Bellevue, OH - Domestic Call - Man Jumps In Deputy's Cruiser After Shoving Deputy - Deputy Struggles With Suspect In Moving Cruiser - Tazed - Suspect Continues Trying To Steal Sandusky Sheriff's Cruiser

September 6, 2016

A call for help Tuesday morning turned into a battle for a Sandusky County sheriff’s deputy to keep a man from taking his cruiser, and his gun.

Deputy Raymond Buie responded to a call of a man in the road in the 2200 block of McPherson Highway, also known as U.S. 20. The man was in some kind of altercation with a woman, the caller said, alleging he’d choked her.

When her arrived Buie saw Daryl Lynn Wilson Jr. standing by a tree next to the driveway of an apartment complex.

Wilson, 37, of Tiffin, had blood on his neck and asked the deputy to help him, according to a sheriff’s report of the incident, which happened at about 6:45 a.m.
Buie called for a rescue squad and asked the man to turn his head so he could look at the injury. But Wilson tightened up and was highly agitated.

Buie went to handcuff Wilson, telling him he was going to detain him while he figured out what was going on. But Wilson came at Buie, forcefully, shoving the deputy about 5 feet, the report states.

Wilson jumped into the drivers seat of the deputy’s cruiser, putting it in gear with the door still open, the report states. Buie dove into the cruiser laying across Wilson's lap, and the two struggled for control of the gear shift as the vehicle was moving.

Wilson put Buie into a choke hold, but the deputy broke free. At that point, Wilson told Buie he was going to get his gun and they struggled.

Buie gotten control of the gear shift and put the cruiser in neutral, shutting off the car’s engine. The deputy said he stood up, grabbed his Taser and used it on Wilson before grabbing his radio and calling for help.

A sheriff’s captain showed up to help and together they struggled to get Wilson out of the car.

Wilson turned the cruiser back on and Buie dove in a second time— this time removing the keys from the ignition.

Wilson was shocked with the Taser several times during this altercation, the report stated. Bellevue police arrived with several units and together they were able to arrest Wilson.

Wilson was treated at the Bellevue Hospital before being booked at the Sandusky County jail on charges of assault, auto theft, two counts of failing to comply and aggravated menacing.

No information was available on what occurred before the deputy arrived.