Dallas TX - Handcuffed Man Steals Grand Prairie Patrol Car From Parkland Hospital - 30 Mile Chase - Crashed Down Embankment - Severe Damage

March 2, 2017


A handcuffed suspect escaped custody by stealing a police SUV and leading cops on a 30-mile long chase through Texas before crashing into a grass embankment beneath the freeway.

The chase began just after midnight on Thursday, when an unnamed Grand Prairie, Texas police officer picked up Luis Alarcon Jr. from Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Alarcon was being treated after having been arrested for drug possession.

The officer used a wheelchair to cart the handcuffed and shackled Alarcon out to the SUV and was in the process of returning the wheelchair to the hospital, when Alarcon managed to work his way from the back of the police SUV into the driver's seat and take off.

'The officer got about 15 feet away when he observed his patrol carrolling off,' Grand Prairie Police Det. Lyle Gensler told CBS DFW.

Grand Prairie cops and two Dallas police officers, who happened to be at Parkland Memorial at the time of the incident, saw Alarcon driving off and pursued him for half an hour before Alarcon crashed the SUV into a grass embankment beneath the freeway near Haltom City, Texas.

According to Fox 4, police were able to track Alarcon's movements during his aborted escape through the computer system inside the SUV.

Alarcon was then taken back into custody and transported to Grand Prairie jail without incident, reports the Star-Telegram.

There were no injuries, but the SUV was damaged, police told NBC DFW.

Following the wild ride, Alarcon faces new charges including stealing a police car and evading arrest, in addition to his original narcotics charge.

Det. Gensler told CBS DFW that the Grand Prairie police department would investigate whether their officer violated any departmental policies while he was moving Alarcon from the hospital to his SUV.