Calgary, CAN - Suspect Restrained - Loaded Into The Back Of Police Cruiser - Cruiser Takes Off While Police Were Attending To Other Matters - RCMP On The Hunt For Suspect

August 18, 2014

A man wanted in connection to the theft of a police vehicle is still on the lam and Cochrane RCMP is asking the public for help to locate the suspect.

On Saturday, police were conducting an impaired driving investigation on Horseshoe Drive, north of the Stoney Casino, and restrained Lorenzo Bearspaw and loaded him into the back of a police cruiser.

Officers were also dealing with a number of other people and damaged vehicles at the time and saw the police vehicle departing the area.

Police say there were no weapons in the vehicle when it was taken and that the vehicle is equipped with a tracking feature.

The vehicle was last seen north of the Stoney Casino, travelling northbound on Highway 1X into an undeveloped area.

So far ground and air searches have failed to turn up the vehicle and police continue to search the Stoney Nation where it is believed the cruiser may still be located. 

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Lorenzo Anthony Bearspaw, 25, of the Stoney Nation, in connection to the theft of the police cruiser.

He is wanted for theft of a motor vehicle, impaired operation of a motor vehicle by alcohol, and for escaping lawful custody.