Campbell, CA - 3 Suspects With Two Stolen Cars Crash Head On Into Responding Officer - Foot Chase - Woman Steals The 2nd In Police Car Dragging and Injuring Police Officer - Escaped

January 30, 2016

Police are asking for the public’s help to find a woman who stole a Campbell police vehicle and injured an officer, police said Saturday morning in a Twitter post.

Itse Murillo, 26, allegedly fled in a patrol vehicle after struggling with an officer and dragging the officer with the car, heading south on Winchester Boulevard, according to police.

The incident occurred after a stolen vehicle rammed into a Campbell police car and the car’s occupants fled.

The officer has been hospitalized and is being treated for their injuries, police said.

The stolen patrol car was last seen on Lawrence Expressway and Prospect Road in San Jose, according to police.

Murillo is described as a 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighing 110 pounds and with multiple face tattoos.

The stolen patrol car has the numbers 1353 written on it. Anyone who spots the car should call 911, according to police.