Spokane, WA - Man Trying To Steal Man's Car - Spokane Co. Deputy Pepper Sprays Man - Foot Pursuit - Suspect Steals Patrol Car Bailed Out - Escaped

April 24, 2014


Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies, including Air-1, were searching for a man who stole one of their patrol cars Thursday evening near 57th and Regal. 

It all began after a  man came out of the McKenzie River Pizza to find someone trying to steal his car. The owner of the car tried to stop the thief, and the thief actually pepper sprayed him. A Sheriff's deputy showed up, located the suspect and tried to stop him. After a foot pursuit, the suspect, identified as 26-year-old Taylor J. Davis, doubled back from the deputy and stole his patrol car. 

Additional units responded from both the city and county to try and locate the car and suspect. Police switched frequencies on the radio so they didn't tip off Davis, who also had a radio in the patrol car, during their search. They quickly located the stolen patrol car a few blocks away near the Oz Fitness, however Davis had bailed out on foot. We are told the guns inside the patrol car were still there when they found the car. 

Less than an hour after beginning their search, and utilizing Air-1, deputies found and arrested Davis near Myrtle and Julia. 

Deputies say Davis has an extensive criminal history and had multiple felony warrants out for his arrest. 

KHQ also learned that Davis actually showed up to the parking lot on 57th and Regal in a stolen car to steal another car. 

Right now the investigation is ongoing and we will certainly update you as soon as we receive any additional details.