League City, TX - Officer In Uniform Stops At Accident Scene - Suspect Pulls Gun And Officer Shoots Him - Suspect Steals Officer's Car - Found At Trailer Park

December 17, 2015


Police are looking for a man they said stole an off-duty Galveston police officer's vehicle and led officers on a chase.

Investigators said the officer was in uniform when he stopped at the intersection of FM 518 and Interstate 45 to check on a driver who had been an accident.

Police said a man who was walking nearby, pulled a gun and the officer shot at him. That's when the man took off in the officer's personal vehicle, police said.

Officers found the man and gave chase, which ended at a trailer park in the 1600 block of Webster. Police said the man got out of the vehicle and fired at least one shot at the officers then ran inside one of the trailers. A family member inside the trailer confirmed the man was inside, police said.

CART was called and after several hours and a search of the trailer, it was determined the man left before crews arrived.

Nearby residents, who had been evacuated were let back into their homes shortly after 4 a.m.

Police continue their search.