Prescott Valley, AZ - Man Throws Rock Through Window Of BMW - Tries To Steal It - Jumps Into Police Tahoe - Crashes Police Car - K9 Catches Later

July 26, 2015

At approximately 9:30 AM, Prescott Valley Police responded to the Hampton Inn parking lot, located at 2901 N. Glassford Hill Road, Prescott Valley. This was in reference to a call describing a disorderly male subject, who had just thrown a rock through a vehicle window and shattered it. Later, officers learned that the male subject was attempting to steal the vehicle.

The first Officer arrived on the scene at 9:35 PM, where he was flagged down by a citizen bystander, who directed the Officer to the rear parking lot of the Hampton Inn. The Officer observed three male subjects standing together. The Officer exited his SUV patrol vehicle and walked around toward the passenger side where the three subjects stood. At that point, one of the male subjects, “...immediately ran around the opposite side of the patrol vehicle, away from the Officer, and jumped inside the driver’s seat of the patrol vehicle, closing the door behind him,” according to Officer James Gregory.

A struggle occurred at this point between the Officer and the suspect, during which the suspect placed the patrol car into drive and accelerated away, with the officer still partially inside the vehicle. Not wanting to be dragged under the accelerating vehicle, the Officer let go of the suspect, who sped away.

The crashed patrol vehicle was located in a large ditch near Lakeshore and Fain Road.

The suspect, in a nearby field, was taken into custody without incident by a Prescott Valley K-9 Officer.

The suspect is identified as Jonathon Hoover, 21, from Blythe, CA. Hoover admitted to attempting to steal a BMW at the initial call location and also his involvement in the theft of the patrol vehicle.

Hoover was booked into the Yavapai Jail in Prescott for Aggravated Assault, Endangerment, Felony Criminal Damage and Theft of Means of Transportation.