Fayette County, TN - Prisoner In Orange Jumpsuit, Shackles, Handcuffs Overpowered Deputy - Suspect Steals Deputy's Car - Captured 50 Miles Away

November 20, 2014


A manhunt spanning the Mid-South is over. Officials say Rodney L. Reid escaped custody and stole a squad car while he was being transported from Texas.

The incident started near I-40 and exit 42, where Reid was being taken to Franklin, TN. When a deputy pulled over to get gas at the Pilot Travel Center, Officials say Reid overpowered the deputy, jumped into the car and sped off --all while wearing an orange jump suit and shackles on his hands and legs.

Authorites caught up with Reid a short time late, about 50 miles from Henning, TN.

Reid was being transported for charges of driving without a license, possession of marijuana, probation violation, and failure to appear.

Thursday night, a new list of charges will be added to that list following this incident.