Nichols, SC - Police Car Stolen Outside Of Police Station - Car Found Up In Flames With Sounds Of Gunfire Heard

April 28, 2014

A North Carolina town's police cruiser was stolen and set on fire Monday morning, authorities told WBTW-TV.

The incident happened in Fair Bluff, which is just over the line in Columbus County, according to Horry County Police sources.

The cruiser was found on fire in Nichols, SC, which is about 11 miles from Fair Bluff, WBTW has learned.

The incident happened when a policeman, Jordan Hill, left his keys in the car as he went inside the police station, briefly around 1 am, according to the Fayetteville Observer.

Later, a Nichols resident heard gunfire and drove to find the source, which ended up being the 2006 Ford Crown Victoria going up in flames, the newspaper reported.  The gunfire was likely from rounds inside the car going off during the flames.

The car was found Alma Road, where Horry County Police responded, police told WBTW.

The police car was then towed back to Fair Bluff, according to Horry County Police.

Police are investigating the incident.