King City, CA - Reckless Driver - CHP Chase - Spike Strip - Physical Struggle With Officers - Tasered - No Effect - Suspect Tried To Steal CHP Patrol Car - 1 Shot Fired

February 10, 2017

A high-speed chase on Highway 101 morphed into a roadside brawl near Camp Roberts that involved a CHP officer firing a shot at a suspect. The officer feared for his life after being attacked with a “shiny object,” according to the CHP.

The shot missed, but officers ultimately managed to subdue Kevin Michael O’Flaherty, 28. In addition to fighting officers, O’Flaherty allegedly tried to steal a CHP patrol car.

On Tuesday night, O’Flaherty was driving recklessly in a Toyota Land Cruiser on Highway 101 in King City, and he refused to yield to officers, according to the CHP. O’Flaherty then accelerated down Highway 101, and officers Greg Aeillo and Andrew Lamar chased after him.

The suspect fled on Highway 101 to around the Monterey-San Luis Obispo county line. There, he ran over a spike strip at the offramp by Camp Roberts.

O’Flaherty then exited his car and confronted the officers. A physical struggle ensued, during which the officers deployed their Tasers. The Tasers had no effect on O’Flaherty, according to the CHP.

The San Clemente man allegedly forced his way into one of the patrol cars and tired to steal the vehicle. He then exited the car, pulled out a shiny object and attacked one of the officers.

Fearing for his life, Aiello fired one round from his gun. The shot was aimed at O’Flaherty, but it missed.

The suspect then dropped the shiny object and resumed fighting. The officers stunned O’Flaherty again with a taser and finally managed to detain him.

Neither of the officers suffered injuries. O’Flaherty was taken to a hospital and then booked in Monterey County Jail.

Officers charged him with attempted carjacking, attempted theft of a patrol car, felony reckless driving, assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest. O’Flaherty’s bail was set at $30,000.