New Brunswick, NJ - Burglary In Progress Call - Foot Chase - Subject Steals Police Car - RUNS OVER POLICE OFFICER - Attempted Murder

February 4, 2015

Hours after he allegedly hit a cop while attempting to flee a crime scene in a stolen police vehicle, Andrell Childs has been apprehended, officials say.

Childs is the second suspect in a burglary that police say took place at noon Tuesday. According to police, Childs, along with Duane Quarles Jr., were observed fleeing on foot from the site of a burglary in progress on Baldwin Street.

A spokesman for the New Brunswick Police Department said in a written release that Quarles Jr. was immediately apprehended, while Childs led the responding officers on a foot chase throughout the neighborhood.

During the chase, Childs jumped into a police vehicle parked on Comstock Street and attempted to flee, hitting a police officer in the process, police said.

Police found the vehicle a short time later on Evergreen Drive, and then began a search for the suspect.

Childs was found Wednesday evening at a residence on Handy St., where he had barricaded himself in the basement, authorities say. Officials say he was taken into custody without incident.

The officer struck by the vehicle received minor injuries and was treated at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, officials said. Police did not release the officer's name.

Quarles Jr. is being charged with theft, burglary, eluding, obstruction, resisting arrest, aggravated assault on a police officer and conspiracy to commit attempted murder.

Childs is being charged with same, as well as one count of receiving stolen property.

Police say the investigation into the incident is ongoing.