New Orleans, LA - Two People Stole NOPD Officer's Rental Car And Found Keys To His Unmarked Police Car - Went Back And Stole Unmarked - Used In Thefts And Burlgary

January 12, 2017

Police are searching for two people suspected of breaking into an NOPD officer's rental car early Thursday (Jan. 12) and then using keys found in that vehicle to steal the officer's unmarked police car and personal pickup truck.

The officer's two vehicles were reported stolen from the 7500 block of Wave Drive, in the Little Woods area of New Orleans East. Though not stolen, the rental car was burglarized, according to the NOPD.

At about 2 a.m., surveillance video captured the two unidentified people appearing to break into the rental car, a blue Chevrolet.

After taking keys from inside of the Chevrolet, the thieves got into the unmarked police car, a silver 2015 Ford Taurus with a black tint, and fled, police said.

About 40 minutes later, the pair returned and then drove away in the officer's pickup truck, a white 2010 GMC Sierra.

The Taurus bears Louisiana public license plate 244838. The Sierra bears Louisiana license plate B819594.

Police believe two vehicles captured on video were also involved in the thefts and burglary. One of the vehicles, described as a white 2008 Lincoln MKX, has been reported stolen and has since been spotted in both the Fifth and Seventh police districts, the NOPD said.