Houston, TX - Stabbing Call - Man Jumps Into Houston PD Patrol Car - Police Opened Fire On Suspect - Patrol Car Crashed Into Pole And Ditch

September 25, 2015


A call about a stabbing ended with a Houston Police Department squad car in a ditch early this morning.

The chain of events unfolded just after 3:20am in West Houston. Investigators told Eyewitness News two officers responded to a stabbing call outside Faces Nightclub in the 1400 block of Witte Road.

When Officer D. Higgs and his partner arrived they reported seeing a man stabbed several times on the ground. Witnesses told officers the suspect ran into the Sir Charles apartment complex in the 10000 block of Hanka Drive.

HPD spokesperson John Cannon told Eyewitness News officers spotted a man matching the description of the attacker near building 5 on the property.

"One of the officers got out of the vehicle and gave the suspect verbal commands to stop. He refused and instead ran around the complex, like most it is a pretty big horseshoe. They run around in a large circle. The officers split up. The first officer is on foot," said Cannon. "The second officer sees his partner chasing the suspect on foot and decides to go another way around the complex but still running toward the suspect."

Cannon said that's when the accused attacker, a man described in his 30s, circled around and jumped in the squad car. Officers tried to confront the man. However, Cannon said he refused and instead revved the engine and started coming at an officer. Cannon explained Officer Higgs, a one-year rookie on the force, opened fire.

"That's when the officer discharges his weapon more than once in fear of his safety because he had no cover in the back parking lot at that time," said Cannon. "He was trying to get away. None of the gun shots struck the suspect. He continued to flee out of the complex in the stolen patrol car."

HPD dispatch tracked the stolen squad car. Cannon said the wanted man crashed the unit in a ditch in front of a house at the corner of Teague and Tanner Road. Responding officers caught the man. He now faces an aggravated assault with deadly weapon charge for the stabbing along with other charges.

Cannon said thankfully no officers suffered any injures. Paramedics took the man accused of stealing the squad car to Memorial Hermann Hospital Northwest. He had cuts on his hands. Officers suspect he sustained those cuts during the nightclub stabbing. The stabbed man was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital with multiple wounds. His condition remains unknown.