Marion County, IN - Drunk Steals Marion County Sheriff's Department Van With Keys - Just Hours After MPD Had Patrol Car Torched At Officer's Home

June 19, 2014

A drunk was able to steal the Marion County Sheriff’s Department van after a deputy left the keys inside the van.

The Indy Star reports that the van was taken from an Eastside church. It’s used to transport prisoners to and from the Marion County Jail.

The suspect used a tool to get inside the locked and empty van, then drove off in it.

Police caught up with the thief after someone reported seeing the van being driven by someone who did not appear to be law enforcement.

The incident came only a handful of hours after an arsonist burned a patrol car parked in the driveway of an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer’s home.

While the van incident is still under investigation, all deputies with commissioned vehicles are being instructed to remain especially vigilant.