Tulsa, OK - Man Steals Oklahoma Highway Patrol Cruiser - Helicopter Used To Locate Cruiser - Suspect Jumped Down A River Bank - Firefighters Used Rescue Boat

September 1, 2016


Investigators arrest a man suspected of stealing an Oklahoma Highway Patrol cruiser early Thursday.

The vehicle was stolen from an area around 9600 Riverside Drive around 1:45 a.m., near a Creek Turnpike gate.

Tulsa police used one of their helicopters to find the OHP cruiser, but we're told the suspect had jumped down from the river bank and tried to hide near the Arkansas River.

He was spotted by the TPD helicopter pilot.

Tulsa firefighters brought a rescue boat to the scene.

The boat was deployed near 6700 Riverside Drive.

It was taken about three miles to the area where the suspect was arrested.

Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputies also responded to the scene.