Bryan County, OK - Burglary Investigation - Suspect Steals Deputy's Patrol Car - Deputy Grazed By Patrol Car - Shots Fired At Patrol Car - Suspect Hit Vehicles And A Home

December 17, 2013

A Bryan County deputy was wounded on Monday night during a search for a burglary suspect north of Durant. The suspect was shot multiple times after allegedly stealing a police vehicle.

Law enforcement officials identified the suspect as Spencer Cavender. He was found hanging out of the passenger side window of the police vehicle in Calera, according to Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent Gary Perkinson.

The deputy sustained minor injuries after being grazed by the stolen vehicle. He then fired the shots at Cavender.

Sheriff Ken Golden would not release the deputy’s name at press time, saying he wanted to visit with him first to calm him down. “It shakes up anybody to have to shoot at someone,” Golden said.

The incident began as a burglary investigation around 7 p.m. Monday on 49th Avenue but later turned into a car chase at approximately 8:45 p.m. Monday night when the deputy’s vehicle was stolen.

Bryan County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about a burglary in progress at Blackjack Village north of Durant Monday night.

Golden said that the department had received several burglary calls in the area and had one detective in the area who was joined by two others.

While deputies were at the scene, Cavender allegedly stole the deputy’s vehicle, striking at least two other vehicles and one home before leaving the scene.

The deputy was also nearly struck by the vehicle multiple times. The deputy managed to get out of danger but was grazed by the vehicle once.

The deputy then fired shots at the suspect in the vehicle. A pursuit began as the suspect left the scene on 49th Avenue driving toward Calera.

Golden said Durant Police saw the vehicle and began to follow not knowing it had been stolen. “They knew something was up though, so they followed,” said Golden.

Golden said deputies and officers lost sight of the vehicle on Smiser Road. Calera Police Department received a report of a crashed vehicle soon after, and Cavender was found injured inside the vehicle.

Cavender was flown to Plano for medical treatment for reported gunshot wounds. “We have deputies sitting with him,” said Golden.

Golden said the department is in the process of obtaining a warrant for his arrest and should begin the extradition process once he is in custody in Texas.

Resident Will Sherman said he witnessed part of the event. “I saw a little bit but not the whole thing,” said Sherman.

He said he opened his door to see a deputy’s vehicle parked behind his own then saw a police vehicle backing down the road and a deputy chasing after it.

Sherman said he returned inside when shots were fired. He witnessed the damage left behind this morning when he saw a neighbor’s truck “completely demolished,” he said.