Jacksonville, FL - A Police Vehicle - Chevrolet Lumina Was Stolen From The Jacksonville County Sheriff's Office Undercover Facility - Arsenal Of Police Equipment - Police Car Found Burned

June 2, 2015


A police vehicle along with an arsenal of police equipment and tactical gear were stolen after someone broke into a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office undercover facility located on the Northside, authorities said Friday.

JSO announced on Sunday afternoon that two suspects were caught: Christopher Dollison, 26, and Jazmine Jarvis, 18. The pair was arrested without incident.
Dollison and Jarvis are being held on $500,009 bond. Their first appearance in court will be June 23.

No mention of any missing equipment was made in that release.

After prying open a rear door to the facility some time between May 22 and May 26, the alleged thieves stole a white Chevrolet Lumina, JSO spokesperson Melissa Bujeda said in a news release.

The vehicle was later found burned on Alton Box Road Tuesday afternoon.

Tactical vests, portable blue police lights, ammunition, a night vision monocular, a bullet proof vest and other unspecified police gear were among the items taken during the apparent heist, investigators said.

A white pickup was damaged during the break-in, according to JSO.

JSO spokesperson Chris Hancock said police made the information about the investigation public Friday as a warning. He called it a PSA, warning drivers to beware when getting pulled over since blue police lights were stolen. If you have any concerns, you can confirm the legitimacy of an officer by calling 911.

First Coast News reached out to the Sheriff's Office for an incident report and additional details surrounding the break-in. Bujeda initially declined to elaborate, citing the active investigation surrounding the burglary.

First Coast News reached out the Sheriff's Office with the following questions. Bujeda later replied with the accompanying responses, but did not return a call for comment.

- Were any weapons included among the "other police gear"?

No weapons were stolen or stored at the location.

- When exactly did the break-in happen?

Between the time frame listed in the release.

- What's the estimated value of the damage to the vehicles and the equipment taken?

Don't have specific numbers yet.

- Why is this being announced on Friday at close to 5 p.m., rather than Tuesday when the burglary was apparently noticed?

With any investigation, detectives begin working the case. Once investigative leads are exhausted and they feel the public may help is when they bring it to the PIO Office for dissemination.

- Who's accountable for this?

Who's accountable for what? What is "this"? The investigation? ( Editor's Note: First Coast News was asking who's responsible for the facility.)

- Was the vehicle a police car?

Yes, an unmarked Sheriff's Office vehicle.

- Does the stolen gear pose any danger to the public?

We want the public to call us if they have any information or have seen anyone with these items but we also want the public to be aware for safety precautions. If you are being pulled over and you are not sure it is by a real police officer there are some things you can do to protect yourself. First, turn on your flashers. That will let the officer know you are aware they are behind you. Then you can drive to a safe place, and call police. Tell them what is going on, and they can tell you if the officer is legitimate.

- Also, could I have the incident report, per Florida's broad public records law?

I will put in a request for you.