London, KY - 18 Year Old In Stolen Car - From Virginia Crashes - Foot Chase - Steals Patrol Car - 130 MPH Chase Wrong Way Turns Toward Traffic - Shot Out Tire - 2nd Patrol Car Hits Him - Crash

January 19, 2015

Laurel County deputies have arrested a man they call a dangerous fugitive. It happened on Highway 25 south of London early Sunday morning.

Deputies say the chase started when 18-year-old Donald Fox III ran a red light and crashed into another car on Highway 25. Fox allegedly kept going for another two miles until the car, which was stolen out of Virginia, stopped working.

When a constable saw Fox running away from the crashed car, he followed him on foot behind a building. But when Fox came back, he allegedly got into the constable's cruiser and took off in it, with the constable's gun inside. A state trooper then chased Fox in the stolen police car north on Highway 25 toward London. London Police set up a spike strip, but the suspect heard their plans on the police scanner inside the vehicle. He turned around before reaching the spike strip.

Fox then allegedly headed south on Highway 25 in the wrong lane into oncoming traffic at a speed of about 130 miles per hour.  A deputy attempted to block the road with his car, and as Fox drove at him, the deputy shot out one of his tires. Fox continued to drive away with a flat tire.

At about ten miles south of London, the deputy struck the rear end of the stolen police car, disabling it. Investigators say Fox then took off on foot over a guard rail, and the deputy tased him during a scuffle.

Fox was arrested. Deputies say he was under the influence at the time.

Officers learned Fox was a wanted fugitive in an accident that either killed or seriously hurt another person in Virginia. He was taken to UK Hospital with injuries from the car crash that started the chase.

He's facing a slew of charges, including attempted murder of a police officer.