Portland, TX - Intoxicated Man Walking Is Questioned - He Runs Away - Comes Out From Hiding - Steals Patrol Car 1 Mile Away - Totals Patrol Car

September 22, 2016


We had to ask Portland's top cop Mark Cory the obvious question.

"This is really whacked out have you ever seen this before," asked John Rupolo.

Let's start tonight's People Behaving Badly with an image of this damaged Portland PD cruiser. How did it get all banged up? How come all the tires are flat? How come the windshield is smashed out? Where's the bumper?

A few nights ago the officer assigned to this cruiser stopped an intoxicated man walking along the access road parallel to 181 The guy fled and backup was called but they couldn't locate him and then out of the blue he appears and jumps in the cruiser and takes off down the access road. He gets about a mile before hitting several things and blowing out four tires.

He is tazed and handcuffed and taken into custody. You don't steal a cruiser.