Auburn, WA - Man Jumps City Fence - Steals Marked Police Tahoe With Assault Rifle - Crashes Fence To Escape - Left Scene With Siren Blaring - Statewide Search

December 28, 2015

Mercer Island police recovered a stolen Auburn Police SUV on Monday. The vehicle was abandoned with all its gear intact, including a rifle that was locked inside, according to Auburn PD.

Police are still searching for a suspect.

Auburn police said that someone jumped the fence at its city parking lot and stole a police SUV on Sunday evening. Police say the suspect also damaged the lot's gate when he drove away.

Early Monday morning, a damaged fence could be seen off Auburn's main downtown road where the department is located.

Police say the rifle inside the stolen SUV was secured in a locked compartment. They do not belief the theif would know how to unlock the rifle because the driver had the siren on, but wasn't able to figure out how to work the police lights.

The black and white marked police vehicle was last seen on northhbound Interstate 5 near Federal Way.

Auburn police put out a statewide alert to law enforcement to look for a black-and-white 2012 Chevy Tahoe with police lights on top, an Auburn police logo, and license plate 52815D.

When asked specifics about what led up to the theft, an Auburn police officer referred KING 5 to a spokesperson who hasn't returned our call