Oxford, MS - Couple Arrested For Stealing Oxford Police Car - Arrested In Memphis At Home Where The Couple Was Dismantling The Police Car

March 21, 2016


A couple is accused stealing a police car for a chop shop ring.

Ronald Mongeon and Miranda Hurt are both charged with residential burglary and motor vehicle theft.

Oxford police say Mongeon was arrested in Memphis during a traffic stop. Memphis police discovered Mongeon’s warrant for burglary in Oxford.

Oxford investigators were alerted and told Memphis police that Mongeon was suspected of taking a police car.

Officers visited Mongeon’s home in Memphis and found the stolen police car there. The vehicle was in the process of being broken down and sold.

They discovered Hurt at the residence and arrested her. Mongeon and Hurt were brought back to Oxford.

Hurt’s bond was set at $10,000. Mongeon’s bond was revoked because he was previously out on a felony bond.