Topeka, KS - Stranded Motorist - The Woman Suffering From Asthma Was Placed In The Patrol Car Waiting For EMS - She Stole The Patrol Car - Spike Strips

September 22, 2014

A Kansas sheriff says a deputy pulled over to help a stranded motorist, who stole the officer’s vehicle and led officers on a chase.

The chase happened Sunday night in Geary County.

The sheriff says an officer stopped to help a woman along the side of the road who appeared to be suffering from asthma. He says the officer took her to his patrol car to wait for EMS before she jumped in the front seat and took off, leaving the officer behind.

Spike strips left by Grandview Plaza officers eventually disabled the stolen vehicle and the woman was arrested. It’s unclear if she’s been charged.

The sheriff says two deputies accidentally ran over the spike strips.