Lawrence County, MO - Woman Arrested In Stolen Vehicle - Handcuffed - She Steals Lawrence County Deputy's Patrol Car - Chase - Helicopter - Crash - Woman Escaped

August 4, 2015

UPDATE (11:30 p.m.) - The woman has been taken into custody. Her name is being withheld until formal charges are filed.

Previous coverage:

A highway patrol helicopter and K9 units searched a field off of Highway DD, east of Miller, for a woman who authorities said stole a Lawrence County deputy's patrol car.

Sheriff Brad Delay told KTTS the woman led deputies on a short pursuit in a stolen vehicle Tuesday afternoon. The chase ended when she wrecked on Highway 37 near Reeds in Jasper County. She was handcuffed and put into the back of a patrol car, but the story didn't end there.

"Somehow [the woman] managed to get in the front of the deputy's car and took off again. Fortunately, there were other officers close by because of the first pursuit. When she had taken the patrol car, she had also rammed a state patrol car."

No officers were hurt.

According to Delay, the woman, who might still be handcuffed, lost control of the patrol car and bailed. "We have not been able to find the handcuffs, so it is possible she may still be in possession of those cuffs. We don't know if she moved them around to the front. She may have been able to slip them off. We haven't found any handcuffs, so as far as we know, she is still cuffed."

There were weapons in the deputy's car, but Delay said none of them are missing.

The woman had not been located at the time of this report.