Lubbock, TX - Officer Stopped For Stranded Motorist - Foot Chase - Suspect Steals Patrol SUV - After Violent Confrontation - Crash Into Pole - Officer Injured Hanging On - Suspect Injured

July 30, 2015

A suspect jumped into a police Tahoe and wrecked it while trying to escape on Wednesday night.

Police say the officer, Corporal Ryan Durrett, stopped to assist what he thought was a stranded motorist, at 19th Street and Iola Avenue, just before 12 a.m. Thursday.

While speaking to the driver, he discovered that the pickup truck had been stolen. That is when the driver, 23-year-old Jose Escarcega, took off running.

The officer followed him in his police unit and stopped him in the street.

The two struggled, but Escarcega managed to break free and jump into the officer's vehicle.

Then, with the officer hanging onto the side, investigators say the Escarcega intentionally rammed it into a utility pole.

The officer was taken to UMC with serious injuries. Escarcega suffered minor injuries.

Here's the release from Lubbock Police Department:

Last night, Wednesday, July 29, 2015, at approximately 11:58 p.m., Corporal Ryan Durrett stopped to assist a disabled motorist at 19th Street and Iola Ave. Corporal Durrett assisted the motorist in pushing the vehicle onto the Seven Eleven parking lot. A short time later, he was informed by our dispatch that the vehicle was stolen. Corporal Durrett attempted to take the suspect into custody and the suspect fled on foot. Corporal Durrett chased the suspect in his police Tahoe.

The suspect attempted to get a ride from a passerby in the 6000 block of 19th Street and Corporal Durrett again attempted to take him into custody. The suspect got away again and got into the driver’s side of the police Tahoe. Corporal Durrett had a hold of the suspect and was in the driver’s door when the suspect put the police Tahoe in drive and accelerated at a high rate of speed with Corporal Durrett holding on. The suspect crashed the police Tahoe into two utility poles.

Corporal Durrett was thrown from the vehicle and sustained severe injuries. Despite his injuries, Corporal Durrett attempted to gain control of the suspect. Several officers arrived and managed to take the suspect into custody.

Corporal Durrett and the suspect were transported to UMC. Corporal Durrett sustained serious injuries while the suspect had minor injuries.

The LPD Accident Investigation Team as well as Person Crimes Detectives were called to the scene and conducted a joint investigation. An arrest warrant was obtained for the suspect and he was arrested and arraigned at UMC. He will be booked into the Lubbock County Detention Center upon his release from UMC.

Jose Escarcega – 23 - Aggravated Assault on PO

This investigation is ongoing.