Clovis, NM - Naked Man Found On Highway Says He Was Poisoned - Steals Curry County Deputy's Patrol Car - Uses Patrol Car Radio Complaining - Arrested At Hospital

July 8, 2015

This is the shocking moment a naked man jumps into a patrol car and drives off, leaving a policeman stood on the side of the road.

The footage shows the nude man wandering into traffic and trying to flag down passing cars, telling them he has been poisoned.

The policeman is trying to coax the man, identified as 37-year-old Jesus Tarango, out of danger as he shouts "ouch".

Mr Tarango is then seen sprawled across the police car, before spotting an opportunity and making a dash for the police car's driving seat.

As he drives away, the cop shouts at him, before giving up calling the theft in over his radio.

He tells base: "He’s stolen my unit, he’s taken off eastbound on Llano, in my unit, running lights."

Moments later, still at the side of the road, the cop hears Mr Tarango on his car radio.

He said: "I need help, this officer didn’t want to help me.

"I’m poisoned, that’s why I got the car."

He then drove to a nearby hospital and was taken into custody at the door.

He was treated for injuries received before he came into contact with police, but it’s unclear what those injuries are.

The footage was recorded on the deputy's bodycam on July 4th.