Patterson, MO - Kansas City Police Cruiser Stolen Two Years Ago With Shotgun Stolen - Patrol Car Abandoned After Chase - Shotgun Found With Bones Of Car Thief In Farmers Field

April13, 2016

Nearly two years after a Kansas City man disappeared in a stolen Kansas City police cruiser, his remains have apparently been found.

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office says a farmer discovered a number of human bones in his field about 12:40 p.m. Monday near Interstate 35 and Granite Avenue.

The remains have been sent to a lab in Kansas City for testing, but a shotgun stolen from the police car was found near the bones.

That's where Joshua Boyd, 30, abandoned the stolen cruiser following a high-speed chase in August 2014. Boyd is accused of stealing an officer's car from a gas station at 37th and Main streets. The shotgun from the car was missing.

According to court records, Boyd called his father and told him he was driving a stolen police car and was upset it wouldn't go faster than 130 miles per hour.