Talladega, AL - Prowler Call - Female Fled On Foot - Put In Patrol Car - Steals Patrol Car - Tries To Run Down Deputies - SUSPECT SHOT - Crashes Patrol Car

October 14, 2014


An early-morning Sunday chase crossing county lines led to the arrest of two Lincoln natives, one of whom tried to mow down law enforcement officers with a patrol car.

Deputies from the Talladega County Sheriff’s Department apprehended 36-year-old Connie Michele Moore for first-degree attempted assault and first-degree theft of property and her husband, 41-year-old Kevin Ray Moore, for second-degree theft of property.

According to Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore, the department received a call about a potential prowler lurking near Willingham Road around 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

Dispatchers alerted deputies the individuals were traveling in a blue Ford Ranger pickup truck that had recently left the area.

When deputies saw the truck on Renfroe Road near Logan Martin Dam Road and turned on the their blue lights, the suspects turned around on Renfroe Road and turned onto Logan Martin Dam Road.

Kilgore said the deputies pursued the vehicle across the dam into St. Clair County until the vehicle slowed down and stopped, at which point the female suspect fled on foot into the woods.

The deputies chased and caught the woman and secured her in the back of the patrol car as backup arrived on the scene.

During the capture of the female suspect, her male counterpart also began to run away.

That’s where, Kilgore explained, the incident took a turn for the worse.

“The deputies were talking and started to go in the woods to try and locate the male subject when they heard a vehicle crank up,” Kilgore said. “The patrol car began coming down the road. They were standing in the roadway, and the car was coming right at them at a high rate of speed, trying to run over them. The deputies jumped back and opened fire, trying to disable the vehicle.”

Kilgore explained the female suspect climbed into the front seat of the vehicle after maneuvering her cuffed hands from behind her back and squeezed through the partition separating the front of the car from the back.

She fled the scene, leading pursuing deputies all the way to Camp Creek Road in St. Clair County before she was caught a second time.

“The suspect lost control of the vehicle and ran off the roadway,” Kilgore said. “When the deputies approached her, she told them she had been shot. Then they saw what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the lower leg area. They called EMS, and she was transported to the hospital.”

Shortly after, Deputies caught the husband at a pavilion by Logan Martin Dam. His charges stem from theft of property from a residence on Willingham Road, an incident Kilgore said resulted in the early morning joyride.

Both individuals were transported to the Talladega County Jail.

District Judge Jeb Fannin set Connie Moore’s bond at $100,000. She faces additional charges for third-degree burglary and second-degree theft, with bond for those offenses set at $20,000.

Kevin Moore’s bond was set at $50,000.

First-degree attempted assault and first-degree theft of property are Class B felonies in Alabama punishable by a sentence of two-20 years in prison upon conviction.

Third-degree burglary and second-degree theft of property are Class C felonies in Alabama punishable by a sentence of one year and one day to 10 years in prison upon conviction.