Spokane, WA - Police Confirm A Border Patrol Tahoe Was Stolen From A Homeland Security Facility - The Telecommunications Facility Gate Was Smashed By The Tahoe

April 12, 2016


Update: Spokane Police confirm they've found the border patrol vehicle that was stolen early Tuesday morning from a Homeland Security facility in north Spokane County.

The white Chevy Tahoe was found at an apartment complex in North Spokane in the 7800 block of N. Morton. Police were headed to pick up the truck Tuesday evening.

The Tahoe was actually ticketed Tuesday afternoon. It was apparently taking up two parking spots.

Previous coverage:

Early Tuesday morning a facility with the Office of Information and Technology for U.S. Homeland Security in the area of 7600 N. Market  in NE Spokane was broken into and a white Chevy Tahoe with a brush guard was stolen. The building is surrounded by a chain link fence so to gain access, the back side of the fence was cut with bolt cutters and a window of the building was smashed. 

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies brought in a K-9 unit to clear the building and make sure no one was still inside. During a search of the building a backpack was found that appears to have been left behind by whoever broke into the facility.

According to Rick Henderson, a supervisor at the location, there are surveillance cameras set up on the property but the wires to the DVR box were cut and the box was stolen so there's no way to look at surveillance footage. 

The front gate to the facility was also smashed through, presumably with the stolen SUV.  Henderson says there were no weapons inside the SUV that was stolen because that's standard practice. 

The facility is a telecommunications repair facility. Repair technicians at the location respond to calls and make repairs on communication systems.