Pueblo, CO - Burglary Female Suspect In Handcuffs Steals Pueblo Police Car While Officers Were Securing The Home - Chase For Her - Captured

August 29, 2015


"That's my car, dude!"

The flabbergasted officer watched as the burglary suspect he thought was securely handcuffed--peeled off in his police cruiser.

It was all caught on the officer's body camera--and only 11 News obtained the video.

Leah Williams was arrested in Pueblo on Aug. 18 after police say she broke into a home.

The video first shows 40-year-old Williams sitting in handcuffs on the side of a home that she's accused of breaking into. The home is off of 13th Street on the east side of Pueblo. She tells police she knows who lives there.

"They're people that told me I could come get cans and tear the carpet out for them," said Williams.

Officers then put her in the back of their cruiser.

"You got anything on you, Leah?" police asked.

"No, I don't," Williams responded.

While she was in the back of the car, the officers were outside looking at the home. Police say at some point, Williams was able to slip out of her handcuffs and take off in the cruiser.

The officers get into another police car and chase after her. Within about 90 seconds, they spot the car on the side of a road. Police say they eventually found Williams walking and arrested her.

Pueblo police have been using their body cameras since the beginning of the year. The Colorado Springs Police Department hopes to put them on all of their officers by December or January.