Sacramento, CA - DUI Alert - CHP Officer Pulls Him Over - Handcuffed Suspect Steals CHP Patrol Car - Officer Shoots Several Times At Patrol Car - Crashes Into Vehicle And Another CHP Cruiser

December 21, 2015

A man was arrested late Sunday night after he stole a California Highway Patrol cruiser and led officers on a chase from Davis to Sacramento, officers said.

Officers were initially searching for the man after an alert was issued in Solano County.

A CHP officer spotted the suspect's car in Davis and pulled him over, initiating a DUI arrest, officers said.

The man was placed in the back seat of a CHP cruiser, but somehow, he was able to escape the handcuffs, get into the driver's seat and took off in the patrol car, the CHP said.

A witness said a CHP officer shot at the cruiser as the man drove away.

“We noticed that there was a struggle and someone getting into the cop car and taking off, which proceeded to the police officer firing multiple shots it appeared at his own vehicle like it was being stolen,” Aaron McCormick said.

The CHP confirms a shooting, but have not released further details.

Officers said the suspect then hit a vehicle on the Yolo Causeway before ramming the back of another CHP cruiser.

The man finally stopped on Highway 50 near 15th Street in Sacramento, where officers took him into custody. His name has not been released.

Traffic backed up for a mile as officers investigated the incident.