Boca Raton, FL - Suspect Tries To Steal Police Unmarked Car - Officer Was In It - Suspect Couldn't See Him (Tinted Windows) - Gun Point

May 22, 2014

Traverse Verite was arrested for allegedly attempting to steal an occupied, unmarked police car parked on SW 18th St.

Officer Charles Cerami was seated in his unmarked police vehicle observing traffic when he noted that a male was walking down the sidewalk towards his car. Cerami said that he watched as the man, later identified as Verite, walked past the car, appearing to try to see inside through the dark tinting. Verite walked just past the car until he had passed the rear passenger seat.

Verite then opened the front passenger side door and leaned into the car. Cerami stated that he “drew [his] department issued firearm” and commanded Verite to sit on the ground. Verite complied while repeatedly stating, “I thought you were my ride.”

Verite stated that he understood his Miranda Rights. Verite then explained that his friend “Jeremy” told him to look for a car near the Military Trail Bridge. Verite then said that when he heard the vehicle honk, he interpreted it as permission to enter the vehicle.

Cerami stated that at no time had he honked his vehicle’s horn or observe any other vehicle honking at the time. Cerami asked for more information on Verite’s friend “Jeremy” and called three phone numbers that Verite provided, all coming back as phone numbers for local businesses.

Verite stopped complying with the officer’s requests and continued repeating “I just want to read my bible and leave,” according to the probably cause affidavit. Cerami then handcuffed and transported Verite to Palm Beach County Jail.