Shippensburg, PA - Man Being Questioned At Construction Yard - Stole Police SUV And Tried To Run Down An Officer - SUSPECT SHOT - Drove 1.5 Miles - Had To Stop For Medical Attention

December 12, 2016

Authorities say a police officer in central Pennsylvania has shot and wounded a man who stole a police vehicle and tried to run the officer down.

State police say the incident happened Friday afternoon while Shippensburg Borough police officers were questioning a man whose car was parked in a private construction yard. The man, while standing outside his vehicle, fled and then stole a marked police SUV. State police say the man drove the vehicle directly toward one of the officers and the officer fired a service weapon.

The suspect drove for about 1.5 miles on multiple roadways until his injuries prevented him from continuing. He's being treated at a hospital.

The suspect's name and condition have not been disclosed.

The officers were not seriously injured