Milan, NM - Police Officer Transporting 2 Females In Handcuffs - One Escapes - The Other Steals Police Car - Police Car Found Abandoned With Shotgun In Front Seat

February 2, 2014

Police are looking for a woman they said escaped from a police cruiser that had a shotgun in it, stole it and ditched the car in Grants on Sunday night.

Authorities said Bridget Romero, 27, left the unmarked 2013 police cruiser in the woods.

Police said the shotgun was left in the front seat. It was not loaded, but police are unsure if there were any other bullets in the car. State police did not know if the gun had been recovered with the car or if it is still missing.

Romero and her sister, Monique Lay, were picked up by the Village of Milan Police Department for allegedly stealing a vehicle Sunday morning.

Milan Police Chief Jerry Stephens said his officer was driving the sisters back to the station. He was about a block away when Stephens said the officer heard a loud commotion and noticed Romero had escaped.

Stephens said Romero was able to slip off her handcuffs and reach out an open window in the back of the car and open the door.

Police said she was cuffed around her jacket and was able to slide her arms out of her jacket and slip the cuffs off. The officer eventually tracked Romero down.

As he was bringing her back to the car, Stephens said Romero reached around and opened the side door for her sister. Romero then allegedly kneed the officer in the groin and scratched him before getting into the car and driving off.

Police said the officer had only a few scratches and later returned to work.

Police said Lay stayed behind and was taken back into custody.

Romero has a history of resisting arrest, investigators said. The most recent happened in 2013, court records show.

Milan police said they had another person escape from one of their cruisers in January 2013.

Police said Romero could face several charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer in addition to charges from the original theft case.

Police said they will also conduct an internal investigation into what happened to see if any disciplinary action against the officer is necessary.