Bainbridge, GA - Police Car Locked Up At Walmart - Security Video Shows Man Smashing Police Car Window - Steals Police Car - Chase - Lost Car - Escape

February 2, 2015

Late Sunday night a Bainbridge Police Department was left locked and running outside a Wal-Mart while the officer performed a business check inside the store. When he returned, patrons alerted the officer that someone had broke into the car and sped off.

"Security was able to pull up that footage. We saw that suspect exit a pick up truck, walk into the store walk, come back out, go back to his pick up truck, take out a tool out of the tool box in the back, walk back to the police car, break a window and drive away," said Eric Miller, the director of public safety.

Eyewitnesses said the suspect took off southbound, headed towards the Florida-Georgia line. Soon, a Gadsden County sheriff's deputy spotted the car and chased him down Highway 27.

The suspect was chased down a dirt road, Fairbanks Ferry Court. Unable to drive away from the scene, the suspect abandoned the car and fled on foot..

Leon County sheriff's deputies set up a perimeter where the suspect was last seen and TPD sent out their K9 unit., but so far the suspect has not been found.

"Right now, all we know is who owns that pick up truck. We want to confirm that that owner is the one who stole our police car," Miller said.

At this point investigators are not releasing the name of the person they think owns that truck. They also said nothing was stolen from the car.