gun Found

02/05/10  Fort Collins, CO - Suspect Escapes Behavioral Healthcare - Steals 3 Different Cars - Steals Police Car - Captured Escaping

02/02/10  Rockford, IL - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car After Crashing into Home - 90 Mile High Speed Chase to Chicago

02/01/10  Whitley Co., IN - 22 Year Old in Car Chase Wrecks His Car - Steals Whitley Deputy's Police Car - Another Chase - Totals Police Car

01/31/10  New York City, NY - NYPD SUV Stolen with Loaded Weapon Inside - Found At La Guardia Airport

01/31/10  Naylor, MD - Prince George County Police Car Stolen from Accident Scene - Suspect Crashes - Burst into Flames - Dies in Police Car

01/27/10  Ridley, PA - Suspect just Released on Drug Charges Steals Marked SUV with Weapon Inside From the Police Station

01/26/ 10  Lake Esinore, CA - Female Carjacking Suspect Steals Police Car - Police Officer Dragged 210 Feet and Taken to Hospital

01/25/10  Gilroy, CA - Suspect Resisting Arrest - Jumps Into Patrol Car Nearly Striking Officers - Officers Fired Several Shots - K-9 Bites Suspect

01/24/10  Long Beach, CA - Burglary Suspect Steals Police Car - Chase - Runs Red Light - Crashes into Second Police Car - Police Officer Injured

01/20/10  Ann Arbor, MI - Homeless Couple Steal Washtenaw County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Escape

01/17/10  Buraby, BC, Canada - RCMP On The Lookout For Stolen Ford Crown Victoria Police Car - Stolen From Movie Prop Supply Company

01/06/10  East Orange, NJ - Police Search For Police Car Stolen In Front Of The East Orange Deputy Chief's House

01/02/10  Miami, FL - Police Patrol Car Stolen From Gas Station With Guns And Vests

01/01/10  Standardsville, VA - Suspect Breaks Window Of Running Green Co. Sheriff's Car With Rock - 1 Hr Chase - Suspect Shot And Killed

12/30/09  Espanola, NM - Burglar Slips Cuffs, Steals Cruiser - Drove At Officers - Shot Twice By Officers

12/28/08  Lenoir, NC - Man Arrested For Stealing Lenoir Patrol Car On Christmas Day - Crashes It

12/26/09  Vine Grove, KY - Chase - Crash - Suspect Steals Police Car - Hits Officer With Police Car - Suspect Shot Dead

12/25/09  Portland, OR - Christmas Eve Fight Suspect Steals Police Car - Takes Down Light Pole - Second Stolen Police Car This Month

12/22/09  Union Township, NJ - Police Chase - Stolen Car Boxed In - Suspect Doubled Back - Steals Police Car - Escapes

12/21/09  Augusta, GA - Handcuffed Female Armed Robbery Suspect Steals Richmond County Patrol Car - Crashes Patrol Car

12/17/09  West Valley City, UT - Handcuffed Voyeurism Suspect Punched Officer - Steals Police Car - 90 MPH Chase - Crashes Into Pole / Ditch

12/16/09  Farmersville, CA - Police Car Stolen With Weapons And Tactical Gear Inside

12/10/09  Dickinson, ND - New Deputy's Vehicle Stolen - Six Mile Chase - Totals Vehicle

12/09/09  Bethel, AK - Suspect Steals Bethel Police Car - Uses Lights/Sirens - Fires Officer's Automatic Rifle - Alaska State Police Plane Chase - Escapes

12/08/09  Pembine, WI - Suicidal Man Struggled With Marinette County Deputy - Showed Gun - Steals Squad Car - Runs Off Road

12/08/09  Chicago, IL - Southside Teenager Beats Female Police Officer And Steals Her SUV - Crashes

12/07/09  Hoboken, NJ - Woman Speeds Off In Unmarked Police Vehicle - Vehicle Found Abandoned - Woman Escapes

12/04/09  Nelson, B.C. - Man Gets Weekend Jail Time, Except Over Christmas For Stealing Police Cruiser While Handcuffed - Escaped

12/03/09  Portland, OR - Undercover Police Cruiser Stolen From Officer's Driveway While Running - Missing

12/02/09  Gloucester, MA - Suspect Arrested For Stealing Police Cruiser At Medical Emergency - Says He Kept It From Punks

12/01/09  Ottawa, CA - OPP Unmarked Police Car With Officers Gun Stolen From Her Driveway - Cruiser Recovered - 40 Caliber Missing

12/01/09  Mission, TX - Home Invasion Suspect Steals Squad Car While Fleeing Crime Scene After Hitting Woman With Crowbar.

11/30/09  Detroit, MI - Undercover Dodge Charger Police Cruiser Stolen From Detroit P.D. - Departments Auto Theft Unit With Emergency Equipment

11/27/09  Dibble, OK - Stolen Car Suspect Pulls Gun On Police Officer - Suspect Steals Police Expedition - 18 Shots Fired By Police - Vehicle Abandoned

11/25/09  Wellesley, MA - Police Chiefs Cruiser Stolen From Home - House Broken Into - Keys Stolen - Vehicle Missing

11/22/09  Lexington, KY - Suspect Steals Police Paddy Wagon While Officers Were Picking Up Prisoner - Chase - Police Break Window To Get Him Out

11/20/09  Wichita, KS - Man Arrested After Trying To Steal Patrol Car - TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE

11/20/09  Chester, PA - Handcuffed Teen Murder Suspect Steals Police Car - Crashes Into House

11/16/09  Los Angeles, CA - Man Found Guilty Of Murdering LAX Police Officer By Dragging Him In Stolen Police Car

11/07/09  St. Johns, CAN - Assault Suspect - Steals Pepper Spray From RCMP Officer - Steals Police Cruiser - Officer Fires Shots - Suspect Escapes

11/02/09  Ellinwood, KS - Halloween Domestic Call - Suspect Steals Patrol Truck After Crashing Into It - DWI Crash - Shots Fired At Fleeing Patrol Vehicle

11/01/09  Iowa City, IA - Intoxicated Man Arrested After Iowa City Police Officer Found The Man In A Police Vehicle

10/30/09  San Francisco, CA - Woman Chased By Troopers In Stolen Car - Tasered While Stealing California Highway Patrol Car

10/27/09  Hagerstown, MD - Maryland State Police Have Captured Two Teenagers Who Escaped Youth Facility In An SUV - Deployed Stop Sticks

10/25/09  Las Vegas, NV - Deputy City Marshall Helps Injured Man - Suspect Steals His Patrol Car With AR 15 - Arrested At Gun Point

10/20/09  West Chester, PA - Spring City Woman Jailed For Driving Drunk And Stealing Patrol Car

10/16/09  Aragon, GA - DUI Female Assaults Police Officer - Steals Police Car - Wrecks Police Car - Escapes

10/14/09  Holderness, NH - DWI Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Cruiser - Crashes - Escapes

10/12/09  Robinson, MI - Domestic Violence Suspect Steals Ottawa Co. Sheriff's Cruiser - 6 Mile Pursuit - Crashes Into And Injures Sheriff Lt.

10/11/09  Maui, HI - Drunk Driver On Moped - Chase Through Maui High School - Steals Police Car After Foot Chase - Escapes

 10/10/09  Mower Co. MN - Man Admits Stealing Austin Police Squad Car - Chased From Minnesota Into Iowa

10/09/09  Biloxi, MS - Harrison Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen By Handcuffed DUI Suspect - All Day Helicopter - K-9 Search

09/29/09  Newark, OH - Suspect Breaks Window - Steals Licking Co. Sheriff's Office Cruiser - Found Left Running In Gear On RR Tracks

09/22/09  Berryville, AR - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Slammed Into Deputy - Rolled Patrol Car

09/15/09  Abington, VA - Chase Suspect Crashes Twice - Steals Washington Co. Sheriff Deputies Patrol Car - Escapes

09/14/09  Orange County, FL - Deputy's Arrested Man In Stolen Ocoee Police Car - Stolen From Police Station

09/08/09  Farmington, NM - Outdoor Party Goer Steals San Juan Co. Sheriff Deputy's Patrol Car - Chase - Escaped - Then Arrested

09/03/09  San Benito, TX - Police Tahoe Stolen From His Driveway With Police Uniform - Could Impersonate A Police Officer

09/02/09  Knoxville, TN - Traffic Stop - Handcuffed Suspect On Narcotics Steals Police Car - Chase - Crash Over 200 Foot Embankment - Totaled

09/01/09  Duluth, GA - Intoxicated Suspect That Stole U Haul Truck -  Handcuffed - Steals Duluth Police Car - Takes Guns - Suspect Escapes

08/29/09  Edmonton, CAN - Man Claiming To Be Robbed/Assaulted Climbed Through Cage - Pins Police Officer Between Bumpers - Injures Officer

08/28/09  Edgewater, NJ - 19 Year Old Drunk Woman Steals Police Car - Crashes Into Pole - Extensive Damage

08/27/09  Iowa City, IA - Police Officers Were Breaking Up A Fight - Drunken Man Tries To Drive Away In Police Car

08/24/09  Columbus, GA - Drunk Suspect Steals Police Car - Puts Vehicle In Reverse - (Strikes / Injures Police Officer) - Chase - Damaged Police Car

08/23/09  St. Lucie Co., FL - FHP Stops Stolen Key West Police Officer's Truck - Recovered Stolen Firearm - Badge And Police ID

08/22/09  Philadelphia, PA - Marked Philadelphia Police Car Stolen While Officer Was Processing An Arrest

08/21/09  Riviera Beach, FL - Police Officer's SUV Stolen With Shotgun And Rifle - Chase - Escapes - Guns Missing

08/16/09  San Juan, PR - Prisoner On Way To Jail Shoots 2 Police Officers - Kills 1 - Steals Police Car - Escapes - FBI Manhunt

08/15/09  Janesville, WI - 20 Yr. Old Drunk Tries To Getaway  In Rock County Sheriffs Officer's Patrol Car - Arrested Behind The Wheel

08/14/09  Colorado Springs, CO - Suspect Steals Police Car From Officer's Driveway - Later Returns To Officer's Home And Breaks In

08/14/09  North Bend, OR - Unknown Suspect Entered North Bend City Hall - Steals Tazers And Patrol Car - Escapes

08/11/09  Savannah, GA - Savannah - Chatham Police Car Stolen By Cop's 18 Yr. Old Drunken Son - Crashed Police Car

08/09/09  Alberta, CA - Drunk Driver Steals RCMP Police Car - Hits And Injures Arresting Officer - Rolled And Totaled Police Car

08/07/09  Jackson, MS - Armed Robbery Suspect Shoots Detective Several Times - Pulls Him Out Of Patrol Car And Steals It - Crash

08/04/09 Memphis, TN - Cruiser Stolen From Emergency Call For Person Armed - Foot Chase - Memphis Police Car Stolen - Escaped

08/03/09  Austin, TX - 32 YO. Woman Steals Austin Police Car - Taken Out At Gun Point - Officer's Cell Phone In Her Pocket

07/30/09  Long Beach, CA - Woman With Mental Problems Steals Long Beach Police Car With AR - 15 Rifle - Arrested By LAPD

07/29/09  Salt Lake City, UT - Emergency Medical Call At Wallmart - Salt Lake City Co. Sheriff's Car Stolen  - Police And Personal Items Stolen

 07/28/09  Pinecrest, FL - Undercover Police Car Stolen From Shopping Center In Broad Daylight With Rifle Inside

07/28/09  Lincolnton, NC - Handcuffed Wanted Suspect Steals Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff's Police Cruiser From Traffic Stop - Suspect Escapes

07/27/09  Carol Co., OH - Burglar Steals Deputy's Cruiser - Drags 2 Deputy's 300 Ft. - Suspect Shot Twice

07/25/09  Lodi, NJ - Man Steals Police Car From Accident Scene - Police Car Found Abandoned - Suspect Escaped

07/22/09  Houston, TX - Burglary Call For Precinct 6 Deputy - Foot Chase - Suspect Moves Police Car - Blocking Get A Way Truck - Chase - Crash

07/20/09  Middleton, CA - Lake County Deputy Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen From Emergency Call At Bar - Suspect Escapes

07/17/09  St. Augustine, Fl - St. Johns Co Sheriff's Department SUV Stolen - Hits Mailboxes - Found In Creek - Subject Escapes

07/11/09  Branson, MO - Home Invasion Handcuffed Suspect Steals Detective's Explorer - 100 MPH Chase - Patrol Car Spiked - Tasered

07/10/09  Hialeah, FL - Police Car With Gun Inside Stolen Outside Hialeah Bar - Broke Window To Steal It

07/04/09  Killdeer, ND - Police Car Stolen From Bar After Several Bar Fights - Suspect Escapes

06/27/09  Greenwood, MS - Sunflower Co. Deputies Capture Naked Suspect That Stole A Greenwood Police Car - Suspect Jumped Into The Yazoo River

06/24/09  Queens, NY - NYPD Queens Undercover Officer's Car Stolen - He was Robbed Of His Weapon

06/23/09  Ogden, UT - Unmarked Department Of Corrections Police Cruiser Stolen - Torched - Completely Destroyed By Fire

06/21/09  San Pablo, CA - Police Car Stolen From Contra Costa CC Headquarters - Suspects Covered Police Car With Blanket To Hide It - Stole AR - 15 Rifle

06/21/09  Woodland, CA - 25 Yr. Old Drunk Snuck Inside Woodland PD Officer's Car - Steals It And Threatens People

06/19/09  Beaver, OH Burglary Suspect Steals Pike Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car - SHOT AND KILLED By Deputy - Crashed Into Church

06/17/09  Lambetville, NJ - Intoxicated City Resident Arrested Inside Marked Patrol Car - Forcibly Removed As He Continued To Climb Over Equipment

06/14/09  Clarksburg, WV - 19 Yr. Old Domestic Handcuffed Suspect Steals Clarksburg Police Cruiser - Chase - Crash Into Telephone Pole

06/12/09  Madisonville, TX - Burglar Suspect Doubles Back - Steals Madison Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - Tried To Run Over Deputy - 14 Shots Fired

06/11/09  New Orleans, LA - Two Unmarked Police Cars Stolen From Fenced In Building - Fork Lift Used To Break Hole In Fence

06/03/09  San Elizario, TX - Handcuffed Drunken Driving Suspect Steals El Paso Co. Sheriff's Deputy's Patrol Car

06/02/09  Troutman, NC - Handcuffed Mocksville Woman From Stolen Car Steals Troutman Patrol Car Then Escapes On Foot

05/29/09  Houston, TX - Suspect Steals Houston Police Car - Runs Over Wrecker Driver's Foot - Crashes Police Car

05/26/09  Buffalo, NY - Marked Police Car Stolen From Police Headquarters - Police Car Found Completely Destroyed By Fire

 05/24/09  Mountain View, CA - Teenager Steals Marked Patrol Car From Concert - Police Car Has Shotgun - Missing For Days

05/23/09  Eufaula, OK - Handcuffed DUI Suspect Steals Patrol Car - 125 MPH Chase For 70 Miles - Police Car Totaled - Police Shoot Out Back Window

05/21/09  Austin, MN - Domestic Knife Suspect Steals Squad Car - 120 MPH Chase - Uses Police Radio - Hits Dog - Crash Into Sheriff's Car

05/17/09  Kingstown, RI -  Hit And Run Fatal Accident Suspect Shoots Police Officer Then Steals His Police Car - Crashes

05/13/09  San Francisco, CA - SFPD Has Police Car Stolen In Front Of Police Station - Found Abandoned

05/11/09  Edmond, OK - Cuffed Prisoner Steals Edmond Police Officer's Cruiser - Suspect Shot By Police - Crashed Cruiser

05/08/09  Sacramento, CA - Armed Man Steals Sacramento Police Cruiser At Gas Station - Fight With A Woman - Escapes

05/05/09  Logan, WV - DUI Suspect Joyrides With Stolen West Virginia State Police Cruiser - Crashes Patrol Car

05/03/09  Maplewood, MN - Suspect Shoots At Maplewood Police officer - Chase - Steals DNR Vehicle - Escapes

05/01/09  Philadelphia, PA - Worker Crashes Philly Police Car - Hit and Run

04/28/09  Lakeland, FL - Polk Co. Sheriff's Deputy's Wife Steals His Marked Patrol Car From Driveway - Steals 12 Gauge Shotgun - Deputy Resigns

04/27/09  Cullman Co., AL - Suspect Arrested In A Meth Lab Bust - Suspect Steals Police Car - Stole Rifle - Escapes

04/26/09  Jefferson Co., TX - Suspect Steals Jefferson Co. Police SUV To Trade For Drugs - M-16 Rifle Still Missing - Police SUV Set On Fire

04/23/09  Mecca, CA - Suspect Steals Riverside Co. Sheriff's Sergeants Patrol Car - Steals Shotgun - School Lockdown - Escapes

04/19/09  Sheridan, WY - 16 Yr. Old Teen Steals Unmarked Police Vehicle From Wyoming Department Of Criminal Investigations Agent

04/08/09  Billings, MT - Drunken 18 Yr. Old Girl Steals Big Horn Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car With K-9 Inside From Traffic Scene

04/07/09  Newport News, VA - Detective's Unmarked Police Car Stolen From Residence - Missing Detective's Handgun, Tactical Rifle, Ballistic Vest

04/07/09  Columbia, SC - Sumpter City Police Cruiser Stolen And Stripped - Blue Lights And Police Radio Still Missing

04/06/09  Louisville, KY - 18 Yr. Old Spotted Driving Stolen Louisville Metro Police Car - Charged With Breaking Into Three Others

04/04/09  Aurora, CO - Stolen Car Suspect Double Backs - Steals Aurora Patrol Car From Crash Scene - Escapes

04/02/09  Orlando, FL - Teen Escapes From Officers During Arrest - Orlando Police Car Stolen With Weapons And Laptop - Suspect Escapes

04/01/09  Tampa, FL - Police Arrested A Man They Say Stole An Undercover FBI Car

03/31/09  Dothan, AL - Police Charger Pair With Felony Possession Of Two Stolen Dothan Police Vehicles - Both Taken To Jail

03/30/09  Lewes, DEL - Burglary Suspect STEALS DELAWARE STATE POLICE CRUISER - Hits Pedestrian - Trooper Shoots At His Cruiser

03/28/09  Austin, TX - Suspect Arrested - Broke Window Of Austin Police Car - Chase - Stolen Uniform - Body Armor - 45 Caliber Gun

03/15/09  Plainfield, NJ - Suspect Tries To Steal Detective's Car Outside Headquarters - Turns On Emergency Lights

03/12/09  Westport, CT - Westport Police Arrest 18 and 15 Yr. Old Impersonating Police In Stolen Crown Victoria Flashing Blue Strobe Lights - Police Pursuit

03/08/09  Montebello, CA - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Steals AR - 15 Assault Rifle And Shotgun - Weapons Still Missing

03/06/09  Dumfries, VA - Prince William Co. Unmarked Police Cruiser Stolen From Police Garage  - Extensive Search For Cruiser

03/05/09  Edmond, OK - Officer Flagged Down At Bar Room - Drunk Steals Police Cruiser - Crashes Police Cruiser

03/04/09  Winfield, WV - DWI Suspect Indicted For Stealing Police Car - Police Chase - Crash - Assault On Police Officer

03/02/09  Philadelphia, PA - Home Invasion Suspect Steals Philadelphia Police Cruiser After Being Shot By Police - Crash

03/01/09  Walker, MI - Suspect Steals Walker Police Cruiser From Motel 6 - Almost Hit 2 Troopers - Shots Fired - Chase - Suspect Escapes

02/28/09  Boyle Co., KY - Prisoner Steals Officer's Cruiser - Officer Injured - Crashes Into Family Of Three Trying To Escape

02/27/09  Lewisbury, PA - Handcuffed Shackled Inmate In Orange Jumpsuit  - Steals Constable's SUV - Escapes With Handcuff Keys

02/15/09 Paris, TN - Handcuffed DUI Suspect Steals TENNESSEE HIGHWAY PATROL CAR - Kills Himself With Trooper's Rifle

02/13/09 Austin, TX - U.S. Marshal Shoots Fugitive Twice That Had Previously Stolen A Texas Deputy's Patrol Car

02/13/09 Live Oak Co.,TX - Handcuffed Fugitive Steals Live Oak Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - Deputy Shoots At Patrol Car - Chase - Escapes

02/12/09 Garner, NC - Garner Police Officers Search For Stolen North Carolina State Bureau Of Investigation Agent's Car

02/11//09 McMullen Co., TX - Suspect Steals McMullen Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car From Traffic Stop - Drives Through Brush - Escapes

02/10/09 Newark, NJ - Cranbury Man Sentenced To 30 Yrs Prison For Stealing A Police Car That Crashed And Killed Newark Police Officer

01/29/09  Chicago, IL - US Secret Service Will Review The Chicago Police Department - 14 Yr. Old Boy Buys Police Uniform - Drives Police Car

01/28/09  Fairburn, GA - Burglary Suspect Being Chased On Foot - Doubled Back - Steals Police Car - Escapes

01/21/09  Belleville, IL - Handcuffed Suspect Of Stolen Car Ring Steals Police Car - Chase Into St. Louis Co. - School Lockdowns - Still Loose

01/15/09  Houston, TX - Woman Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - High Speed Chase - Crash - Innocent Teen Killed - Others Critical

01/14/09  Lucerne Valley, CA - Man Steals San Bernadino County Sheriff's Patrol Car - Hour Long Chase - Spike Strips Damage And Stop

01/14/09  Roselle, IL - 2 Burglary Suspect Brothers Tried To Steal Police Car - Foot Chase

01/13/09  Marion Co., FL - Suspect Breaks Into Marion Co. Sheriff's Office Secure Facility - Steals Crime Watch Crown Vic - Found At Truck Stop In Georgia

1/08/09  Charlotte, NC - Gastonia Police Detective's SUV Carjacked At Gunpoint At Accident Scene - Shots Fired - Crash -

01/05/09  Springfeild, MO - 17 Yr. Old Handcuffed Suspect Of Shooting And Stolen Vehicle - Steals Springfeild Patrol Car

12/31/08  Austin, TX - Travis Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen From Deputy's Driveway - Loaded Shotgun And Tactical Gear Missing

12/29/08  Spartenburg, SC - Woman Steals Laurens Co. Patrol Car - Patrol Car Found Wrecked

12/26/08  Lyndon, KS - Christmas Day - Inmate Steals Holt County Sheriff's Department Patrol Car From Missouri To Kansas

12/27/08  Santa Fe, TX - Galveston Co. Police Cruiser Stolen By Officer's Niece - Speeds Of 80 MPH - Crashed Police Car Into Vehicle

12/22/08  Louisville, KY - Robbery Suspect Steals Police Car - 2 State Chase - Suspect Drives Police Car Into Ohio River - Suspect Shot Dead

12/15/08  Houston, TX - Woman Steals Harris County Deputy's Car - Runs Over Mail Boxes And Crashes Into Parked Truck - Assaults Officers And Paramedics

12/15/08  Coral Gables, FL - At Arrest Scene Sergeants Police Car Stolen - Chase - Car Has Bulletproof And Riot Gear

12/13/08  Waterloo, MI - Judge Releases Woman Who Was Drunk - Stole A Police Cruiser And Crashed Into Guard Rail

12/11/08  Toronto, CAN - Police Car Stolen From Accident Scene With Mounted Shotgun - Police Car Found Damaged

12/09/08  Tampa, FL - Teens Charged With Trying To Steal Undercover Cop Car - Foot Chase - Arrested

12/03/08  Pleasanton, CA - Handcuffed 19 Yr. Old Female Steals California Highway Patrol Car - 100 MPH Chase - Roll Over - Totaled

12/03/08  Blackman, MI - 16 Yr. Old. Girl Steals Police Car - Cursed At Dispatcher - Taunted Police Over Radio - Totaled 2 Patrol Cars

12/02/08  Brownwood, TX - Suspect Arrested Trying To Steal Texas DPS Trooper's Patrol Car - TREMCO SAVED THIS VEHICLE - Shots Fired

12/02/08  Muncie, IN - Swat Team Muncie Marked Police Car Stolen From Officer's Home

12/02 /08  Macon, GA - Female Suspect Steals Police Car - Tries To Run Over 3 Police Officers And Caseworker With The Stolen Vehicle

 12/01/02  Bellingham, WA - Police Car Stolen Outside Restaurant - 2 $500 Radio Microphones Missing - Flat Tire

11/28/08  Brainerd, MN - Suspect Steals Crow Wing County Sheriff's Department Deputy's Car - Long Chase

11/26/08  Waldoboro, ME - Under The Influence Suspect Steals Police Cruiser From Town Offices

11/23/08  Baltimore, MD - Handcuffed Prostitution Suspect Steals Police Van - Dragging / Injuring Baltimore Officer

11/20/08  Memphis, TN - 2ND POLICE CAR STOLEN IN SAME DAY - Handcuffed Burglar Steals Police Car - Assault Rifle Stolen

11/19/08  Memphis, TN - Prostitute Steals Police SUV - 5 Mile Chase - Crashes Into Pole - Wrecks Police SUV

11/12/08  Knoxville, TN - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Knoxville Police Cruiser - Crashes Into Parked Car - Foot Chase

11/03/08  Elba, AL - Handcuffed Parolee Climbed Through The Cage - Steals Patrol Car - Was In Possession Of Sniper Rifle

11/01/08  Bryan - College Station, TX - At Accident Scene Of Suspected Drunk Driver - 2ND Suspect Steals Police Cruiser

10/31/08  Jackson, MS - Suspect Hits Woman In The Face With Brick - Fires Gun At Jackson Officers Twice - Steals Police Car In Handcuffs - Escapes

10/29/08  Frisco, TX - Police Officer At Traffic Detail Sees His Truck Stolen From 100 Ft. Away - Suspect Strikes Several Vehicles - Foot Chase

10/23/08  Madill, OK - Marshall Co. Deputy's Marked Patrol Car Stolen With Weapons At Traffic Stop

10/20/08  Philadelphia, PA - Brawl Suspect Steals Philly Police Car - Drags Officer 50 Ft - Suspect Shot Several Times - Suspect Critical

10/18/08  Atlanta, GA - Suspect Steals Atlanta Police Car - Hits Two Officers - Abandons Police Car - Carjacks Civilian Car - Escapes

10/16/08  New Rochelle, NY - PCP Smoking Suspect Steals Westchester Co. Police Car - Rams Other Police Car - Crashes - Taserd - Attempted Murder

10/10/08  Taunton, MA - Police Car Stoln From Police Station With High Powered Weapon In Back Seat - Police Car Found 10 ft. From River Running In Drive.

10/08/08  Arvada, CO - Thief Steals Unmarked Police Car From Officer's Driveway - Shot Gun Missing

10/07/08  Fresno, CA - DUI Suspect Crashes Car - Police Chase After Him - Arrested Trying To Steal Police Car

10/06/08  Lincoln, NE - Bellevue Police Cruiser Stolen From Lincoln Business - Dangerous High Speed Chase - Called Off - Patrol Car Missing

10/03/08  Albuquerque, NM - Handcuffed ,Dangerous Sex Offender Steals Bernalillo County Deputy's Patrol Car - Escapes

09/25/08  Cannonball, ND - 23 Yr. Old Handcuffed Woman DWI - Huffing - Steals Morton Co. Sheriff's Car - Chase - Woman Found Arrested At A Bar

09/23/08  Kilauea, Hawaii - Domestic Violence Call - Suspect Commandeers Police Car With Machete - Uses Police Radio - 5 Hr Standoff - Taserd

09/22/08  Lanett, AL - Domestic Violence Suspect Shoots Chambers Co. Deputy - Steals Patrol Car - Tries To Run Down Officers - Suspect Shot

09/21/08  Brunswick County, NC - Intoxicated 17 Yr. Old Steals Brunswick Co. Sheriff's K-9 Unit - High Speed Chase - Wrecked Patrol Car

 09/18/08  Council Bluffs, IA - Handcuffed Suspect Tried To Drive Off In Pattawattamie Deputies Cruiser - Tazered

09/15/08  Coral Springs, FL - Fort Lauderdale Unmarked Police Car Stolen - Semi Automatic AR 15 Missing

09/12/08  Indianapolis, IN - Metropolitan Police Car Stolen From Officer's Home - Protective Vest - Taser In It

09/09/08  Monmouth, OR - Police Car Stolen By Drunken Suspect - Chase - Hit Parked Cars - Hit-And-Run

09/04/08  Casa Grande, AZ - Pinal Co. Sheriff's Vehicle Stolen With 75 LBS OF POT - Vehicle Found - Pot Missing

09/03/08  Rossville, GA - Suspect Steals Police Car - Runs Over Officer - Crashed On Rail Road Tracks In Chattanooga, TN - Escapes

09/01/08  Ontario, CAN - Handcuffed Woman Steals OPP Cruiser - Drove Into Oncoming Traffic - Crashed

08/28/08  San Antonio, TX - Brewster Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen - Pistol, Night Goggles, Bullet Proof Vest Stolen From Vehicle

08/26/08  Baton Rouge, LA - East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office Unmarked Deputy's Car Stolen - Gun And Tools Missing

08/25/08  Chicago, IL - Robbery Suspect Steals Police Car - Chase - Crashes - Left Paralyzed

08/24/08  Inner Grove Heights, MN - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Unmarked Police Car - Long High Speed Chase Into Minneapolis

08/21/08  Harlem, NY - Woman Steals Police Van - Crashed Into 18 Wheeler - Crashed Into Car - Totaled Car

08/17/08  Weirsdale, FL - Purse Snatcher Assaults Deputy - Steals Marion Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - Bailed Out

08/12/08  Castlegar, CAN - RCMP Run Over By His Stolen Squad Car - Injured - Shots Fired Into Squad Car - Suspect Escapes

08/03/08  Dayton, OH - Woman Robs Gas Station With Hammer - Handcuffed - Steals Police Cruiser - 100 MPH Chase -  Officer Injured

08/02/08  Kakeland, KS - Officer Punched - Injured By Teen Inmate At Hospital - Steals Officer's Car - Escapes

08-01-08  Hartford, CT - Man Crashes - Foot Pursuit - Tries To Steal Police Car - Handgun and Ski Mask Found

08/01/08  Edmonton, CAN - Officer Faces Assault Charges For Kicking Suspect In Head For Stealing Her Police Cruiser

07/30/08  Sunrise, FL - Broward Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen By His Son - Arrested After Making Traffic Stops Pretending To Be An Officer

07/28/08  Ames, IA - Man Fatally Shot Convenience Store Clerk - Gunfight With Police - Steals Nevada Police Car - High Speed Chase - Suspect Shot

07/27/08  Methuen, MA - Methuen Animal Control Van Stolen From Police Station Parking Lot - Decal On Side - Equipment Missing

07/26/08  Colchester, CT - 22 Yr. Old Rocky Hill Female Arrested For DUI - Steals Police Car After Arrest - K-9 Tracks Her

07/25/08  Clarksville, ARK - Oklahoma Police Car Stolen by Inmate High Speed Interstate Dangerous Chase - Tires Flattened Into Ditch

07/24/08  Houston, TX - HPD Patrol Car Stolen From Police Officer - Abandoned Patrol Car On Railroad Tracks Found Damaged With Flat Tires

07/23/08  Phoenix, AZ - Officer Sees Stolen Phoenix Marked Patrol Car Taken From Him - Found With Items Stolen

07/22/08  Mesa, AZ - Suspect Punched Police Officer - Taserd Suspect Steals Mesa Patrol Car - Chase - Crash - K-9 and Swat Got Him

07/20/08  Jacksonville, FL - Stabbing Suspect Steals Jacksonville Sheriff's Patrol Car - Chase - Crash - Suspect Shot Dead At Scene

07/18/08  Markham, IL - 13 Yr. Old Female Handcuffed Runaway Steals Police Van To Escape - Troopers Boxed In - Arrested

07/16/08  Atascadero, CA - Handcuffed Burglary Suspect Steals San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Squad Car - Escapes

07/14/08  Houston, TX - Rookie HPD Police Officer Hijacked At Gunpoint - Dodge Magnum, With Pistol, Tazer, Handcuffs Taken

07/13/08  Atholville, CAN - Suspect Steals RCMP Police Car - Police Officer  Shoots Suspect Twice - Crash - Tasered

07/12/08  Tulsa, OK - Handcuffed Female Steals Tulsa Police Car - Officer Hit Car - Shots Fired - Chase

07/12/08 'Surprise, AZ -Police Chief's Cruiser Stolen With Gun - Uniform - Badge

07/11/08  Edison, NJ - Stolen Marked Police Car Found In Woods After Several Days - Active Criminal Investigation.

07/10/08  New Bedford, MA - Thief Tries To Steal Unmarked Police Cruiser With Troopers Inside

07/10/08  New Haven, CT - Prison For Man Stealing Police Cruiser - Dragging Police Officer - Crashing

07/09/08  Dearborn, MI - Michigan DOT Vehicle Carjacked After Man Threw Her To The Ground - Vehicle Recovered In Detroit

07/08/08  Royal Oak Township, MI - 18 Yr. Old STEALS MICHIGAN STATE POLICE PATROL CAR - Crashes Into Several Cars - Fled on Foot

07/07/08  Jackson, MS - Robbery Suspects Shoot Jackson Police Officer in the Head - Steal His Police Cruiser - Manhunt Underway - Officer is Critical

07/07/08  St. Louis, MO - Suspect Steals St. Louis Sheriff's Car From  Deputy After Pushing Him To Ground

07/04/08  Canton, TX - Inmate Steals Van Zantd Sheriff's Police Truck from Detective with Multiple Assault Weapons

07/02/08  Myrtle Beach, SC - 13 Yr. Old Steals Keys From Police Station - Steals Police Cruiser - Drives It To Show Mom

07/01/08  Detroit, MI - Officer Shoots and Kills Teen Trying to Steal the Officer's Car

06/29/08  Metaire, LA - Man Steals Jefferson Parish Patrol Car - Crashes - Drives Into Mississippi River - Submerged - Divers Search

06/26/08  Kansas City, MO - Undercover Police Car Stolen from Officer's Driveway with Bulletproof Vest, Cuffs, and Knife

06/25/08  Evansville, IN - Handcuffed Shooting Suspect Steals Police Car - Slammed Police Car Into Light Pole

06/20/08  Red Eagle, TN - Inmate Steals State Capital Police Car - 60 Mile Pursuit - Police Car In Ditch

06/18/08  Lodi, CA - Suspect Attacks Police Officer To The Ground - Steals Police Car - Drags And Injures Police Officer

06/17/08  Houston, TX - Thief Drives Off with Harris Co. Officer's Car - Several Shots Fired At Car

06/16/08  Charleston, WV - Suspect Tries To Rob 7 Eleven - Had Knife - Tried To Steal Police Car - Police K-9 and Taser Used

06/15/08  Los Angeles, CA - Man In Court for Stealing LA Airport Police Officer's Patrol Car - Dragging Him - Charged With Murder

06/13/08  Cleveland, OH - Police Officer's Car Stolen With Gun, Badge, and Uniforms

06/11/08  Dallas, TX - Suspect Steals Dallas Police Car From Sgt. that Stopped To Help Motorist - Helicopter Used

06/09/08  Huntsville, AL - House Break Suspect Breaks Patrol Car Window Of Colbert Co. Sheriff's Car - Steals Patrol Car - Chase

06/07/08  Columbus, OH - Unmarked Columbus Police Car Stolen With Officer's ID - Hand Radio - Bulletproof Vest

06/06/08  Ashland, KY - Suspect Walked Away From Halfway House - Police Car Stolen From Police Garage - Weapon Stolen

06/02/08  Springhill, CAN - Thief Steals Police Car From Police Station - Found Submerged - Severely Damaged In Lake

05/31/08  Huntington, TX - East Texas Man Steals Police Car for Joy Ride - Gets Beat Up at a Party - Ditches Police Car - Foot Chase

05/29/08  Mount Comfort, IN - Handcuffed Drug Suspect Steals Hancock Co. Deputy's Car - 10 Mile Chase - Suspect Shot and Wounded

05/28/08  Santa Fe, NM - Patrol Car Stolen From Santa Fe Co. Sheriff's Office By Drunk -   Patrol Car Used for Several Traffic Stops

05/27/08  Tulsa, OK - Patrol Car Stolen From Officer's Home - Window Shattered To Hot Wire - Shotgun Stolen

05/26/08  Dyersburg, TN - Impala Stolen From Police Officer's Home - Dyer County Sheriff's Recover Completely Submerged Under Water

05/24/08  Columbus, OH - Columbus Police Unmarked Vehicle Stolen - Contains Handgun and Body Armor

05/15/08  Newark, NJ - Teen Steals Newark Police Car - Slams Into 2 Parked Cars - Injures 2 Pedestrians

05/11/08  Omaha, NE - Handcuffed 16 Yr. Old Steals Police Car - Chase - Crashes Into Tree - Serious Condition

05/09/08  Ontario, CA - Handcuffed Drug Suspect Breaks Through Metal Cage - Steals Patrol Car - Almost Hits Officer - Multiple Shots Fired

05/08/08  St. Marys, KS - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Cruiser -Tried To Run Down Officer - Officer Shoots At Cruiser -  Escapes

05/07/08  Anderson, SC - Two Female Handcuffed Larceny Suspects Steal Anderson Co. Sheriff's Cruiser - Cruiser Found Abandoned

04/25/08  Columbus, OH - Suspect Steals CPD Cruiser - Chase - Crash Into Tree - Hurt Suspect Ejected - Totaled Cruiser

04/23/08  Mobile, AL - Alabama State Trooper's Car Stolen By Handcuffed Woman With Deportation Order - Trooper Chased Her In Her Vehicle

04/12/08  Panama City, FL - Teen Steals Running Bay County Sheriff's Car - Crashes Into Fence and Barn

04/02/08  Bellevue, WA - 22 Yr. Old Steals Police Car - Runs Over / Hurts 2 Police Officers In Reverse

03/31/08  Confluence, PA - Drunk Assaults Police Officer While Trying To Steal Police Car - Tries To Grab Mounted Shot Gun - Damages Police Car

03/29/08  Greensburg,  PA - Stabbing Suspect Assaults Police Officer - Suspect Tasered Trying To Steal Police Officer's Patrol Car

03/28/08  Canton, OH - Police Undercover Gang Unit Police Car Stolen - Police Radio Stolen - Missing

03/27/08  Waterford, NY - Apprehended Suspect Steals Waterford Police Car - Chase Into Rennselaer County

03/26/08  Gilbert, AZ - Car Stolen from Police Station Caught On Tape as Officer Gives Interview - Police Chase - Captured Suspectnypdcar.jpg

03/23/08  Gary, IN - Suspect Uses Fire Extinguisher to Smash Gary Police Car Window - Then Steals It - 40 Minute State Police Chase

 03/22/08  Nitro, WV - Suspect Drinking at Bar Steals Charleston Police Cruiser - Pursuit - Struck Several Fences - DWI

03/20/08  Santa Rosa, FL - Deputy Overpowered - Steals Police Car - Deputy Shoots Through Windshield - Patrol Car Wrecked

03/19/08  Jamesport, MO - Robbery Suspect Steals Missouri State Highway Patrol Car - Shoot Out with Troopers - School Lockdowns

03/18/08  Mobile, AL - Robbery Inmate Escapes With Alabama Department of Corrections Van - High Speed Chase

03/16/08  Philadelphia, PA - Suspect Steals Philadelphia Police Car - Chase - Police Car Found Crashed in Camden NJ - Gets Away

03/12/08  Cedar Rapids, IA - Handcuffed Woman Steals U.S. Marshal's Patrol Car - Escapes

03/08/08  Manassas, VA - Suspect Threatens Prince William County Officers with Box Cutter - Steals Police Cruiser - Chase - Crash

03/06/08  St. Louis, MO - Carjacking Suspect Shoots at Police - Steals St. Louis City Cruiser - Crashes Into Home

03/02/08  Richwood, OH - Police Cruiser Stolen From Missing Person Assist Call - Found WreckedStanardsville teen killed in shootout

02/29/08  Bakersfield, CA - Narcotics Investigation - Sheriff's Department Patrol Car Stolen - Dumped Into Isabella Lake

02/28/08  West Memphis - AR - Man Steals Arkansas Trooper's Cruiser During Traffic Stop - Chase - Wrecks Patrol Car

 02/27/08  Houston Co.,GA - Suspect Steals Houston Co. Deputy's Patrol Car - Wrecks Patrol Car - Shootout

02/25/08  Los Angeles, CA - LA County Sheriff's Dept. Patrol Car Stolen in San Bernardino County from Apartment Complex

02/21/08  Walterboro, SC - Suspect Shoots Girlfriend - Shoots Deputy - Steals Police Car - 10 Mile Chase - Barricaded Arrest

02/18/08  Rio Rancho, NM - Suspect Being Served Warrant - Steals Police Car - Hits Police Officer  - Steals Assault Rifle

02/15/08  East Brewton, AL - Chief's Police Car Stolen - Escambia Sheriff's Deputy Makes Arrest - Weapons From Trunk Missing

02/13/08  Lyon Co, KS - Kansas Turnpike Authority - Troopers Son with Friend Joyrides with Police Cruiser while Dad Vacations - Crashes

02/11/08  Castle Rock, CO - Teen Steals Police Car from Medical Call - Led Police - Troopers - Deputies On High Speed Chase

02/09/08  Garden City, MI - Police Car Stolen From Restaurant While Officers are Eating Lunch

02/07/08  San Diego, CA - Federal Agent's Car Stolen Near Border - Anti Smuggling Equipment Stolen

02/06/08  Sullivan, IN - Drunk Driving City Official Arrested - Police Car Damaged - Stuck In Mud

02/04/08  Dover, NH - Suspect Smashes Police Car Window - Tries To Steal - Assaults Officer - Escapes

0/31/08  Winter Haven, FL - Handcuffed Suspect Jumps Over Seat - Steals SUV - Hits 2 Cars - Crashes Into Tree

01/27/08  Washington, DC - Domestic Violence Handcuffed Prisoner Steals Metro Police Cruiser - Chase - Crashes Into Building

01/25/08  Greensboro, NC - Robber Chased at 100 MPH - Crash - Steals Police K-9 Unit - Drags / Injures Officer - Suspect Shot Dead in K-9 Unit

01/24/08  Albuquerque, NM - Armed Suspect in Custody - Preparing to Steal A Sheriff's Dept. Surveillance Unit

01/22/08  Justin, TX - Burglary Suspect Escapes - Steals Justin Police Car - Turns on Lights / Sirens - High Speed Chase to OK Border

01/20/08  Moore Township, PA - DUI Suspect Steals Police Car - Patrol Car Knocks Officer to Ground - Aggravated Assault - Escapessmashed.jpg

01/16/08  James Bay, CAN - 18 Yr. Old Steals Nishnabe - Aski Police Car - Crashes Police Car - Killed in Crash - OPP Investigates

01/13/08  Orange Co. CA - Deputies Kill Man Who Stole Patrol Car - Deputy Was Run Over - Shot - Killed - Patrol Car Crashed Into Pole

01/12/08  Wichita, KS - Robbers Steal Police Car After Chase - Police Car Smashes Into Tree

01/10/08  Tampa, FL - Suspect Pepper Sprayed Deputies  - Steals Patrol Car - Drags Deputy 75 Feet - Injures Deputy - Escapes

01/09/08  Tacoma, WA - Drunken Suspect Smashes Window of Running Pierce Co. Deputies SUV - Steals Police Car

01/06/08  Fairfield, CT - While Emergency Crews Battled a Fire - Marked Police Car with Emergency Lights Flashing was Stolen - Found in Westport

01/05/08  McAllen, TX - An Officer Trying to Arrest a Car Thief Gets His Car Stolen - Chase - Suspect Gets Away

01/03/08  Prince George Co., MD - Escaped Inmate Overpowered Officer - Shoots Civilian with Officer's Gun - Steals DOT SUV - Suspect Shot Dead

01/01/08  Atlanta, GA - Fulton Co. Sheriff's Car Stolen From His Home

12/30/07  Fort Wayne, IN - Jail Time For Suspects That Stole Electronics from Police Cars - Stolen Police Car

12/25/07  Los Angeles, CA - Suspect Steals Sheriff's Squad Car - High Speed Chase - Suspect Shot By Police

12/17/07  Denver, CO - Jail Inmate Steals Colorado DOT Van - Inmate Was In The Running Van When Stolen

12/16/07  Delray Beach, FL - Suspect That Broke Into House Punches Officer - Tried To Steal Squad Car - Taserd

12/13/07  Maplewood, MN - Handcuffed B&E Suspect Steals Maplewood Police Car After Kicking Out Partition

12/11/07  Beaumont, TX - Police Sergeants Police Car Stolen - Third Emergency Vehicle Stolen - in Beaumont This Year

12/08/07  Orange Co. FL - Guard Beaten - Patrol Car Stolen - Deputy's Cruiser Damaged - Wild Pursuit

12/07/07  Monroe, LA - High Speed Police Chase - Suspect Tazerd Attempting To Drive Off in Police Car

12/06/07  Moore, OK - Handcuffed Prisoner Steals Patrol Car with Lights Flashing - Found in Norman

12/04/07  Glenwood Springs, Co - Suspect Attempts to Steal Cop Car  - Nets Pepper Spray in Face - Gets Handcuffs and Jail Cell

11/27/07  Rock Hill, SC - York Co. Deputy's Patrol Car Stolen by EX GIRLFRIEND - Crash - Total Loss

11/21/07  Boston, MA - Boston Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Stole A Boston Police Cruiser After Chase

11/19/07  Indianapolis, IN - Metro Police Car Stolen While Officer Breaks Up Fight

11/16/07  Pocatello, ID - Woman that Stole A Police Vehicle - Chased - Sentenced To 5 Years

11/13/07  Scottsdale, AZ - Thieves Nabbed Breaking Into Detective's Car With Burglary Tools

11/07/07  Broward Co. FL - Broward Co. Deputy Killed by Convicted Bank Robber - Prisoner Van Stolen - Escapes - 200 Schools On Lockdown

11/05/07  Brighton, AL - Officer Responds to Shooting Call - Assaulted at Trailer Park - Patrol Car Stolen

11/04/07  Littleton, CO - Bank Robber Suspect Chased - Crash - Foot Pursuit - Steals Police Squad Car - Escapes

11/04/07  Brentwood, MD - US Park Police Cruiser Stolen - Subject Broadcasts Over Police Radio - Fully Marked K-9 Unit

11/02/07  Winston - Salem, NC - Arrested Suspect Steals Sheriff Deputy's Patrol Car - Standoff

11/01/07  Lancaster, OH - Deputy's Car Stolen From His Driveway - Equipment Stolen

10/30/07  Wilmington, NC - Armed Robber Slashes Walmart Employee - Steals Police Car - Injures Officer - Wrecked Police Car

10/25/07  Valdosta, GA - Police Car Stolen - Police Car Found -  Police Equipment Still Missing

10/22/07  Batesville, IN - Handcuffed Burglary Suspect Steals Police Car - Chase - Damaged Police Car

10/18/07  Houston, TX - Officer Fatally Shoots Naked Man During Bizarre Confrontation - Suspect Tried to Steal Police Car

10/14/07  Orlando, FL - After Wild Chase - Man Tried to Steal Police Car - After 50th Arrest

10/10/07  Rocky River, OH - Career Criminal Accused of Stealing Police Cruiser Held 0n $1 Million Cash Bond

10/07/07  Atlanta, GA - Handcuffed DUI Prisoner Steals Atlanta Police Car - 120 MPH Chase in City - Injuries

10/06/07  Wood Co., TX - Hopkins Co. Inmate Steals Patrol Truck - Jailer's Firearm - Patrol Vehicle Wrecked

10/05/07  Cranford, NJ - Suspect Steals Prosecutor's Car - Chase on Garden State Parkway - Assault on Police Officer 

10/04/07  Petersburg, VA - Handcuffed Woman Steals Police Car - Escapes - She will be Charged with Attempted Capital Murder of a Police Officer

10/03/07  Nashville, TN - DUI Inmate Escapes from Work Detail in Stolen County Vehicle - Still at Largephoto

10/02/07  New Haven, CT - Drug Suspect Doubles Back - Steals Police Cruiser - Flees On Foot

10/01/07  Montgomery Co., CO - Handcuffed Beer Thief Steals Deputies Patrol Car - Chase - Crashed Into Another Patrol Car - Escapes

09/30/07  Montreal, Canada - Police Car Stolen From Bar Fight - Chase - Crash - Pedestrian Injured With Police Car

09/29/07  Westlake, OH - Crash Suspect Circled Back - Steals Police Cruiser - Suspect Tasered - Bitten By Police Dog - Police Car Damaged

09/28/07  Phoenix, AZ - Man Held after Trying To Steal Phoenix Police Car - TREMCO SYSTEM SAVED THIS VEHICLE

09/26/07  Ottawa, Canada - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Ottawa Police Car - Dogs Used to Track Him Down

09/25/07  Nashville, TN - Unmarked Police Car Stolen by Domestic Violence - Malibu Found by Officer

09/25/07  San Diego, CA - 3 Handcuffed Mexican Drug Smugglers Steal U.S. Border Patrol Agent's Police Car - Flee to Mexico

09/25/07  Huntsville, TX - Inmate Steals Guards Gun - Steals City Truck - Runs Over and Kills Guards

09/24/07  Bend, OR - Stolen Car Suspect Attempts to Steal Police Car - Chase - Crash

09/23/07  Hamilton, CA - Unmarked Police Car Stolen with Gun and Body Armor

09/23/07  Carlisle, KY - Two Men Stole a Carlisle Police Car - Wild Police Chase - One Arrested - One Escapes

09/17/07  Norton, VA - Suspect Steals Police Car in VA - Chased Into KY - Tried To Run Over Trooper - Crash - Attempted Murder

09/14/07  Woodway, TX - Handcuffed Woman Steals Police Car - Runs Over Officer's Foot - Injured - Hits Other Car

09/11/07  Athens, TX - Cuffed Prisoner Kicks Out Plexiglas -Steals Henderson Co. Sheriff's Car - Shoots -  KILLS HIMSELF WITH DEPUTIES RIFLE

09/06/07  Noel, MO - Handcuffed DWI Suspect Steals Police Car Nearly Striking Deputy - Found in Ditch - Suspect Escaped

09/05/07  Trenton, NJ - State Patrol Board Unmarked Crown Victoria with Emergency Lights, Siren, and Radio Stolen

08/31/07  Detroit, MI - Undercover Sheriff's Car, Guns, Vest Stolen - Shotgun - 9MM

08/31/07  Paterson, NJ - Sheriff Helps Nab Police Car Thief In Brook - After Dragging / Injuring Detective

08/28/07  Morganton, NC - Escaped Inmate Steals Car from State Agency Wearing Green Jumpsuit

08/25/07  Fort Wayne, IN - 22 Yr Old Steals Police Car from City Garage - Uses Police Car to Steal Police Computers, Cameras, and Radios

08/21/07  Big Spring, TX - 2 Handcuffed Female Prisoners Steal Police Car - Hit Lieutenant with Police Car - Chase - Crash

08/19/07  Waterford, NY - Handcuffed Drug Suspect Steals Police Car - Hour Long Chase - Helicopter Search - Steals Shotgun

08/17/07  Baltimore Co., MD - 16 Yr Old Steals Police Car - Chase - Crash - Trying to Get Home From a Party

 08/15/07  Bridgeport, CT - Stolen Marshal's Police Car Stolen - Lights and Siren Used to Stop and Rob Motorist

08/06/07  Detroit, MI - Wayne Co. Deputy Allegedly Shoots Teen Trying To Steal His Car

08/04/07  Prince George Co., MD - Undercover Police Car Stolen - Crown Victoria with Spotlight and Police Radios

08/02/07  Tell City, IN - Prison awaits Man who Stole Cop's Car - Suspect Stole Police Rifle - 2 County Manhunt

07/31/07  Prairie Village, KS - Unmarked FBI CAR STOLEN from Agents Home - Radio - Body Armor - Firearm Ammo Missing

07/30/07  Philadelphia, PA - 17 Yr Old Female With Baby Steals Philadelphia Police Car - Drops Off Baby - Crashes Police Car

07/26/07  Los Angeles, CA - LAPD Bomb Squad Movie Vehicle Stolen and Left on Bridge - Suspect in Custody - Felony Charges

07/23/07  Chubbuck, ID - 18 Yr Old Female Shoplifter in Handcuffs Steals Police Car from Walmart - 120 MPH 2 City Chase - Felony Charges

07/22/07  Goliad Co., TX - 22 Yr Old Steals Sheriff's Cruiser - Crashed Cruiser - Steals Shotgun - Fires at Officers - SUSPECT SHOT

07/21/07  Winnfield, LA - Handcuffed DUI Suspect Steals Police Car - Chase - Crashes Into Pole and Tree - DEAD AT SCENE

07/20/07  Helena, MT - Two 15 Yr Old Girls Steal Police Car from Hospital - 90 MPH Chase - Roll Over Crash

07/19/07  Crisp Co., GA - Mentally Ill Man Steals Sheriff's Squad Car - Chase - Crash - PRONOUNCED DEAD

07/18/07  Chattanooga, TN - Police Patrol Car Stolen in Front of Chili's Restaurant - Patrol Car Vandalized

07/17/07  Harrodsburg, KY - Two Handcuffed Juvenile Inmates Overpower Officer - Steal Vehicle - Escape

07/16/07  Carrolton, TX - Squad Car Goes Missing - Carrolton Police Department Marked Unit

07/13/07  Chatham Co., GA - Stolen Police Car - 100 MPH Chase - Roll Over Crash

07/08/07  Frederick, MD - Female Prisoner Assaults Police Officer - Tries to Steal Police Car - Sentenced 10 Years

07/03/07  Brevard Co., FL - Two handcuffed Suspects Steal DEP Agents Patrol Vehicle with Assault Rifle and Shotgun - Helicopter and K-9 Search

07/02/07  Monroe, LA - Suspect Steals Squad Car - Crashes Into Telephone Pole and Building - Wrecks Squad Car

06/30/07  Casper, WY - Arrested Suspect Taken at Gunpoint Behind Wheel of Police Car - Tasered

06/29/07  Charlotte, NC - Police Car Stolen - Police Vest - Shot Gun - Tazer - Gas Mask - Cuffs - Ammo

06/28/07  Laredo, TX - Laredo Police SWAT SUV Stolen from Officer's Driveway - Found in Mexico

06/27/07  Sequin, TX - Shackled Burglary Suspect Steals Police Car - Massive Search with DPS Helicopter

06/25/07  Montgomery, AL - Teenager Charged with Trying to Murder Police Officer - Shots Fired - Wrecked Car

06/22/07  Wilson, OK - Police Officer Assaulted - Patrol Car Stolen - Fled the Scene - Suspect Remains at Large

06/21/07  Portland, TN - Couple Steals Patrol Car - Officer Shoots at Vehicle - Chase - Crash

06/19/07  Abernathy, TX - Handcuffed Prisoner Breaks Out Window - Foot Chase - Steals Patrol Car

06/10/07  Bridgeton, MO - Police Cruiser Stolen - High-Speed Chase Through TWO Counties

06/08/07  Buford, GA - Gwinnett Co. Police Shoot, Kill Suspect who they say Stole Cop Car

 06/05/07 Avon Lake, OH - Bulletin Issued for Stolen Elyria Police Car from Lieutenant's Driveway with Police Equipment

06/04/07 Lakewood, WA Two youths Steal Lakewood Police Car - Lights and Sirens Blaring - Hit other cars

06/03/07 West Valley, UT - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Patrol Car- Lights Siren Blaring - Chase - Ditched Patrol Car

06/01/07 Corpus Christi, TX -Handcuffed Suspect Steals Nueces Co. Sheriff's Cruiser - Out Runs -Rifle Stolen - Helicopter Search

05/30/07 Merrillville, IN -Handcuffed man Takes Cop's Car

05/27/07 Marblemount,WA - Suspect Steals Washington STATE TROOPERS PATROL CAR - Tries to run over Trooper - SHOT BY TROOPER - CRASH

05/27/07 Albany, NY - Warren Co. Sheriff's charge teen with Stealing State Car - Crashing into BBQ

05/26/07 Tulsa, OK - Chase suspect Steals Tulsa Police Car - Crashes into tree

05/24/07 Rocky Hill, CT - Man Steals Police Car, Flees Accident Scene

05/24/07  Boston, MA - Thief Steals Boston Police Cruiser - Ditches it - Still on Loose

05/24/07  St. John's, Canada - Police Car Taken on St. John's Joyride, Driven Into Tree

05/22/07 Las Vegas, NV - Attempted Home Break - Chase- Suspect Steals Nye Co. Sheriff's K-9 Cruiser with DOG -Gets stuck in Desert Dirt

05/21/07 Clayton County, GA - Drunk Woman Steals Clayton County Police Cruiser - Hits Two other cars - Escapes into woods

05/16/07  Ritzville, WA - Handcuffed Robber Steals Police Car with Guns - Police Chase - Damaged Police Car

05/15/07  Lincolnville, SC - Traffic Stop - Police Officer Missing - Police Car Found Burning Miles Away

05/14/07  Greensboro, NC - Suspect Broke Into Unmarked Police Car with Deputy Inside - Possession of Burglary Tools

05/12/07  Bainbridge, GA - Deputy's Patrol Car Stolen by Handcuffed Prisoner - Massive Manhunt - State Helicopter and K-9 Search

05/11/07  Pope Co., IL - Boot Camp Inmate Steals Dept. Vehicle - 1 HR. 100 MPH Chase - Shots Fired - Attempted Murder

05/09/07  Baker Co. FL - Police Memorial Day Honors Fallen  Officer - Shot and Killed - Police Car and Shotgun Stolen

05/05/07  Lockport ,NY - Girl who Stole Police Car and Crashed It - Gets 5 Years of Probation

05/02/07  Benton, IL - High Speed Chase - Crash - Sheriff Severely Injured - Attempted Theft of Franklin Co. Sheriff's Car

04/29/07  Gary, IN - Suspect admits to Theft of Griffith Indiana Police Squad Car - Crashed Squad Carphoto

04/28/07  Portland, OR - Suspect Posing as Police Officer Pulls Motorist Over - Has Prior Stealing Police Car

04/27/07  Staton Island, NY - Ex-Con Carjacks - High Speed Chase - Fiery Crash - Punches Officer - Steals Patrol Car

04/24/07  Lehi, UT - Police Car Stolen from Utah Co. Sheriff's Deputy - Shotgun - Assault Rifle - Laptop - Spike Strips Missing

04/21/07  Montezuma Co., CO - Suspect Assaults Under Sheriff - Steals Montezuma Co. Sheriff's SUV - Chase - Crash

04/18/07  Jasper Co. SC - Suspect Steals Jasper Co. Sheriff's CHARGER Patrol Car - 150 MPH CHASE Through School Zone

04/15/07 Harrison County, TX - Man arrested for stealing sheriff's car from secured area

04/14/07  Brownsville, TX - Handcuffed Teen Steals Brownsville Officer's Police Car - Tries to Run Officer Over - Charged with Attempted Capital Murder

04/13/07  Orange Co., FL -  Sheriff's Patrol SUV Stolen at Silent Alarm with 2 Guns - Helicopter and K-9 Search

04/12/09  Ware Shoals, SC - Handcuffed DUI Prisoner Steals Police Car at Checkpoint - Chase - Arrested

04/11/07  Homestead, FL - Subject Steals Florida Fish and Wildlife Lieutenant's SUV with Gun - Crashes into Canal - Submerged - Totaled

04/10/07  Watsonville, CA - Nude Woman Steals Patrol Car - Woman SHOT While Trying to Run  Over Officer - Crashes Into Van and Fence

04/09/07  Lafayette, LA - 21 YO Steals Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Cruiser - APB - Pursuit - Cruiser Crashed at Bridge

04/08/09  San Antonio, TX - Reckless Driver Fights SAPD Sergeant - Steals Cruiser - Dragged and Injured Officer - Smashes Cruiser

04/06/07  Exeter, NH - Stolen Police Cruiser from South Hampton PD - FOUND 10 YEARS LATER UNDERWATER - with Shotgun

04/02/07  Klamath Falls, OR - Nampa Man Dies After Crashing Stolen Police Cruiser

04/01/07  Holiday, FL - Pasco Co. Sheriff's Cruiser Stolen - Dragged Officer - Winding Chase - Charged with Attempted Murder

03/29/07  Austin, TX - Handcuffed Woman Steals Travis Co. Deputy's Car - 130 MPH Chase - Patrol Car Crashed Into Iron Rod Fence

03/28/07  Melbourne, FL - Behavior Problem Teen Swipes Cop Car - Impersonates Officer - Makes Traffic StopGuy steals a police car, rams it into another cop car, then ends up crashing on the Hutch Oct. 16, 2008, causing a massive traffic jam on the Hutch and the Cross County Parkway.

03/28/07  New York, NY - New York Police Officers Injured in Cruiser Pile Up - Three Police Cars Wrecked

03/27/07  Sullivan City, TX - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car - Races to Mexican Border - Escapes

03/26/07  Tonopah, NV - Handcuffed Domestic Battery Suspect Steals NYE Co. Sheriff's K-9 UNIT WITH DOG - Escapes

03/26/07  Lakeview, OR - Handcuffed suspect Steals Police SUV - STATE POLICE RAM STOLEN CRUISER - Rollover - Suspect Critical

03/25/07  Moncks Corner, SC - Suspect Shoots - Kills 2 Police Officers - Steals Police Car - Crashes - Shot Dead in Stolen Police Car

03/24/07  Pocatello, ID - Police Cruiser Stolen from Disturbance Call - Police Cruiser Crashed Into Parked Car

03/19/07  San Antonio, TX - Teenage Girl Steals Police Cruiser - 80 MPH Winding Chase - Totals Brand New Cruiser

03/16/07  Sterling Heights, MI - U.S. Marshal's Crown Victoria Stolen from his Driveway - with Weapon - Body Armor

03/15/07  Jefferson, TX - Handcuffed Drug Suspect Steals Jefferson Police Car - Got Police Car Stuck in Mud - EscapesMan arrested after stealing Taunton police cruiser

03/13/07  St. Louis, MO - STATE HIGHWAY PATROL CRUISER Stolen - Vehicle Found - Loaded Shotgun - Handcuffs - Bulletproof Vests Missing

03/11/07  Meadville, PA - Teenager Steals PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE CRUISER - Trooper was assisting Motorists - Foot Chase - Arrested

03/09/07  Lockport, NY - Teen Pleads to Stealing / Crashing Police Car - "I was Under the Influence"

03/07/07  Waco, Texas -  Police Officer's Van Stolen with Police Dogs Inside - Police Drug/Bomb Dogs Found later Abandoned on Road

03/03/07  Newark, NJ - Officer Is Killed in Crash While Chasing A Suspect In A Stolen Police Car

03/03/07  Fresno, CA - Fresno Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen by Parolee Gang Member - Pursuit - Crashes Patrol Car

03/02/07  Mission, Texas - DEA Agent Shoots Suspect While Trying to Steal His Car - Crashes into House

02/28/07  Edmonton, Canada - Police Officer Thrown to the Ground - Police Car Stolen - Crashed Into Fire Truck

02/28/07  Washington, D.C. - Man Arrested for Stolen District of Columbia Vehicle - Impersonating a Police OfficerA Monmouth police car stolen briefly Tuesday night sustained extensive front-end damage and two flat tires.

02/27/07  Columbus, MS - Teenage Girl Steals Police Car - Attempts to Run Over Other Girls - Wrecks Police Car

02/23/07  Oxon Hill, MD - U.S. Marshal's Car Stolen - Blue Lights Used to Pull Motorists Over and Rob Them - Police Car Torched

02/19/07  Sacramento, CA - Foot Chase Subject - Doubles Back and Steals Police Car with Loaded Gun

02/17/07  Houston, TX - Satan told him to Steal A Police Car, Which He Did - Tasered - Dies In Custody

02/12/07  Perkins, OH - Wanted Teen Steals Police Cruiser - Crashes Stolen Police Cruiser Into a House

02/08/07  Montreal, Canada - Man Stabs 2 Women - Steals Police Car - Chase - Crashed Police Car into Lamp post

02/06/07  Schenectady, NY - At Drug Bust - Drug Suspect Steals Patrol Car and Gets Away

02/05/07  Myrtle Beach, SC - Fugitive Steals Roanoke Virginia Sheriff's Police Car to Escape Custody - Police will Extradite

02/02/07  Switzerland Co. IN -  Hit and Run Suspect Steals Police Car - Tries to Run Down Deputy - Shot Fired at Cruiser - Helicopter Tristate Manhunt

01/31/07  St. Johnsville, NY - Little Falls Police Car Stolen - Felony - Criminal Possession ChargesSuspect Pursuit

01/30/07  Dallas, TX - Police Officer's SUV Stolen - Firearm and other Police Equipment Missing

01/25/07  Homosassa, FL - Citrus Co. Deputies Patrol Car Stolen by Handcuffed Prisoner - Chase - Hits Tree

01/20/07  Lockport, NY - Girl 16 Steals Police Car - Injuries to Officers - Chase - Crash

01/15/07  Spokane, WA - Patrol Car Stolen during Traffic Stop by Gang Members - Chase - Crashed Into Pole

01/14/07  Council Bluffs, IA - Police Officer gives Man a Ride to Omaha, NE - Subject Steals Marked Police Car - Police Car Missing

01/08/07  Hamilton Co., OH - 13 Yr old Steals Sheriff's Deputies Car - Chase - Crash - Arrested

01/04/07  Fresno, CA - Suspect Steals Police Car - Drives Erratically - Crashes Patrol Car - Escapes

12/31/06  Salem TWP, OH - Warren Co.  100 Shots Fired at Police - Cruiser Stolen - 100 MPH Chase - Suspect Shot

12/25/06  North Robinson, OH - Crawford Co. Sheriff's Cruiser Stolen - Chase - Crashed Cruiser Into Ditch - Wrecked

12/19/06  Tulsa, OK - Handcuffed Female Prisoner Steals Tulsa Police Car - Crashes Into a Church

12/15/06  Columbia, TN - Maury Co. Deputy Assaulted - Broken Nose - Lost Teeth by Burglary Suspects - Patrol Car Stolen - Chase - Rolled Over - Totaled Patrol Car

12/12/06  San Jose, CA - Mental Case Tries to Steal Ambulance - Steals Police Car - Chase - Rams Patrol Cars - Crash - Officer Injured

12/09/06  Detroit, MI - Female Steals Police Officer's Car with Weapons - Police Car Crashed during Incident

12/05/06  Seattle, WA - Seattle Man Charged in PATROL CAR THEFT

11/30/06  Streator, Canada - Man Pleads Guilty When Drunk, Punching 2 Police Officers - Stealing Police Car

11/26/06  Griffith, IN - Gary Man Steals Running Police Car - Chase - Crash - Police Car Under Water

11/25/06  Omaha, NE - While Officers Break up Fight - Police Cruiser Stolen - Helicopter Locates

11/20/06  Lebanon, OR - Lebanon Police Patrol Car Stolen - Flattens 2 Tires - Escapes - Weapon Found

11/17/06  Allentown, PA - Wanted Suspect Steals Pennsylvania STATE POLICE CRUISER - 50 Police Cars, Helicopter, and Search Dogs Unable to Find

11/15/06  Bellevue, WA - Washington State Trooper's Patrol Car Stolen by Drunk Prisoner at Traffic Stop

11/14/06  Cannon Co, TN - Violent Suspect Steals Sheriff's Patrol Car - Six Shots Fired at Fleeing Patrol Car - Suspect At Large after Wrecking Patrol Car

11/13/06  Denver, CO - Arrested Carjacking Suspect Steals Police Car - Pit Maneuver on Patrol Car - Damages Cars - Injures Suspect

11/12/06  Kansas City, KS - Suspect Steals Police Car - Police Car Suffered Damage - K-9 Search Called In

11/11/06  Orlando, FL - Orange County Sheriff's SWAT Team Guns Stolen from Deputy's Car

11/10/06  Dallas, Texas - Arrested Female Steals Squad Car - Turns on Lights and Sirens - Gets Away

11/10/06  Paramount, CA - San Bernadino Sheriff's Car Stolen by 2 Suspects Under Arrest - Slams into Parked Car - One on the Loose

11/09/06  Miramar, FL - Unmarked Metro-Dade Police Car Stolen from Officer's Home with Police Equipment

11/06/06  Bonner's Ferry, Idaho - Handcuffed Woman Steals Patrol Car - Calls over Police Radio - She is Lost - Steals Officer's Cell Phone - Gets Away

11/05/06  North Bay, Ontario - Police Garage Broken Into - MARKED CRUISER STOLEN - Intentions of Thieves is Unknown

11/02/06  Wyoming - 1 Million Cocaine bust Suspect escapes Troopers Patrol Car - Steals Wyoming Criminal Investigation's Unmarked

11/01/06  Knoxville, TN - Homeless Man SHOOTS - KILLS SCHOOL OFFICER - STEALS CRUISER - Tries to Ram Other Cruisers

10/31/06  Houston, Texas - Gun, Computer Stolen From Deputy's SUV

10/26/06  Urbandale, IA - Drunk Woman Steals Police Car from Accident Scene - Crashes Police Car

10/24/06  Greenville Co., SC - Deputy Involved SHOOTING Under Investigation by SLED - Patrol Car Stolen

10/20/06  Topeka, KS - Police Chief's Home Burglarized - Police Chief's Car Stolen

10/16/06  Pinellas Co., FL - Deputies Cruiser Stolen - Found Damaged - .45 Caliber Glock and Police Radio Missing

10/16/06  Salt Lake City, UT - Suspect Stole Police Car - Led Police on 4 City Chase - Officers Spiked Tires on Cruiser - Suspect Tasered

10/14/06  Omaha, NE - Suspect Steals Police Car  - Police Radio Stolen

10/13/06  Ahwatukee Foothills, Arizona - Man Steals Police Car - Tried to Run Over Officers - Crashes Police Car - Tasered

10/09/06  Delhi, OH - Woman on Crack Crashes - Steals Police Cruiser - Chase from OH to KY - Crashes Police Car

10/08/06  Lowell, MA - City Police Cruiser Stolen While Officer Searched for Intruder - Found 7 Hours Later Damaged

10/06/05  Gilmore, AR - Thief Steals Only Police Car - Taunted Officers Over the Radio - Hit Several Cars - Rammed Car Into House

10/05/06  Winnipeg, Canada - Police Cruiser Stolen - Second Police Car Stolen Within A Months Time

10/04/06  Oak Hill, IL - Suspect Steals Squad Car - Drags 2 Officers, Injuring Them - Crashes Into Preschool - Suspect Shot

10/03/06  Ballwin, MO - Police Chief's Son Steals Dad's Police Car to Pull Over Vehicles - Stops St. Charles Co. Sheriff with Fake Gun

10/03/06  Lawrence, KS - 20 Year old student Arrested for Trying to Steal a Police Car

10/02/06  Webster City, IA - Man Arrested for Stealing a Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Vehicle from His Home - Totals It

10/01/06  Spokane Co., WA - Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Tire Blown Out - 20 Min Search with K-9

09/28/06  Atlanta, GA - Suspect Steals Police Car - Police Officer Injured when Car Slams Into Pole

09/18/06  Denver, CO - Police Car Stolen With Body Armor Vests Inside

09/15/06  Cleveland, OH - Police Car Stolen - Crashed Into Wall

09/11/06  Santa Fe, NM  Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car - Crashes into Telephone Pole

09/09/06  Waco, Texas - Hamilton Co. Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen during Arrest of intoxicated subject

09/06/06  Lancaster, CA - Naked Man Crashes - Tries to Steal Patrol Car - Subdued with Stun Gun

09/04/06  Fairmont, WV - Inmate Attacked Hinton Police Officer - Tried to Steals Police Car - Inmate was Shot

09/01/06  Muskogee, OK - Handcuffed Woman Steals - Rolls Over - Wrecks a Police Car

08/28/06  Goldsboro, NC - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Tried to Run Over Officers - Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon

08/28/06  Winnipeg, Canada - Police Car Stolen from Officer's Home - 45 Min Pursuit - Suspect Got Away

08/26/06  Allentown, PA - Berks-Lehigh Regional Police Cruiser Stolen

08/24/06  Nashville, NC - Handcuffed Woman Steals Nash Co. Deputy's Car - Suspect tried to Run Over Nashville Officer- Woman ShotThe TPD patrol car was located at Quail Creek Apartments at 73rd and Memorial

08/22/06  LAX Airport, CA - Subject that Stole LAX Police Car - Dragged LAX Police Officer to Death - Charged with MURDER

08/21/06  Cordele, GA - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Crashes - 2nd Stolen Police Car in one Month

08/19/06  Columbia, SC - Suspect Steals Police Car - Tries to Run Down Officers - 3 Shots Fired at Patrol Car

08/16/06  Salt Lake City, UT - Police Car Theft Suspects Lead Police on High Speed Chase

08/13/06  Minden, LA - Police Officer Shot Twice - Suspect Steals Police Car - Crashes - Suspect Shot Dead

08/12/06  San Jacinto, CA - Palm Springs' Detective's Car Stolen - Police Badge, Gun Stolen

08/11/06  Hamilton Co., OH - Woman Steals Deputy's Police Cruiser - Shot with Taser - Crashes into 2 Vehicles - Escapes

08/11/06  Pomona, CA - Man Pleads Guilty of Impersonating Officer after Stealing Police Car - Hiding AR 15 Assault Rifle and 12 Gage Shotgun

08/10/06  Denver, CO - Unmarked Police Car Stolen out of Detective's Driveway with Weapons

08/08/06  Tell City, IN - Stolen Car Suspect Steals K-9 Police Car - Assault Rifle from Trunk is Missing (Photo)

08/07/06  Oak Hill, OH - Drunk Crashes his Car - Drunk Steals Police Cruiser and Crashes - Charged Twice with Driving Under

08/05/06  Volusia Co., FL - Sheriff's Car Stolen by Convicted Felon Prisoner - Helicopter and Massive Search

08/04/06  Hamilton, Canada - Man attempts to Steal Police Car while officer writes ticket - Suspect Subdued with Knife

08/04/06  Memphis, TN - Police Officer's Gun & Squad Car Stolen - Still on the Loose with Gun

08/01/06  Aubrey, Texas - Subject Steals Police Cruiser - High Speed Chase - Crashed

07/27/06  Churrituck Co, NC - Cocaine - Weapons - Stolen Property Suspect Escapes with Deputy's Car

07/27/06  Seatac, WA - Burglary Suspect Steals Police Car, then Flees

07/26/06  Belleville, MI - 3 Men Charged with Stealing a Crown Victoria - Stolen Police Computers

07/25/06  Dallas, Texas - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Dallas Police Car - Crashes into Fence

07/24/06  Pecos Co., TX - Deputies Patrol Car Stolen - Crashed into River - Divers Recovered Submerged, Totaled Patrol Car

07/22/06  Pima Co., AZ - Fugitive Escapes in Law Enforcement Vehicle after being Stunned with Taser

07/21/06  Emmittsburg, MD - Wanted Man Steals Frederick Co. Patrol Car from ACCIDENT  - Still on the Loose

07/20/06  Ghent, KY - Prisoner Steals Kentucky State Trooper's Patrol Car - Chase - Crash - Shot Dead in Patrol Car

07/18/06  Hartsville, SC - Prisoner Steals Police Car - Leads Deputies on Chase

07/14/06  Newark, NJ - Drug Suspect Steals a Police Cruiser

07/13/06  Totowa, NJ - Paterson man Takes Sheriff's Car on Joyride

07/11/06  St. Louis, MO - Female Handcuffed Parolee Violator Steals Police Car in south St. Louis

07/08/06  Spokane, WA - Thief Drives himself into Deep Trouble with State Patrol Car Theft

07/06/06  Concord, NC - Shoplifting Suspect on the Run - Stole Police Car - Wild Chase - Crashed on US 29

07/05/06  Palm Beach Co, FL - Inmate caught 2 hrs later after Stealing Patrol Car in Riviera Beach

07/03/06  Ontario, Canada - Handcuffed Woman Steals Police Car - Chase - Crashed into River - Almost Drowns

06/28/06  St. Louis Co, MO - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car - Officer Injured - Shots Fired - Crashed Police Car

06/27/06  Indianapolis, IN - Woman Steals Police Cruiser - Chase - Crashed into Jail Transport Wagon - Steals Handgun

06/26/06  Brookhaven, MS - Lincoln Co Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen - 100 mph Chase - Crashes into pole

06/22/06  Ocean City, MD - Crooks Pinch Cop Car for Joy Ride

06/21/06  Bladen Co. NC - Man and Woman Overpower Deputy - Steal Gun - Radio - Police Car - Wreck Police Car

06/15/06  Boston - Transit Police Car Stolen from repair garage by Drunken Homeless man - 1 hr of Lights and Sirens

06/14/06  Texas - Kelly USA Military runway Chase. Patrol Car Stolen/Crashed - 3 Arrested trying to Escape

06/13/06  Bluefield, VA - Probationer Steals Police Cruiser - Crashes - Bit by K-9 - then Arrested

06/13/06  St.Pauls, NC - Sheriff's investigators searching for man who Stole Deputy's Car during Arrest

06/12/06  Glendale, AZ - Officer's Car Stolen with Police Equipment Inside - Gun, Taser, Uniform Missing

06/12/06  Louisville, KY - Metro Police SUV Stolen from Officer's driveway - Missing Semi-Automatic Rifles

06/11/06  Caledonia, Ontario - US Border Patrol Vehicle Stolen - Attempted Murder Charges

06/10/06  Staten Island, NY - Backhoe operator stops Chased Vehicle - Angel dust Suspect from Stealing Police Car

06/09/06  Alabama - Tuscaloosa Sheriff's Vehicle Stolen - 100 mph Chase - Crashed

06/09/06  Blountsville, AL - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Search Dogs found him 2hrs later

06/09/06  Norman, OK - Man Steals Police Car after Fatal Accident - then Crashes Police Car

06/08/06  NYPD, Queens, NY - Man Fleeing Shooting - Steals Unmarked Police Car - Crashes

06/08/06  Jennings, MO - Man Steals Police Car and Hits OfficerA wrecked Arkansas State Trooper's patrol car sits on the side of the highway after a man stole the car during a traffic stop.

06/05/06  Houston, Texas - Suspect in Stolen HPD Car Slams into Tree  

06/02/06  Pekin, IL - Handcuffed Teen Steals then Crashes Squad Car

06/02/06  Michigan - Suspect Steals Michigan State Police Cruiser - Crashes after Chase

05/27/06  Fort Walton Beach, FL - Handcuffed Woman Drives Off in Police Cruiser

05/25/06  Oakland, CA - Fugitive Steals U.S. Marshal's Van

05/25/06  Big Rapids, MI - Chase- Stolen Car hits deer - Crashes - Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car

05/23/06  PA - Man Drives Stolen Capital Police Vehicle to McDonalds - 2nd Capital Police SUV Missing

05/21/06  Edison, NJ - Officer's Charges Dropped in Attempted Patrol Car Theft Case

05/20/06  Alma, Arkansas - Intoxicated Suspect Injuries Officer - Crashes Stolen Patrol Car

05/20/06  Pawtucket, RI - Man Arrested and charged with Car Theft after Stealing Police Cruiser

05/19/06  Hyattsville, MD - Suspects Steal Police Car after Bailing out of Stolen Car.  Chased and got Away

05/18/06  Fayetteville, NC - 5 are Charged in Patrol Car Break Ins at Sheriff's Annex

05/16/06  Riverside, CA - Police Officer Pushed by Suspect.  Patrol Car Stolen

05/13/06  Everett, WA - Snohomish Deputy's Patrol Car Window Smashed - Patrol Car Stolen with Gun

05/08/06  Annapolis, MD - Drug Suspect Shot and Killed by Annapolis Officer trying to Steal Patrol Car

05/07/06  Cornith,TX - Handcuffed Prisoner Steals Squad Car with K-9 inside - DPS Helicopter spotted him during Chase

05/07/06  Liberal, Kansas - Sheriff's Vehicle Stolen and Crashed into Police Car

05/04/06  Rockford, Illinois - Prisoner Steals Squad Car - Found by K-9 - after Chase

05/04/06  Ellicottville, New York - Handcuffed Prisoner Assaults Deputy - Takes his Gun - Steals Patrol CarABC 7 News - Suspect in Custody Tries to Steal Police Cruiser

05/03/06  Manitoba, Canada - RCMP Officer's Cruiser Stolen - Officer Shoots at Stolen Cruiser

05/02/06  Winder,GA - Patrol Car Stolen from Barrow Co Sheriff's - Radios and Other Parts Stolen

05/01/06  Jackson, MS - Hinds Co Sheriff's Department  Burglars Target Under sheriff's Car - Handgun/Bulletproof vest Stolen

05/01/06  Seattle Officer Reprimanded for Shooting Stolen Cruiser

04/29/06  McAllen, Texas - Arrested Drunk Woman Steals Police Car

04/27/06  Columbia, KY - Inmate Steals Jailer's Car Keys - Vehicle Stolen

04/24/06  Arizona, Gila River - Woman Killed after she Ran into Oncoming Traffic after Stealing Police Car

04/21/06  Rochester, NY - Man Steals Squad Car during traffic stop - Assaults Officer - 20 MN Chase though City

04/19/06  Georgia - Inmate Steals Douglasville Police Car from Police StationA police vehicle sits in the Interstate 40 median Wednesday after a chase.

04/17/06  Snohomish County, WA - Police Chase Suspect in Stolen Police Car - Crashes into Tree

04/14/06  Miami - Dangerous Prisoner Steals Detective's Unmarked Police Car

04/11/06  Des Moines Iowa - Patrol Officer's Vehicle Stolen - Police Searching for 45 Caliber Handgun and 12 Gage Shotgun

04/10/06  Georgia - Johnson County Deputy Shoots Suspect in the Face While trying to Run Him Over in His Stolen Police Car

04/08/06  Myrtle Beach, S.C. - Man Steals Cruiser, Leads Police on Chase - Crashing into a Tree

04/07/06  West Virginia - Woman Steals W.V. State Police Cruiser - Three County High Speed Chase - Crashes into Two Virginia State Cruisers

04/06/06  Guysborough, Nova Scotia - RCMP Officer Assaulted - Cruiser Stolen

04/04/06  Delaware State Trooper Shoots and Kills Suspect after Assaulting Him and Getting into His Patrol Car

03/24/06  New Orleans - A Drug-trafficking Handcuffed Suspect Escapes in Police Car and Wrecks Fire Hydrant

03/23/06  Jonesboro, LA - Man Wrestles Deputy, Steals his Police Car and Gun, Shoots and Kills Himself while Driving, Totals Cruiser

03/20/06  Frederick, MD - Police Officer Injured while Handcuffed Suspect tries to Steal her Patrol Car

03/16/06  York, Canada - Police Chief's Stolen Car Plates used to Commit Crimes

03/14/06  Hickory, MS - Police Chief's Car Stolen - Abandoned on Rail Road Tracks

03/10/06  Washington County, MO - Man Steals Police Car after Meth Bust

03/08/06  Salisbury, MD - Man Steals Police Car - Leads Authorities on High Speed Chase - Trooper Hospitalized

03/03/06  Washington D.C.  - Officer Injured After Stolen Car Chase

03/02/06  Lancaster, CA - Woman Steals Sheriff's SUV - Screaming Over Radio - 2 Hour Televised  Helicopter  Pursuit

03/01/06  Utah - Shootout leaves Man Dead in Stolen Police Vehicle

02/27/06  Texas - San Saba County Deputy's Vehicle Stolen at Fatal Shooting

02/24/06  Ottawa - Man Charged with Stealing Police Car, Aggravated Battery

02/24/06  Billings, MT - Lodge Grass Man Pleads Guilty to Crashing Stolen Police Car

02/21/06  Dallas, Texas - Teen Steals and Wrecks Deputy Chief's Police Car

02/19/06  El Paso, Texas - Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen and Damaged

02/16/06  Hartford, CT - Police Car Stolen by Suspect

02/14/06  Bakersfield, CA - Juveniles Steal Sheriff's Detective Car - 16 yr old Fires Detectives Gun

02/13/06  Pontotoc Co, OK - Patrol Car Stolen by Prisoner while Deputy Breaks Up Fight

02/12/06  Jefferson Co, Ark - Wanted Suspect Steals Police Car to Avoid Capture

02/09/06  Clay County, MN - Police Car Stolen from Outside Loud Party

02/02/06  Dallas - Woman Steals Police Car - Leads Officers on a Chase

02/02/06  Norristown, PA - Man Steal Police Car - Crashes- Then Steals Snowplow - Crashes again

02/01/06  Philadelphia - Police Car Stolen by Handcuffed Suspect

02/01/06  Polk County, FL - Man is arrested for Stealing Sheriff's Patrol Car to visit Ex-wife

01/30/06  Sarasota, FL - Police Car Stolen from Officer's Home- Loaded Colt AR15 Assault Rifle Missing

01/28/06  Tampa, FL - Marked Police Car Stolen, Officer's 9 MM Handgun, Taser, Computer, and Radar Missing

01/26/06  Ohio Woman Sentenced After Stealing Police Car at Knife Point

01/25/06  Newton County, IN - Man Arrested for Theft of Sheriff's Squad Car

01/23/06  Charlotte, NC - US Postal Inspector's Unmarked Car, Blue Lights, and Badge, used in Armed Robberies

01/21/06  Chicago, IL - Drunk- Driving Woman Flees in Police Car

01/18/06  Mesa,AZ - Suspect Running from Police Ground and Helicopter Pursuit - Steals Police Car and Crashes

01/17/06  Phoenix, AZ - Police seek Stolen SWAT Officer's Car with Weapons

01/16/06  Fort Myers, FL - Robbery Suspect Captured Stealing Police Car

01/13/06  Hamilton Co. Carmel, Indiana - Police say Man Stole Cruiser, Tried to Run Down Officer

01/11/06  Burelson, Texas - Woman Pulls Knives on Officer to Steal his Police Ca

01/10/06  Duluth, MN - Drunk Steals Running Police Car by Smashing Window with Rock - Crashes Police Car

01/08/06  California - El Dorado County - Stolen Patrol Car Crashed into Tree

01/07/06  Sacramento, CA - Fugitive Shot / Killed while Stealing Police Car

01/06/06  Oklahoma - Atoka County Sheriffs Car Stolen - Shotguns Stolen - Flares Stolen to Start Fires

01/05/06  Pennsylvania State Trooper Shoots Man Stealing his Patrol CarStolen unmarked police cruiser

01/05/06  Montana Man Charged with Stealing Cop Car

01/03/06  Adams County, Colorado - Inmate Steals Prisoner Van - He was in Jail for Stealing A Police Car

01/01/06 Phoenix, AZ - Police Looking For Female Handcuffed Suspect In Theft Of Officer's Cruiser

12/28/05  Seattle, Washington - Suspect Steals Police Car and Crashes

12/23/05  Albuquerque, New Mexico - Prostitute Prisoner Steals Police Car

12/22/05  Madison County, Kentucky - Man Steals Police Car, Wrecked Three Other Police Cars

12/20/05  Texas, Tarrant County Police Car Stolen - Still Searching For Suspect

12/19/05  St. Louis MO. - Teen Steals Airport Police Car, Dangerous 100 MPH Chase For Hrs.

12/18/05  Suffolk County New York - Deltona Man Stole A Cruiser After D.U.I Stop

12/17/05  Livingston Parish, Louisiana - Police Car Stolen and Crashed, Guns Missing

12/17/05  Salt Lake City Utah - Thief Steals Police Car - Police Equipment Missing

12/13/05  California, Orange County - Police Car Stolen for the SECOND TIME IN ELEVEN DAYS

12/09/05  Washington D.C. - Police Find Vehicle of Shot Federal Officer

12/04/05  Aurora Colorado - Suspect Shot at for Stealing a Patrol Car

12/03/05  Alabama Teen Accused of Stealing Police Car - Gun and Bulletproof Vest Still Missing

12/02/05  Las Vegas Metro Police Car Stolen - Crashed Head on into Second Police Car

12/02/05  California Orange County Police Car Stolen- Still Missing   

12/01/05  Death Penalty For Killing Police Officer Then Stealing His Patrol Car

11/29/05  Prisoner Accused Of Stealing Police Car Arrested in Iowa

11/29/05  Canada Police Cruiser Stolen / Crashed During Wild Chase Thru The Gates of a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, Five Cruisers Damaged    The pursuit ended with the old police car flipping.     

11/29/05  Mesa, Arizona- Runaway, 13, Steals Police Car

11/27/05  Albany Man Caught Impersonating Trooper and Steals New York State Police Car

11/26/05  Philadelphia Cops Bust Top Cop's Ex-Protege in Patrol Car- Charged with Stealing

11/25/05  Boulder, Colorado- Patrol Car Stolen In DUI Stop

11/23/05  New Mexico State Police Car Stolen- Weapons Still Missing

11/17/05  Wisconsin Convict Suing Walworth County For Drunk Incident- Then Stealing Patrol Car

11/15/05  Georgia Prisoner Escapes Work Detail In An Unmarked Police Car, Still On The Lam

11/11/05  Columbus, Texas- Man Jumps Officer, Steals Patrol Car, Shots Fired At Patrol Car

11/11/05  North Kansas City, MO- Police Car's Bullet Proof Vest Stolen

11/09/05  Flint, Michigan- Patrol Car Stolen, Vehicle Found Missing Shotgun, Later Found

11/08/05  Poplar Bluff MO- Shooting Suspect Steals Deputy's Car To Escape- Massive Manhunt Ensues

11/08/05  Stolen Police Car In Canada Almost Runs Down Two Children Before Crashing

11/08/05  PA. Officer Hurt, Cruiser Wrecked Chasing Stolen Police Car

11/01/05  North Carolina Police Chief''s Car Stolen

10/31/05 Halton Regional Canadian Police Commander's Cruiser stolen while left running

10/29/05 Douglasville, GA, Suspect Stole Police Car - Taunted Police over the Police Radio, Took Shotgun - Arrested

10/26/05 Virginia Man Steals Leechburg, PA Police car while officer was trying to help him

10/22/05 New Florence, PA arrests made in Stolen Police Cruiser case

10/22/05 Lincoln, NE Family files Law Suite over stolen State patrol car and shooting     

10/16/05 Alabama - Henry Co. Deputies Car Stolen and Crashed. Suspect Tried to Run over Deputies, Shots Fired

10/15/05 CHP patrol car taken for joy ride

10/12/05 St. Louis, MO unmarked police car is stolen from home

10/06/05 Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Officer's Vehicle Burglarized

10/05/05 Rialto, CA - Cuffed Man in Wheelchair Steals Squad Car

10/02/05 Tucson, AZ manhunt ends in foothills shootout - Suspect dead, officers vehicle had been stolen

09/29/05 SC Prisoner steals police car - Police car found in Florida, prisoner still missing      

09/28/05 Plano, TX handcuffed woman steals police car, local schools lock down                     

09/27/05 Dayton, Ohio mentally ill 62-year-old woman steals police cruiser

09/23/05 Madison County, GA teen steals, wrecks patrol car                                                                       

09/17/05 Arizona Police Commander Punished for Stolen Police Car, Gun and Badge still missing    

09/15/05 Polk County, FL Man Charged With Stealing Patrol Car

09/14/05 Mapleton, Maine Woman runs over deputy in Stolen Sheriff's Cruiser, Tire shot out

09/12/05 Las Vegas Metro Police car stolen, Three Police cars crashed, Two Officers injured

09/11/05 Seattle police open fire after a woman stole patrol car

08/31/05 Portland, Oregon Teen felon fights with police, steals police car and escapes

08/24/05 Iowa Man trying to Steal Police Car apprehended with help of Police Dog

08/23/05 Three under arrest, accused of stealing Police Car after Hit and Runs in Nashville, TN

08/22/05 Jackson County, Alabama teen arrested for assault and stealing patrol car

08/18/05 High Speed Police Chase in stolen Ohio police cruiser, stolen police cruiser crashes through road block, officers injured

08/17/05 Beaver County, PA man jailed for attacking cop and stealing police cruiser              

08/16/05 CHP Patrol Car Stolen, Suspect Shot, Patrol Car Totaled

08/15/05 Winston-Salem, NC Police looking for man they say stole a police car

08/13/05 Tuscon, AZ Police Car Stolen at restaurant - Gun missing with vehicle                   

08/09/05 Arizona SWAT Team Commander's police car stolen with weapons

08/08/05 New Jersey suspect shot by cop in stolen patrol car on Route 80                                      

08/06/05 San Jose, CA Chase Stolen Undercover Police Car - after crash K-9 bites her

08/02/05 Gatineau cop stabbed, police cruiser stolen and crashed

07/29/05 Cranston, Rhode Island Man Arrested For Stealing Police Cruiser, High Speed Chase Ensued     

07/22/05 San Antonio Woman Jailed After High-Speed Chase in Stolen Police Unit

07/21/05 Deputy Fires Shot As Suspect Steals Patrol Car, Harnett County, NC Authorities Say

07/21/05 San Francisco Deputy's Cruiser Taken For Siren-Blasting Joyride                                    

07/21/05 Sacramento, California Woman Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Police Car

07/19/05 Naked Man Dies After Driving Cop Car Into Bus In Philadelphia

07/19/05 Search On For Handcuffed Man Who Stole Baltimore Police Car

07/19/05 New Mexico 15 Year Old Steals Police Car from headquarters, high-speed chase into Texas

07/18/05 Youngstown, Ohio Police cruiser stolen by female, Car crashed at road block, Officers injured

07/17/05 Chicago man steals squad car to get to work

07/16/05 Michigan State Fire Arms Instructors Police Car Stolen - Lost Ammunition and Tear Gas

07/15/05 Mississippi man wrestles deputy to the ground, steals patrol car

07/14/05 Former Huntsville, Alabama Police Chief left keys in SUV, auto was stolen

07/13/05 Man Steals Richardson, Texas Police Car                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

07/10/05 Cuffed Michigan Suspect Takes Deputy's Car

07/10/05 Handcuffed suspect steals Bryan, Texas cop car

07/09/05 Tennessee inmate steals jail van

07/07/05 Texas Man steals GBC police car - police car tires shot out, vehicle crashes into lake

07/02/05 Wisconsin man injures children during pursuit and crash, arrested stealing police car

06/28/05 Stolen police vehicle, shotgun found abandoned in parking lot in Central Florida

06/27/05 MN Man Faces Charges after Allegedly Assaulting Police Chief and Stealing his Squad Car From dash cam video of Turnbow's arrest.

06/24/05 Handcuffed Indiana Suspect Steals and Crashes Police Car                                      

06/21/05 Washington DC police chief's cruiser stolen outside house

06/14/05 Oklahoma Escapee leads 2-state 115 mph chase into Texas - Deputy Injured

06/14/05 Man agrees to deal in theft of van, police chase - stole Oakland County police cruiser 2 days earlier

06/11/05 Shot Fired and Toledo Cruiser Stolen                                                                           

06/10/05 Man Accused Of Stealing Trooper's Car On I-435

06/08/05 Los Angeles County Man Takes Off In Deputy's Car After Ride-Along, Wild Chase Ensues

06/03/05 Hundreds Remember LAX Officer                                                                                                              

05/31/05 Florida Lieutenant's Unmarked Car Stolen                                                                                                                             

05/31/05 California thief steals bondman's truck at jail Underwater Police Car     

05/28/05 Arizona Gunman Killed near Kingman after Pursuit, Police Carjacking                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

05/28/05 Lee County, AL Police Car Stolen from deputy, Crashed, Suspect Dies after Stealing Police Car

05/27/05 Alabama stolen cop car chased at speeds of up to 115 MPH

05/26/05 Michigan man jumps into river, other steals and crashed police cruiser, $25,000 in damages

05/25/05 Las Vegas Woman Arrested After Wild Police Carjacking Chase                                                                  

05/20/05 Carterville, GA man steals police car, Crashed into cowboys' storefront                     

05/17/05 Oakland, CA officer shoots would-be carjacker                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

05/15/05 Savannah, Georgia suspect steals Police Car - Suspect shot and killed

05/14/05 Selma, CA Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Drives at Officers - Suspect Shot - Police Car Crashed

05/10/05 Man Steals Indiana Trooper's Car - 100 MPH Chase

05/10/05 Phoenix Teen accused of stealing police car, trying to run over officer, crashes police car

05/07/05 Federal Gun charges filed in stolen police car case in Washington

05/07/05 Ohio Deputy Recovering, Police Cruiser Stolen and Crashed

05/06/05 Alabama stolen police car inmate shot dead by troopers after running over and injuring deputy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

05/05/05 16-year-old Newton, NC teen steals police chief's patrol car

05/02/05 Montana student charged for squad car theft                                                                                                 

04/30/05 LAX Police Officer Killed as Stolen Patrol Car Drags Him

04/27/05 Alabama to execute cop killer that stole patrol car     

04/26/05 Man Steals Wilmington, North Carolina K-9 Unit Vehicle

04/26/05 Detective's Unmarked Washington Car Taken While Warming Up, Police car and gun still missing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

04/26/05 Man arrested after stealing a Los Gatos, CA Police car

04/21/05 Ohio Deputy shot, hurt seriously - Police car stolen and crashed by robbers                                                                                                                             

04/20/05 NC Patrol Car Stolen, Chase, Crashed - Subject Arrested

04/16/05 Cuffed Tennessee Man Crashes Cruiser, Flees from Officers                                   

04/16/05 Oklahoma man who stole deputy's car gets a  9-year sentence

04/13/05 Virginia boys who stole cop car entered pleas, one sentenced

04/12/05 Ohio woman caught driving stolen police cruiser

04/08/05 Neb. Teen That Stole a Police Car Pleads Guilty To Crime Spree

04/05/05 Unknown thief swipes Portland campus security vehicle as officers work to subdue suspect, vehicle wrecked

04/05/05 Worcester, MA Medical Center Police Officer Assaulted: Police Car Stolen and Crashed                                                                                                                             

04/04/05 Detroit Police Unmarked Car Reported Missing                                                             

04/03/05 Florida Handcuffed shoplifting suspect steals a Sheriff's Deputy's Police Expedition and leads Police on a high speed Chase

04/02/05 Kentucky Inmate escapes hospital, Steals Police Car and takes Hostages           

03/31/05 Suspect steals Hanahan, S.C. cop car by squeezing through partition       

03/25/05  CHP Officer Shot in South Valley, Stolen Patrol Car Crashed

03/25/05  Houston, Texas Man Given Courtesy Ride Steals Patrol Car                                                                                                                             

03/23/05  Minnesota Gunman drove police car to school - ten dead                              

03/21/05  OK Handcuffed Suspect Steals and Wrecks Collinsville Police Car    

03/18/05  Cincinnati Police have arrested a man who they say stole a Hamilton County Sheriff's cruiser and crashed it while a deputy stood nearby

03/18/05 New Jersey Prisoner Van Stolen and Crashed after 75 mile chase down Garden State Parkway

03/18/05 Investigators Search For Stolen Undercover Melvindale, MI Police Car                    

03/17/05 Arkansas Inmate Leads Mississippi Authorities On Wild Chase, Crashes Stolen Car, Steals Police Car

03/11/05 NC Man Charged with Leading Deputies on Two Chases. He stole the Patrol Car

03/05/05 Seattle Police officers can fall victim to theft -- even of a squad car. Guns, badges, and even  flak jackets were taken

03/04/05 Texas Officers Locate Police Cruiser Stolen Overnight

03/03/05 Idaho Teenager Stole, Crashed Father's Unmarked Police Car

03/02/05  Carnegie, PA police say woman who needed a ride stole a cruiser while officer uses restroom

03/01/05  Handcuffed teen suspects flee in deputy's patrol unit in Bowie County, Texas

02/23/05 Washington Dept. of Corrections Car Found; Gun, Badge Still Missing                              

02/22/05 Man Pepper Sprays B.C. RCMP Officer, Steals and Crashes Cruiser                     

02/21/05 Naked Philly patrol car thief crashes patrol car and bites officer

02/17/05 Handcuffed woman steals Florida police car

02/17/05 El Paso Authorities Search for Stolen Patrol Unit, found crashed over cliff               

02/16/05 New Orleans suspect fires hand gun at officers, Steals squad car and crashed it

02/15/05 Plywood patrol car stolen in Oregon

02/15/05 Alabama Lawsuit claims video game violence led to Fayette police deaths -suspect stole police car

02/14/05 Nevada Highway Patrol car is stolen; six patrol cars damaged during chase

02/07/05 Man stole St. Louis cop car, led half-hour chase, crashed into another car             

02/07/05 Nebraska Trooper's Vehicle, weapons stolen

02/06/05 Indiana man arrested after stealing police car, State police pistol recovered

02/04/05 Suspect steals Orange County, CA squad car. Police fine stolen 9MM handgun & smoke grenade

02/03/05 Mississippi man steals police officers patrol car and crashes into pole   

02/01/05 Mercer Island, Washington police shoot man in stolen police car

01/28/05 Suspect Sought In Break-In Of Washington State Trooper's Car, Gun Stolen 

01/25/05 Norton, Virginia stolen police vehicle found, Four guns still missing                       

01/22/05 Tallulah, LA police officer empties his weapon into his patrol car that a mental person stole and crashed

01/21/05 Daytona Beach, FL man stole police car, shot by police, sentenced to 22 years

01/19/05 Unmarked Jefferson County, Texas Patrol Car stolen & damaged by 16 year old Prisoner

01/19/05 Crossville, TN Police charge suspect with arson & theft of Patrol car, Impala Patrol car destroyed by fire

01/18/05 Suspect Steals El Paso, Texas Police Unit - Window broken

01/17/05 Michigan State Police Car Stolen with guns inside, Suspect armed and dangerous 

01/15/05 Suspect leads Indiana police on chase in stolen police carclick for larger image

01/14/05 OK Deputy chases his own car, 120 MPH 25 mile chase, Shots fired, Suspect Rolls Police Car 5 Times

01/13/05  Kentucky Drunken Female Steals Deputy's Patrol Car 

01/10/05  TV show to feature shot Cincinnati officer that had her Patrol Car Stolen

01/10/05  Fugitive of the Week: Dallas Parsons wanted, PA cruiser stolen, terrorized family

01/07/05  Couple found dead inside Merced, CA home. Detective car stolen with shot gun & police radio

01/04/05  Manteca, CA Police car stolen, crashed, subject still at large, $1,000 reward for information

01/03/05  Ashtabula County, Ohio Sheriff's cruiser stolen, shots fired  


12/31/04  Wyoming, PA Trooper car stolen - Suspect arrested after striking the Trooper with the car

12/30/04  Stolen San Antonio, TX Police Car Leads High Speed Police Chase

12/21/04  Man who commandeered Fairview, TN police car faces attempted murder of two detectives

12/16/04  Athens, TN police stun one robbery suspect, another suspect steals and wrecks police car

12/15/04  Oklahoma City Man Attempts to Steal Police Car After Fleeing Wrecked Vehicle on Foot, Tremco saves Vehicle

12/11/04  Delano, CA Police cruiser stolen, wrecked

12/10/04  Colorado Suspect tried to kill Police with Stolen Police car that he crashed - Shots Fired 

12/08/04  Honolulu Shoplifter Captured, Arrested After Stealing Federal Officer's Vehicle

12/07/04  Suspect faces new charges after escape attempt in Hope, AR patrol car                 

12/07/04  50-Year-Old Police Cruiser Stolen, Crashed in Durham

12/06/04  Oklahoma Police car stolen by cuffed woman in bathing suit

12/04/04  California man who stole CHP car sent back to prison                                               

12/01/04  Deputy nabs alleged IL police car thief 

11/29/04  Teen steals Iowa emergency vehicle, smashes through house                                                                        

11/29/04  Unmarked Denver Police Car Stolen While Warming up

11/28/04  Man Back in Custody after escaping from Deputies and Stealing NY Police Car

11/27/04  A Hampton, VA man is facing multiple charges after officials say he stole a Newport News police cruiser

11/22/04  Whitby Stolen Police Cruiser Located Following Collision 

11/19/04  NC Traffic Stop Ends in Patrol Car Crash by Prisoner - 3 Injured 

11/18/04  Savannah, GA Suspect Flees in Police Car, Crashes

11/16/04  Man Assaults Police Officer, Steals Los Angeles Patrol Car                        

11/15/04  Man steals Kent police car with police dog in back seat

11/12/04  Car Theft Suspect Attempts to Steal Officer's Patrol Car in southeast Houston, TX

11/12/04  Manhunt for Suspect who stole Minerva Park, Ohio Police Cruiser             

11/10/04  Tampa, Florida Man slugs cops, roars off in cruiser and crashes

11/09/04  San Diego Officer injured by suspect driving stolen border patrol vehicle

11/02/04  Decatur, GA officer survives violent stabbing attack, took police cruiser with officer in trunk

10/30/04  Man fuels up Mesa, Arizona police bait car, then drives away

10/26/04  Run-a-way Durham Cop Car Slams into Citizen's Truck, just missed wife and granddaughter

10/26/04  Kent, WA Police car and gun stolen, man shot; suspect arrested

10/25/04  Man Arrested, Charged with breaking into a Fitchburg, MA Police Cruiser

10/17/04  Vancouver thief steals tractor-trailer and crashes, then steals police car to steal a third vehicle

10/13/04  Police hunting for man who stole and crashed Montreal police cruiser  

10/10/04  High Speed Chase Leads to Shootout with Colorado Springs Police

10/09/04  Tenn Detectives Shoot Cuffed Suspect Who Stole Their Car, Ran Them Down

10/08/04  15 years old Female steals Patrol Car in Nebraska - Armed and dangerous, search continues

10/07/04  Students kept in schools during search for suspects, squad car stolen      

10/06/04  Stolen Honolulu Police Vehicle Found

10/05/04  Louisiana Burglars Target Cop Cars For Guns: Guns & bullets Stolen

10/05/04  Stolen Philadelphia Police Cruiser Crashes

09/30/04  Northwest Minnesota: Man slips handcuffs, steals police car                         

09/27/04  New Florence police officer hurt in arrest, PA cruiser stolen

09/24/04  Stolen CHP Patrol car, Fresno man charged with attempted murder of Police Officer

09/17/04  Pike County Officers Arrest Man Who Stole Deputy's Patrol Car, Wearing Handcuffs

09/16/04  Woodbine, GA Man Steals Police car, talks to Officers During 100 MPH Chase

09/15/04  Suspect Steals Glynn County Squad Car, Leads GA State Police on Chase

09/04/04  Stolen CHP Vehicle recovered on Highway 33 after a 100 MPH Pursuit

09/02/04  Woman allegedly stole Scottsdale, AZ patrol car and crashed it

08/30/04  Handcuffed Man Steals Detroit Patrol Car

08/23/04  Baton Rouge Police car stolen by prisoner and crashed                            

08/21/04  Suspect chased down in Florida cop car, cop car damaged

08/21/04  Alabama Police Chiefs Car Stolen, found in ditch, Suspect arrested

08/18/04  Tulsa Police Officer Thrown From Patrol Car, Patrol Car Damaged

08/14/04  East Chicago, IN - Suspect Steals Police Car - Chase - Shots Fired

08/12/04  Suspect Who Stole Hapeville, GA Police Car is still on the loose

08/11/04  Officer run over during suspect escape attempt in Hartford police cruiser, Officer leg is broken

08/11/04  Man in cuffs escapes after stealing St. Louis police car

08/10/04  Police Nab Fugitive Miskovitch in Fox Chapel, he stole a police car to escape

08/10/04  Wilton, Maine man arrested in police-cruiser theft  

08/01/04  LA Sheriff's Patrol Car Stolen, Police Radio, Weapons taken                                         

07/27/04  Thief Jailed for Running over and injuring a Police man

07/26/04  Man steals Fort Mill, SC police car; leads police on two-state chase

07/20/04  Newport News, Virginia Officials Look for Suspect who Stole Police Car

07/20/04  Police say Slain Teen Stole Secret Service Car on Saturday

07/19/04  Orangeburg, SC Officer Killed; Unmarked Patrol Vehicle Stolen                                    

07/14/04  Dayton undercover Police Car Stolen, bulletproof vest and raid jacket recovered

07/14/04  Man Steals Cruiser, Takes Ride Around the Block

07/13/04  Man charged in theft of Police Cruiser, Cruiser crashed into another car

07/12/04  Man Takes Police Cruiser On Joyride, Drives Erratically

07/12/04  Thief Nicks Cruiser From Rookie Victoria Officer

07/08/04  Teen pleads guilty to stealing Lodi, CA Police Car 

07/05/04  CA Police Shoot Man Attempting To Steal Patrol Car                                  

06/29/04  Officer's Responsibility in Stolen Gainesville Police Dept. Car?

06/27/04  15 Police Cars Stolen by Al-Qaeda for Attacks

06/23/04  Texas SWAT officer's stolen weapons recovered

06/18/04  Wilmington Gunman is killed by officer

06/15/04  Victim shot four times after stealing squad car in Wisconsin            

06/15/04  Man accused of stealing a Blackford County police car

06/14/04  Rapid City, SD Man Wrecks Seven Cars With Stolen Vehicle from Game, Fish &Parks dept, towing trailer

06/10/04  Robber steals Chicago patrol car, drags officer alongside

06/09/04  Suspect steals New Orleans cop car, officer injured

06/07/04  City workers stop man in Decatur police car

06/03/04  Florida Officer's Son Accused of Stealing Police Cruiser from home to harass ex-girlfriend

05/31/04  Oregon man allegedly steals, wrecks five cars which included a Bend police car, gun was taken

05/26/04  New York City, Weird Traffic-Cop Car Heist, Car Torched by Fire               

05/25/04  PA Constable Assaulted, Inmate on the Run, Stole officer's gun and transport SUV

05/24/04  Albany, GA Police Car Stolen and Damaged

05/24/04  Local Marshal Gets Ky. Escapee Back into Custody, tried to steal a police car

05/20/04  LA County patrol car stolen, suspect leads officers on high-speed chase

05/19/04  Dayton, Ohio Teen charged with receiving stolen property - including a stolen police carduchesne_shx1.jpg

05/17/04  Escaped Tuscaloosa prisoner fled into Perry County in stolen police car

05/16/04  Houston police taken on wild chase by suspected burglar in stolen squad car, squad car wrecked

05/13/04  Suspect drives off in Grand Rapids police cruiser                               

05/12/04  Theft Suspect Steals Stow, Ohio Police Cruiser After Arrest                 

05/11/04  Troopers say Arizona man, drunk, tried to steal patrol car

05/10/04  Arkansas Sheriff's patrol car stolen, suspect still at large

05/10/04  Authorities were not guarding man who escaped hospital, steals Santa Fe deputy's car

05/10/04  Tulsa Police Car Burglary

05/06/04  Police officer's car stolen from Hemet CA police station used in bank robbery

05/06/04  Suspect takes police car for joy ride

05/04/04  Couple in custody, charged in theft of TX police car, crashed near Mexican border, officer injured

04/30/04  Police car, stolen from officer's home, is crashed after chase

04/30/04  La Salle, Colorado Cop Car swiped and crashed                                                                                                                                                                          

04/24/04  Florida man stole deputies jeep after crash, police say              

04/23/04  Woman Accused of Stealing Police Car is in Jail

04/18/04  Indiana Patrol Car Stolen at Store Break-in

04/16/04  Florida Police Chief's Car Stolen, His gun used in Bank Robberies - FBI investigates

04/14/04  Stolen Bath Maine police car found abandoned

04/13/04  Handcuffed Man Allegedly Steals Police Car

04/12/04  Thieves Steal Department Car in Prince George County, Maryland              

04/11/04  Stolen Fort Worth police car is recovered

04/11/04  Woman charged with assaulting officer, trying to steal police car

04/10/04  Robbery suspect flees in police car, leaves Texas driver's license behind

04/09/04  PA Murderer Who Stole Trooper's Car Sent to Jail for 30 years

04/08/04  Disappearing Philly Police Department Police Car Leads to Probe

04/07/04  Handcuffed man takes officers' car, St. Louis police say

03/26/04  Newton Police Chief injured during chase, Police car stolen                    

03/23/04  Woman Steals Belmont County Cruiser

03/14/04  Edmonton swimmer flees in stolen police car

03/13/04  Woman charged with taking NY police cruiser -- for the second time

03/03/04  Man Allegedly Steals Police Car and Bragged About It

03/02/04  Weapons Missing From Recovered FBI Car - Thief Apparently Tried To Torch Vehicle

03/01/04  Man shot in confrontation with police in a stolen police car

02/27/04  Alleged Prostitute identified in theft of police vehicle   

02/27/04  Patrol Car Thief accused in Second Auto TheftMissing O.C. Car

02/26/04  Man accused of swiping sneakers before stealing two vehicles -- including a police car

02/26/04  Police catch man suspected of stealing police car                                 

02/24/04  Police car stolen after party is busted

02/20/04  CA Police Vehicle Stolen, Recovered

02/20/04  Man Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Patrol car with Crane

02/17/04  Greenville patrol car taken on joyride in mall parking lot

02/11/04  Port Gibson, LA Officer's car stolen from police station

02/10/04  California Police Vehicle Stolen - Equipment and drug dealer list missing       

02/04/04  Mississippi man pleads guilty to theft of Deputy's car

02/04/04  Rash of auto thefts in Kansas prompt police warning - Sheriff's car stolen

02/03/04  Woman steals police car after DUI, drug arrest, crashes police car

02/02/04  Suspect Drowns After  Car Chase in Stolen Deputy's car

02/02/04  Four East Ridge Police Officers Injured In Chase After Shoplifter in stolen police car

02/02/04  Woman Slips Handcuffs, Escapes in Officer's car

01/29/04  Man charged with punching FHP trooper, tried to steal cruiser. Tremco system saves vehicle

01/27/04  Illinois Patrol car stolen, crashed - Twenty two year old gets 6 1/2 year sentence

01/21/04  Suspect hits police chief in head with sign and then steals police chief's car

01/20/04  Two Trotwood Officer's shot, police cruiser stolen then crashed in downtown Dayton, Ohio

01/17/04  Man who stole deputy's car sent to prison

01/16/04  Suspect dead after stealing police cruiser

01/16/04  Cuffed suspect stole cruiser then struck Utah Highway Patrol trooper

01/15/04  Tennessee Teen that Fire Bombed School then stole a squad car to be tried as an Adult

01/13/04  Arrest Suspect Escapes in Stolen Police Car, Crashes into State Police Cruiser

01/10/04  Kenner Louisiana police car stolen in Metairie                                                 

01/07/04  Police car with shotgun stolen at trooper's house in New Orleans

01/05/04  Albuquerque police look for stolen cruiser


12/30/03  Shoplifting suspect steals police cruiser

12/23/03  Honolulu Stolen Police Vehicle Found

12/20/03  Jewel Thieves Used Collier Sheriff's Patrol Car as Getaway Car

12/19/03  Fugitive From S. Carolina Caught After Robbing Bank & Stealing Police Car

12/17/03  California Squad Car Thief Gets Two Years                                                          

12/15/03  Stolen Squad Car Strikes Light Pole                       

12/14/03  Whiting Illinois Car Stolen

12/13/03  Woman Steals Police Car, Gets a Two-Ride Special

12/10/03  One arrested, one sought in theft of chief's car

12/10/03  Mom says her teen were out of control, Firebomb & stolen sheriff's car blamed on cocaine

12/09/03  Authorities search for drug suspect who fled in trooper's vehicle

12/07/03  Galveston Patrol Car Stolen

12/04/03  Osceola County Patrol Car Stolen                                                          

12/02/03  Thief  Steals Police Officer's Squad Car                                     

11/28/03  Marshall County Sheriff's Patrol car was stolen last week

11/24/03  Man, 73, Disarms Sheriff, Steals Sheriff's Car, Kidnaps Driver

11/23/03  Teen Taken In, After Stealing Deputy's Patrol Car

11/22/03  Stolen Patrol Car Injured Customs Officer, Family Sue City

11/17/03  Man Charged in Theft of Official's Gun and Car

11/17/03  Coventry CT Man gets 20 years for running over Police Officer with Cruiser

11/16/03  Handcuffed Gulfport, Florida man steals police cruiser, shot at, crashes

11/16/03  Man Takes Van with Two Aboard, also wanted for stealing patrol car        

11/14/03  Suspect Arrested in Theft of a Loxley Florida Police Cruiser

11/13/03  Suspect Nabs Truck Then Takes Cop's Car

11/12/03  Prisoner Steals Police Car, Deputy Fired in Mississippi

11/11/03  Loxley Alabama Police Again Searching for Police Car Thief

11/11/03  Customer Shot During Store Robbery in South Carolina, Suspect Steals & Crashes Patrol Car

11/07/03  Houston Police cruiser recovered after joy ride

11/04/03  Man steals police car, uses shotgun from trunk in suicide

11/04/03  Local Officers Capture Missouri Man After Police Car Stolen in Iowa

11/01/03  Georgia State Trooper Patrol car stolen, chase damages vehicles, trooper injured

10/31/03  Police Car Stolen After Traffic Stop, Chase

10/30/03  Battle Creek man stole patrol car                                                                     

10/30/03  Hazel Crest Police Car Stolen, chase ends with shooting

10/29/03  Shiprock New Mexico Police vehicle stolen

10/28/03  Man Arrested for Stealing Police Car From Headquarters

10/28/03  Patrol-Car Bandit Busted... and Jailed

10/25/03  NAACP Calls for Probe in shooting person in a stolen police car

10/24/03  Vegas police dog dead after two police vehicles stolen, shooting, chase

10/22/03  California Highway Patrol car stolen

10/15/03  Man Accused of Swiping Police Car Arrested

10/08/03  Charges Laid after Royal Canadian Mounties mowed down with own Police Cruiser

10/06/03  Nebraska drunk teenager rolled a stolen Nebraska state patrol cruiser 

10/06/03  Police catch man who allegedly stole a Bellevue police cruiser                   

10/06/03  Unmarked Police Car Stolen in Kenner, LA

10/05/03  Suspect Arrested after Pursuit in Stolen Patrol Car

10/04/03  Stolen New Orleans squad car rams into home

10/01/03  Pahokee Florida police chief's car - with guns - stolen

09/29/03  Authorities Recover Stolen Police Car in Altamonte Springs, Florida

09/26/03  Alabama police car stolen after chase

09/25/03  Ten year old boy leads police on high-speed chase

09/22/03  Officer seeks $2 million over suspension for stolen police cruiser

09/22/03  Suspect Shot and Killed in Police Car 

09/20/03  Minnesota man arrested for DWI; then he steals officer's squad car. Tires shot out.

09/20/03  Police gunfire on stolen police cruiser angers Hilltop residents

09/19/03  Indiana Police Car Stolen and Wrecked 

09/18/03  Police Car Stolen by Dracut man during a undercover operation                        

09/14/03  Police kill driver in city after wild chase in stolen police car                 

09/09/03  Man Arrested, Then Flees in Police Dept. Car

09/07/03  Police Catch DUI Suspect Who Fled  in Trooper's Car

09/03/03  Man Engages Police In Gunfire, Steals Squad Car

09/02/03  Chase Ends with Stolen Police Cruiser in Mississagi River

09/01/03  Teen Cadet Accused of Impersonation Cop, Stole Patrol Car

08/29/03  Cop car stolen in theft probe, officer hit by his patrol car

08/28/03  Local Woman Suspect in Ont. Police Chase in Stolen Cruiser                

08/21/03  Shotgun Missing From Stolen Police Cruiser                                         

08/20/03  Stolen police car at accident ends with crash

08/19/03  Stolen Cop Car Hits Bar

08/18/03  Police seek Silverton man they say Stole Cruiser, Rifle, Bullets

08/13/03  Deputy's Cruiser Nabbed

08/12/03  MI Fugitive Captured After Assaulting Officer, Police Vehicle Stolen     

08/12/03  State inmate escapes, assaults officer and steals patrol car                        

08/05/03  State Trooper Run Over by Own Cruiser                                                           

08/04/03  Park Police Cruiser Stolen

08/01/03  Prisoner Escapes in Deputy's Car 

08/01/03  Police Recapture Suspect Who Stole a Burbank Police Car         

07/28/03  Police Union Says Thieves Targeting Patrol Cruisers

07/28/03  Inmate escaped in police cruiser, shot himself 

07/18/03  Wanted Ottawa woman flees from police in squad car

07/18/03  Seattle Police Car Stolen                                                                                          

07/10/03  Trooper Loses Patrol Car after Traffic Stop

07/08/03  Four Youths Arrested in Car Theft: Police Gun Recovered           

07/08/03  Bradenton Man Steals, Crashes Police Cruiser; struck two other patrol cars

07/06/03  Jacksonville Police Car Stolen, suspected person under the influence escapes

07/06/03  Police car stolen, drove to hospital, hanging out of police car; suspect charged

07/01/03  Suspect in Patrol Car Theft on the Run with Rifle and Radio

06/28/03  Man Charged in Assault on Cop, Stole Patrol Car

06/26/03  Albemarle Police Report Stolen Squad Car

06/25/03  KCK Patrol Car Stolen

06/24/03  Shooter Flees in Cops' vehicle

06/24/03  Man sentenced for stealing police car and equipment

06/17/03  Deer Park Man Escapes After Stealing and Crashing a Patrol Car

06/16/03  Handcuffed Woman steals Memphis Police Car

06/14/03  Oceanside Police Mourn Slain Officer

06/11/03  Squad Car Stolen and Crashed

06/11/03  Man Steals Cruiser, Ditches, then calls Cab

06/07/03  Two police officers, dispatcher killed; suspect flees in police vehicle

06/06/03  Man charged with stealing Athens Police Vehicle                                      

06/05/03  Suspect drives off in  police car

05/23/03  Police Dog Almost Killed in Stolen Police Car Crash                                        

05/19/03  Authorities searching for Cedar Park man who escaped custody in a  Stolen Patrol Car

05/09/03  Woman Holds Gun to Son's Head After Jail Escape in a Stolen Police Car          

05/08/03  Woman under arrest steals police car

05/07/03  Sergeant parked vehicle at home, Sergeant's police car, assault rifle, and ammunition stolen

05/02/03  Shooting suspect steals Nevada trooper's car; crash ends 20-mile chase           

04/28/03  Police Seek Suspect in Assault On Pregnant Woman and Stealing a Patrol Car

04/25/03  Escape Suspect Stole Patrol Car after shooting Deputies                                                 

04/19/03  Police cruiser taken from home found                                                        

04/18/03  Officer Killed, Another is Hurt in a Shooting, Police Car Stolen

04/11/03  Woman who shot at Hudson Police said she was going to Steal Cruiser

04/11/03  Man steals Police cruiser, Ditches, then calls cab in Getaway Attempt

04/10/03  Thief steals police cruiser from on-duty officer                                               

04/08/03  Third Suspect in Car Theft Ring in Custody, Shot Stealing Police Car  

03/28/03  Suspect in Alleged Police Cruiser Theft Indicted

03/26/03  Trooper Subdues Armed Man After Fight, Stole Patrol Car

03/19/03  Man stopped for violation steals cop car

03/16/03  Deputy, suspect wounded in chase, Deputy's police car stolen                                     

03/14/03  Woman Pleading Guilty to Hijacking Cruiser                                 

03/13/03  Texas fugitive caught in Arkansas, Steals and wrecks police car

03/12/03  Stolen police vehicle recovered

03/07/03  A teenager who allegedly stole a Riverside Co. Patrol car was arrested

03/06/03  Man in Cuffs Steals Police Car

03/06/03  Two state police patrol cars stolen

03/05/03  Man Steals Cruiser, leads a 110 mph 3 county chase, throws radio and camera out

03/03/03  Smyrna Police Fatally Shoot Man who Tried to Flee in Stolen Cop Car

02/28/03  Man Carjacks Sheriff's Deputy                                                                    

02/27/03  Police say car theft suspect tried to carjack police cruiser

02/24/03  Handcuffed Man Steals and Crashes California Highway Patrol Cruiser

02/15/03  Authorities Arrest Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Sheriff's Deputy

02/13/03  Suspect Captured After Crashing Police Car                                                     

02/12/03  Stolen Police Car

02/11/03  Man arrested Monday after stealing a police car

02/10/03  Brake foils police car theft

02/10/03  Stolen Police Car Chase

02/09/03  Jail escapee, alleged police car thief arrested

02/04/03  Teen  Steals Patrol Car and Shotgun

02/02/03  100-mph chase ends in arrest, deputy's cruiser stolen and damaged

01/27/03  Prisoner Steals Deputies Van, pursuit ensues

01/24/03  Patrol Car Stolen Outside Bar

01/23/03  Trooper Patrol Car Stolen in Vincennes        

01/22/03  Woman Steals Cruiser, Pulls Over Drivers

01/21/03  Handcuffed woman steals police cruiser, crashes                                               

01/17/03  Albemarle police report stolen squad car

01/15/03  Louisville police cruiser taken

01/10/03  Authorities Look for Stolen Police Car                                                        

01/06/03  Alleged trooper car thief charged


12/28/02 Two men arrested in shooting of deputies and stealing a patrol car

12/26/02 Man accused of stealing cruiser, Detective sustains injuries

12/26/02 L.A. Police Faces Possible Lawsuit In Shooting of Black Man

12/10/02 Suspect sought in pursuit involving stolen squad car

12/06/02 Deputies catch suspect in stolen patrol car case

12/04/02 Suspect arrested in connection with a  Stolen Police Car that crashed into a pole

12/02/02 Man In Custody Following High-Speed Chase in Stolen Police Car     

11/27/02 Suspect killed while trying to escape in a police car

11/25/02 Vass Patrol Car Stolen, Wrecked in Chase

11/23/02 Daytona Beach Police shot a robbery and carjacking suspect after he stole a patrol car

11/20/02 Deputy Shoots Man in Stolen Patrol Car in Florida

11/12/02 Teen's joy ride in Broward Sheriff's Patrol car injures three, sent to Hospitals

11/12/02 Suspect Arrested After Two Separate Vehicle Pursuits, escaped and crashed a police cruiser

11/08/02 Detroit Police Find Missing Cruiser

11/07/02 Police cruiser stolen in Enon, Ohio                                                         

11/04/02 Four Arrested in Cop Car Break-Ins

11/03/02 Heated homestretch Rivals for sheriff clash over stolen cop car

11/02/02 Three attack police officer and take police car

11/01/02 Stolen Springfield Police Cruiser Recovered, Weapon missing

10/24/02 St. Paul Cruisers Set Afire Again                                                                   

10/18/02 Pursuit of stolen Logan County cruiser ends in three car crash

10/17/02 Police Say Suspect Tried To Escape In Stolen Cruiser

10/16/02 Police-car thief still on the loose in Honolulu                                

10/10/02 Minneapolis officer's car stolen, gun inside

10/08/02 Unmarked Fairfax squad car stolen near Manassas, VA

10/04/02 Man charged with gunshots fired at officer and crashing of a patrol car

10/03/02 Suspect Makes His Getaway in Patrol Car

10/03/02 Akron woman in cuffs drives cruiser

09/22/02 Suspect crashes stolen cop car

09/19/02 Man who stole patrol car still on the loose

09/14/02 Stolen Patrol car leads to all Patrol cars to get door latches fixed

09/12/02 Police say teen stole cruiser at crash site

09/03/02 Panicking Driver holds Police at Bay for hours on Bridge after Stealing Police Car  

09/02/02 Man crashes into trees with  Stolen Police Car

09/02/02  Phoenix Police cruiser is stolen and crashes in a alley

08/30/02  Police woman shoots stolen patrol car

08/29/02 U.S. Customs Officer severely injured by stolen patrol car crashing the border into Mexico

08/27/02 Carjacking Suspects Use Stolen Police Car To Commit Crime

08/26/02 Louisville Stolen Police Cruiser Recovered

08/21/02 Houston Officer Chasing Car Thief Has Cruiser Stolen 

08/14/02 Woman in custody for shoplifting in stolen police car         

08/13/02 Handcuffed Woman Flees in Sheriff's Vehicle, Crashed into an oncoming car

08/12/02 Handcuffed Man Takes and Crashes Johnston County Patrol Car

08/12/02 Police Arrest Suspect In Theft of Officer's Car

08/03/02 Officer shoots, kills man during escape attempt

08/03/02 Teens take police cruiser on stolen joyride, Pursuit reaches speeds over 100 mph

08/03/02 Suspect Takes Durham Police Car for a Joy Ride, flips Police Car four times

07/30/02 Man Makes a Run for it with Suffolk Cop's Car and Gun 

07/29/02 Police Car Stolen in Lawrence

07/19/02 Inmate up for more jail time, stole a police car                                                                                                                                      

07/16/02 Handcuffed Suspect Tries to Escape in Pelican Bay Police Car

07/07/02 Los Angeles Police Kill Fleeing Man in Police Car; Officer Shot

07/06/02 Two Houston  police cars reported missing; Stolen or misplaces? Security Fears Raised

07/01/02 Stolen Lenawee County Sheriff's Patrol Car taken for a joyride

06/29/02 Police arrest drug suspect who had escaped in a stolen squad car

06/28/02 Tennessee State Trooper's Unmarked Police Car Stolen                                               

06/25/02 Two officers and teen injured, stolen police car damaged             

06/24/02 Stolen Laredo Police Car Wrecked                    

06/21/02 Suspect Escapes in Patrol Car

06/20/02 Cop Car Bomb Alert, Police Car could be Stolen for Terrorists Activity

06/19/02 Execution Date Sought for Cop-Killer, Weapon and Patrol Car Stolen

06/08/02 How To Get Home Quickly in a Stolen Police Car   

06/06/02 Suspects Steals Police Car

05/28/02 Police search for military police officer's stolen car

05/22/02 Sheriff's Copter Hit During hunt for Cop-Killer                     

05/21/02 Slaying of Fresno County deputy, squad car stolen                                 

05/20/02 Armed City of Miami Police Car Stolen                            

05/19/02 Suspects escape in stolen police car

05/18/02 Stolen Police Car found nine hours later

05/14/02 Man Steals and Crashes Scott  County Sheriff's Police Cruiser               

05/13/02 Officer Sprayed in Face with Pepper Spray; Suspect Then Steals Cruiser and Crashes

05/13/02 Hooker Escapes Police in New York in Police Van

05/06/02 Stolen Police Car, Leg lost, charges laid  

05/04/02 Giles County inmate escapes in stolen patrol car                                            

04/28/02 Man Dies After Stealing Patrol Car                                        

04/25/02 Wounded Man Steals Squad Car, Leads Police on Pursuit                     

04/18/02 Pearl River County Inmate escapes and crashes in sheriff's car

04/12/02 Robbery suspect stabbed a Miami officer, shot while escaping in police car, police car crashed

04/11/02 Vermont Man Severely injured in Crash involving Stolen Police Car

04/04/02 Bank Robbery and Pursuit, Sheriff's Deputies Car and Gun Stolen 

03/28/02 Tampa Police searching for their own car

03/25/02 Deputy Killed,  Deputies Gun and Squad Car used to kill neighbors

03/15/02 Stolen Police Car Recovered; Items Missing

03/09/02 Domestic disturbance call turns into a stolen police car chase

03/03/02 Oglethorpe prisoner flees throughout Athens in stolen sheriff's car

02/13/02 Detroit Officer Killed During Traffic Stop,  Shooter Steals Police Car

02/13/02 Madison Police Looking for Stolen Unmarked Police Car

02/07/02 Naked Woman Drives Away in Police Cruiser

02/04/02 Two suspects Killed in Gun Battle with police, one suspect stole a police car

02/02/02 City of LaGrange sued over wreck of stolen police car

02/01/02 No news in hunt for stolen police car, gun, badge

01/27/02 Robbers, Car Thieves Striking at Metro D.C. Lots, Metro Police Car Stolen                             

01/26/02 Police sergeant assaulted, patrol car taken 

01/25/02 Police find stolen squad car on city's outskirts, squad car fire bombed?

01/11/02 Stolen police car crashes into four vehicles causing many injuries                                       

01/06/02 Suspect caught for joyride and pulling over motorists in cruiser

01/04/02 Baltimore County Police officer kills man in theft of police car


12/23/01 Escapes Custody and Steals Police Car

12/18/01 Irate resident seizes, wrecks police car

12/12/01 Trusty gets charged in stolen police chase, crash                    

12/10/01 Columbus Police Cruiser Stolen

12/02/01  Stolen Police Car after responding to accident                                          

12/01/01  Man Arrested for  Stealing and Wrecking a NM patrol car                                       

11/28/01 Lansing man charged in stabbing spree with stolen police car

11/27/01 Deputy's car taken by juvenile in custody, deputy's car suffered extensive damage

11/26/01 Stolen Patrol Car found crashed at bottom of  300 foot cliff      

11/24/01 Cops locate second stolen cruiser

11/15/01 Police: Man grabs deputy's gun and cruiser                               

11/14/01 Bank robber steals cruiser at gunpoint

11/12/01 A Valencia County deputy fatally shot a man who attempted to take the deputy's car

11/09/01 Man loses leg during police chase in stolen police cruiser            

11/08/01 Execution Draws Closer for Convicted Cop Killer  

11/04/01 Anchorage Officer Shoots to stop patrol car theft    

11/02/01 A Manhunt in Craven County Ends in an Arrest of a man in a Stolen Patrol Car

10/09/01 Suspect Admits Stealing Pueblo New Mexico Police Car

10/04/01 Man steals police car, thought to be a  terrorist

10/03/01 Armed convict opens cuffs, subdues 2 cops, escapes in patrol car  

10/03/01 Twin Tells Tale of Rampage in Colorado, attempt to steal patrol car  

09/29/01 Prisoner escapes with Prisoner Van and Shotgun  

09/25/01 New Glarus Police Car Stolen

09/23/01 Super Bowl XVII - possible terrorist threat involving a stolen police car

09/06/01 Suspect Allegedly Stole Truck and then fled in Patrol Car

09/06/01 Police Officer fatally shot , suspect fled in Patrol Car

09/04/01 Police Looking for a Man who Stole and Wrecked a Police Car

09/04/01 Police Vehicle Stolen From Car Wash Recovered After Chase

08/29/01 Officers Shoots and Kill man in 2-county pursuit in a Stolen Patrol Car

08/27/01 Man Takes Patrol Car, Leads Speedy Chase

08/08/01 Man Slips Cuffs, Steals Valentine Police Car

08/03/01 Texas Warden Killed in Vehicular Assault. Dragged by Suspect Car and run over by his own vehicle

08/03/01 Teens take police cruiser on stolen joyride, Pursuit reaches speeds over 100 mph

08/02/01 Assault Victim Steals Patrol Car

07/25/01 Easthampton Teenagers Steals Chief's Police Car

07/11/01 Two police cars open fire on each other in Seattle

07/10/01 Teens Accused Of  Stealing and Burning Police Car   

07/10/01 Suspect Arrested After Patrol Car Joyride

07/05/01 Police arrest man for taking police car

07/04/01 Stolen Patrol Unit Triggers Chase, Crashes into house

06/29/01 Police Car  Stolen and Crashed into pole

06/25/01 Police Car  Stolen After Traffic Stop, Chase

06/22/01 Three Arrested After Stolen Cruiser  Chase

06/18/01 Son of  former police officer charged with attempted murder and stealing a  police car

06/15/01 He'd led police on a chase twice; once in a stolen car, once in a stolen police car

06/11/01 High on Meth, Woman Beats Officer, Steals Cruiser

01/27/02 Robbers, Car Thieves Striking at Metro D.C. Lots, Metro Police Car Stolen                             

01/26/02 Police sergeant assaulted, patrol car taken 

01/25/02 Police find stolen squad car on city's outskirts, squad car fire bombed?

01/11/02 Stolen police car crashes into four vehicles causing many injuries                                       

01/06/02 Suspect caught for joyride and pulling over motorists in cruiser

01/04/02 Baltimore County Police officer kills man in theft of police car


12/23/01 Escapes Custody and Steals Police Car

12/18/01 Irate resident seizes, wrecks police car

12/12/01 Trusty gets charged in stolen police chase, crash                    

12/10/01 Columbus Police Cruiser Stolen

12/02/01  Stolen Police Car after responding to accident                                          

12/01/01  Man Arrested for  Stealing and Wrecking a NM patrol car                                       

11/28/01 Lansing man charged in stabbing spree with stolen police car

11/27/01 Deputy's car taken by juvenile in custody, deputy's car suffered extensive damage

11/26/01 Stolen Patrol Car found crashed at bottom of  300 foot cliff      

11/24/01 Cops locate second stolen cruiser

11/15/01 Police: Man grabs deputy's gun and cruiser                               

11/14/01 Bank robber steals cruiser at gunpoint

11/12/01 A Valencia County deputy fatally shot a man who attempted to take the deputy's car

11/09/01 Man loses leg during police chase in stolen police cruiser            

11/08/01 Execution Draws Closer for Convicted Cop Killer  

11/04/01 Anchorage Officer Shoots to stop patrol car theft    

11/02/01 A Manhunt in Craven County Ends in an Arrest of a man in a Stolen Patrol Car

10/09/01 Suspect Admits Stealing Pueblo New Mexico Police Car

10/04/01 Man steals police car, thought to be a  terrorist

10/03/01 Armed convict opens cuffs, subdues 2 cops, escapes in patrol car  

10/03/01 Twin Tells Tale of Rampage in Colorado, attempt to steal patrol car  

09/29/01 Prisoner escapes with Prisoner Van and Shotgun  

09/25/01 New Glarus Police Car Stolen

09/23/01 Super Bowl XVII - possible terrorist threat involving a stolen police car

09/06/01 Suspect Allegedly Stole Truck and then fled in Patrol Car

09/06/01 Police Officer fatally shot , suspect fled in Patrol Car

09/04/01 Police Looking for a Man who Stole and Wrecked a Police Car

09/04/01 Police Vehicle Stolen From Car Wash Recovered After Chase

08/29/01 Officers Shoots and Kill man in 2-county pursuit in a Stolen Patrol Car

08/27/01 Man Takes Patrol Car, Leads Speedy Chase

08/08/01 Man Slips Cuffs, Steals Valentine Police Car

08/03/01 Texas Warden Killed in Vehicular Assault. Dragged by Suspect Car and run over by his own vehicle

08/03/01 Teens take police cruiser on stolen joyride, Pursuit reaches speeds over 100 mph

08/02/01 Assault Victim Steals Patrol Car

07/25/01 Easthampton Teenagers Steals Chief's Police Car

07/11/01 Two police cars open fire on each other in Seattle

07/10/01 Teens Accused Of  Stealing and Burning Police Car        

07/10/01 Suspect Arrested After Patrol Car Joyride

07/05/01 Police arrest man for taking police car

07/04/01 Stolen Patrol Unit Triggers Chase, Crashes into house

06/29/01 Police Car  Stolen and Crashed into pole

06/25/01 Police Car  Stolen After Traffic Stop, Chase

06/22/01 Three Arrested After Stolen Cruiser  Chase

06/18/01 Son of  former police officer charged with attempted murder and stealing a  police car

06/15/01 He'd led police on a chase twice; once in a stolen car, once in a stolen police car

06/11/01 High on Meth, Woman Beats Officers, Steals Cruiser, Crashes into second Cruiser, Gets Shot

06/04/01 Cops chase down own police car, ends in crash

05/29/01 Vandals target police cruisers

05/23/01 PA State police car stolen with trooper's gun, search continues

05/14/01 Man Steals Police Cruiser, runs down Officer                

05/09/01 Escapee in Prison Van end flight with suicide 

05/09/01  City Official Charged with Stealing Patrol Car       

05/05/01 Shirtless man makes obscene gestures while driving Stolen Patrol Car

05/01/01 Handcuffed Man Flees in  Police Car

04/18/01 Police Shoot man in Stolen Police Car  

04/18/01 Suspect wanted in stolen squad-car heist                                         

04/13/01 Drunk driver steals police car

04/04/01 Inmate escapes from Westville prison by stealing prison van   

04/01/01 Police recover  Stolen Cruiser from back yard in Dublin, Ohio 

03/31/01 Man steals Police Cruiser in Perry Township

03/22/01 'Sick'  prisoner steals police car  

03/21/01 Driver's stop cost Evergreen Park police a new squad car   

03/21/01 Fleeing female prisoner hits 3 cars in stolen police cruiser

03/18/01 Teen steals Police Cruiser

03/15/01  Pursuit of stolen police vehicle ends in accident 

03/06/01  Police Car theft ends in recapture, car found abandoned

02/28/01 Suspect Arrested After Stealing Police Car 

02/17/01 Brothers face felony charges in gym thefts using Stolen Police Van                                                                

02/16/01 Handcuffed Houdini allegedly steals cop car and damages it    

02/13/01 Man arrested after stealing  & crashing  2  police cars                                                

02/13/01  Stolen Mississippi Highway Patrol Cruiser, Cruiser full of guns 

02/09/01  Laughing Arrestee Drives Off in Officer's Cruiser        

01/29/01 Officers Looking For Stolen Police Vehicle in Detroit

01/29/01 Struggle after Traffic Stop Injures Trooper, attempted to steal Trooper's car

01/28/01 Police say escape in patrol car foiled by flipping car in ditch

01/26/01 Stolen Police Van Pursuit Ends in Crash, Arrest

01/16/01 Police chase one of their own cars through Worcester

01/10/01 Arrestee Attempts to Steal Trooper's Car, Injures people        

01/08/01 Patrol  Car  Stolen and Wrecked in TN  


12/28/00 Police Officer Ambushed; Cruiser  Stolen and Wrecked

12/28/00 Police looking For Man Who Stole Patrol Car On Route To Jail

12/27/00 Widow Sues Police - Husband shot and killed in stolen police car

12/23/00 Was high-ranking officer's son joyriding in patrol car?

12/22/00 Man shot himself with handgun stolen from squad car he sped off  in

12/20/00 Police still puzzled by how a woman swiped a Police squad car    

12/13/00 Man steals police car, robs motorist                                                          

12/03/00 No trace of stolen police car and weapons

12/2/00   Cruiser with key left in ignition is stolen in Maine, crashed in Massachusetts

11/17/00 Paradise Valley cop's car stolen as he helps at accident scene

11/10/00 Drunk  Steals Patrol Car, Chagrined Cops Say

11/7/00   Suspect in auto parts theft killed trying to run down detectives in police car  

11/6/00   Man charged with stealing police pickup from station  

11/6/00   Police shoot man in stolen patrol car                                 

11/1/00   St. Cloud man lead police on a high speed chase with stolen squad car

10/11/00 Flex Cuffs Allow Arrestee to Slip Out and Steal Officers Police car

10/9/00   Prostitute Steals Miami Cruiser and Wrecks It                                                                                                                             

10/9/00   Officer pulls over alleged drunk; a second arrives, steals the patrol vehicles, crashes

10/8/00   Police Car Stolen During Traffic Stop; Car found crashed

10/6/00   Prisoner shot Three times in Stolen Police car

10/6/00   Man in police chase seemed suicidal 

10/6/00  Leg-irons, handcuffs don't stop prisoner from escaping in sheriff's patrol car

10/5/00   Leander Man Takes Squad Car, then Shot by Troopers

10/3/00   Stolen Police Vehicle with Shotgun Possibly Sighted                                                                               

9/25/00   Florida Thief  Steals Police Car and Guns

9/23/00   Deputy shoots knee-driving car thief who allegedly commandeered squad car

9/12/00  Investigation continuing on damaged  Stolen Police Car incident

9/07/00   Cuffed suspect allegedly steals cruiser, drive 120 mph to next town, buys  beer, calls 911

9/02/00  Fulton Man who Stole Police Car Sent to Jail

8/30/00   15 Year Old Found Guilty of Grand Larceny of stolen police car        

8/25/00   Flat tire foils suspect in cop-car theft  

8/21/00   Car Thief  Steals Police Cruiser                                              

8/14/00   Police chase handcuffed man in stolen police car                          

8/11/00   Suspected burglar steals, totals police car

8/3/00     Suspect Steals Squad Car En Route to Jail

7/25/00  Man Convicted in Case involving Stolen Police Vehicle

7/20/00   Scranton officers pursue men who fought arrest, stole cruiser 

7/15/00   Joyride in police car ends in arrest, story for the ages

7/14/00  Philadelphia suspect's family Sue's city over police beating after stealing patrol car            

7/14/00   Officer Shot, Police Car Stolen in Philly

7/14/00   Crash of stolen police car kills DUI suspect, woman

7/12/00   Deputy's Cruiser Stolen During Traffic Stop

7/12/00   Handcuffed Suspect Overpowers Officer                                                    

7/11/00   Man Steals Squad Car, Crashes 

7/05/00  20 years' jail for school murder and police car theft                                                   

6/30/00  Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police Car, Crashes into another Police Car

6/28/00  Man Steals Unmarked Detroit Police Car

6/28/00  Police captain testifies about getting shot and fearing being run over by a stolen police cruiser

6/21/00   Faulty Notification Systems Lets Thief  Escape, stole cruiser

6/17/00    Nude man takes off in Abilene squad car

6/03/00    DCPD vehicle stolen, wrecked

6/02/00   Fort Worth Officers Hurt as burglar  flees in a stolen squad car

5/22/00   Car theft suspect drives off in Fort Worth cop car 

5/20/00   Police Car Stolen after Car Chase       

5/12/00   Officers shoot at man in stolen police car  

4/10/00   Deputy loses car and suspect                                             

3/15/00   Homeless man steals police car dies in county wreck

2/25/00   Four Armed and Dangerous inmates flee in cruiser

2/19/00   Tip leads to capture of stolen patrol car escapee

2/12/00   Stolen Police Car Chase

2/11/00   Man Steals Police Cruiser; Lead Authorities on Chase                         

2/8/00    Cops Chase Man In Stolen Police Car

1/28/00  Patrol Car  Stolen at accident, Patrol Car smashed

1/24/00  Woman threatened police, stole cruiser

1/26/00  Police Cruiser Carjacked on Turnpike

1/20/00   Inmate Escapes from Jail in Unmarked Police Car

1/12/00   Handcuffed Suspect Leads Police on Chase                                  

1/12/00   Suspect Shot while trying to flee in Trooper's car

1/09/00   Stolen Patrol Car  


12/30/99 Handcuffed juvenile drives off with Lovelock police car

12/28/99 Stolen Patrol Car Found; Escapee still at large

12/20/99 Man in custody steals police car, crashes it

11/24/99 Man Steals Squad Car, Fails to Escape Police

11/23/99 Officer Stops for Gas; Car Stolen

11/20/99 Airport chase causes mayhem, police cruiser stolen and crashed

11/18/99 Inmate Assaults Deputy during Escape in deputy's car

11/17/99 Police Kill Suspect in Recruit's Shooting, steals police car

11/07/99 Theft of police car tops Halloween activities

11/01/99 Officer's Car Stolen as Possible Halloween Trick

10/27/99 Routine traffic stop results in stolen patrol car, chase

9/03/99   Suspect Arrested in Theft of  Patrol Car

8/28/99   Yuma police car stolen....then wrecked!

8/25/99   Enterprising teens steal cruiser

8/23/99   Police cruiser stolen, crashed by arrested woman into church, $42,000 damage

8/13/99   Handcuffed Suspect Steals Police car 

7/31/99   Murder charged in death of man hit by cruiser stolen by woman trying to free boyfriend

6/15/99   Police Surveillance car stolen during attempted arrest in jewel  heist

6/09/99   Handcuffed man's police chase kills two

5/20/99   Police use restraint as teenage girl steals police cruiser

4/23/99   Caddo deputy arrests Carthage patrol car thief

4/05/99   Police arrest man who stole patrol car, death of  elderly woman

3/26/99   Man Charged In Parent's Stabbing Deaths escaped with Stolen Police Car - $2 Million Bail

3/04/99  Woman Steals Police Car following Traffic Stop

2/26/99  Police Arrest goes by the Book until a Police Car is Stolen

2/02/99  'Nothing to do,'  teen says, so we stole a police car and burned it

1/28/99  As deputy grabs a bite, someone grabs patrol car and then sets fire to it

1/15/99  Arrested Woman Steals Cop Car

1/14/99  Prisoner, 42, who stole and wrecked deputy's patrol vehicle, faces felony charges


10/15/98 USM Police Cars to receive safety cages after campus Police Car stolen

10/04/98 Officer's police cruiser stolen

9/14/98   Pennsylvania State Police cruiser stolen, then found

8/19/98  Police looking for 2 men who stole patrol car

7/06/98   Mississippi inmate escapes in sheriff's unmarked cruiser

6/27/98   Grave visitors discover missing sheriff, friend

6/13/98   Tampa police fear brazen thief who stole police car, uniforms, guns, and badge

3/19/98   Bronx man charged with trying to kill trooper, steals trooper's car

2/09/98   Stolen Police Car turned up in Lone Grove

2/05/98   Police K-9 unit patrol car stolen, dog sprayed with pepper spray


12/29/97 Stolen Police cruiser thief still loose

12/10/97 Vermont Decorates heroes of shootout

12/10/97 Fake cop fools the SFPD, steals police car

11/21/97 Cop shot dead, suspect also shot dead in stolen police car

10/31/97 Police kill woman wielding knife,  She stole patrol car,  then charged officers

10/26/97 Handcuffed woman frees herself, flees in police car

10/21/97 Stupid Criminal Reports - Stolen police car on 10/21/97

9/26/97  Alleged Thieves Keep Cops Busy Overnight, Police Squad Car Stolen

9/9/97     Squad car stolen

8/18/97   Routine stop turns bizarre, Local man steals patrol car

7/23/97    Patrol vehicle stolen with drug dog inside

7/20/97    Prisoner Steals Police car, Mom Killed during chase in Detroit

6/24/97    DUI Arrest - Woman Steals Patrol Cruiser

6/23/97    Straight From Prison: I'm Reporting A Burglary, Police car stolen

6/04/97    Gun-laden FBI SWAT Van Stolen

6/04/97    FBI determined to find stolen weapons

5/25/97    Ride in stolen deputy's car ends after crash

3/22/97    Stolen car crashed, and squad car stolen while deputy dragged

1/23/97    Police car stolen during foot chase

1/21/97    Man Steals State Police squad car, leads cops on chase, destroys squad car


12/12/96  Man Dead After Shootout, Stole patrol car, Chase

07/24/96  Gun Missing in Police Car Theft

2/09/96    Carjacker gets 10-year sentence for stealing a Patrol car

2/05/96    Police car stolen in Las Vegas

Undated Deputy Shot and Killed, Patrol Car Stolen

Undated Trooper shoot suspected van thief who fled in their patrol car

Undated  Fatal crash scene, stolen state police cruiser

Undated  Police car stolen in wild chase

Undated  Cop's car stolen; 1-hour chase ends in arrest, Officer red faced

Undated  Civilian Motorist helps police catch a suspected rapist in a stolen police car

Undated  Decision delayed in fatal stolen police car case

Undated  Police car stolen, high-speed chase in Irving 

Undated  Unmarked police car stolen with riot gun in trunk

Undated  Stolen Police Car runs over officer, suspect charged with attempted murder

Undated  Stoughton officer shoots at stolen patrol car

Undated Officer shot two times as suspect fled in his police car

Undated  Search for stolen police cruiser and service revolver

Undated  Harney man guilty in police car joyride, 18 months jail term

Undated  Officer shot and killed as robbers stole his police car

Undated  Officer Larry Wetterling was fatally shot by a motorist he stopped

Undated  Woman arrested for helping escape, squad car stolen

Undated  City Policeman Slain, assailant fled in officer's police cruiser

Undated  Acquitted man sues township for arrest over stolen patrol car