Seattle, WA - Disturbance Call - Man Jumps Into Running Seattle Police Car And Drives Off - Captured Down The Street Under The Influence

April 12, 2015

In the world of criminality it is probably a bad idea, all factors considered, to steal a police car when others might be available.

It's difficult to drive around in a stolen squad car and not be noticed. Thus, a 36-year old man is in custody and facing several charges after "taking a patrol car and driving it several blocks before he surrendered to officers," according to an SPD detective.

Shortly after noon on Saturday officers were investigating a disturbance at 3rd Avenue and Pike Street when the man suddenly jumps into a running patrol car and drives away southbound.

"After a brief pursuit, the suspect stopped and surrendered to officers at 3rd and Marion. There were no injuries or property damage. The suspect was arrested without incident," according to detective Mark Jamieson who noted the man appeared to be "under the influence."

In street parlance, the "dude was faced."

The man was booked into the King County Jail.