Magnolia, TX - Stolen Car Chase - Stop Sticks - Foot Chase - Steals Magnolia Patrol Car - Abandons It - Jumps Train To Escape - Found Gun, Meth, Pot In SUV

February 26, 2015

A brazen Texas man who sent police on a high-speed chase is at large after he eluded an arrest Thursday by stealing a cop car, authorities said.

The suspect leaped into the law enforcement vehicle and drove off after officers initially tried stopping him in his SUV in the Houston area about 2 a.m.

The “suspicious” Chevrolet Suburban was painted primer gray, ABC 13 reported.

He sped away through the back roads of Magnolia, but ditched his car and fled into the woods after police used spike strips to stop the vehicle.

The man turned around and stole a patrol car, then drove off and possibly hopped onto a passing train, officials said.

The police car, which had a tracking device, was later found ditched near the railroad tracks.

Methamphetamine, marijuana and a stolen gun were in the SUV.

Authorities say they know the suspect’s identity, according to ABC 13.