Cincinnati, OH - Man With 3 Violent Felony Convictions Runs Around Highway Trying To Carjack - Attempts To Steal Cincinnati Police Cruiser - Has Lights On Directing Traffic At Construction Zone

August 25, 2015

If a Goshen, Ohio man wasn't already in enough hot water after he evaded arrest by trying to steal a Cincinnati police cruiser on Monday, he's now facing an additional escape attempt charge after his arraignment hearing Tuesday morning.

Zachary Cox, 25, received a $125,000 bond Tuesday on charges of aggravated robbery, theft, resisting arrest and receiving stolen property. The state requested a high bond amount on those charges, citing a history of violent felony convictions and his attempt to evade arrest by stealing a police cruiser.

“This is the gentleman who was running around 71 yesterday trying to carjack people out of cars," said a Hamilton County assistant prosecutor in open court. "He attempted to steal a Cincinnati police cruiser at one point that was sitting with its lights on trying to direct traffic away from a construction zone. Your honor, he was a pest and a menace yesterday for the police departments.”

Cox is accused of getting behind the wheel of that police cruiser on northbound I-71 near Eden Park Drive.

Cox then fled when a police officer opened the cruiser's driver's side door. After he crossed all lanes of traffic on both sides of the freeway, police stunned him with a Taser and captured him on the right shoulder of southbound I-71.

Cincinnati police told's sister station WCPO the man was jumping in front of cars in traffic in attempts to carjack another vehicle.

Cox was slapped with the additional charge on Tuesday around 10:30 a.m. as he tried to escape from the deputies to taking him back to his jail cell, according to court officials.

Cox will face an another arraignment hearing based on the new charge.

According to court records, Cox is also suspected of stealing a woman's wallet in Westwood on July 20; on July 31, he tried to cash checks stolen in a burglary in Anderson Township, records state.

The judge in Tuesday's hearing said Cox already has three violent felony convictions and one felony conviction.

He was released from prison in February for aggravated robbery and he is on probation.