Bedford County, PA - Vehicle Stop - 1,000 Packets Of Heroin Found - Man Steals Patrol Car - High Speed Chase For 14 Miles - PIT Manuever - Crash - Police Cars Damaged

July 14, 2016

State police in Bedford County say a man stole a police cruiser after being pulled over on the turnpike. According to a criminal complaint, Regina Powell of Johnstown was behind the wheel when the car was pulled over, Amin Griffin was in the passenger seat and a toddler also in the car. State police say there was a marijuana smell and Griffin Admitted to smoking earlier in the day. A search of the car turned up more than 1,000 packets of heroin. Police say Griffin got into one of the police cars and took off leading police on a high speed chase for 14 miles. Police used an offensive maneuver to tap Griffin's car causing the car to spin out of control and stop. Two state police cars were damaged. Both Griffin and Powell are behind bars tonight.