Union City, GA - Arrested Female In Handcuffs Steals Police Car - Crashed Into Several Vehicles - She Escaped

December 10, 2013


A woman handcuffed in the back of a Union City police car was able to get in the driver’s seat and speed off early Tuesday morning, authorities said.

And now police say the culprit is on the run.

About 2:15 a.m., officers were called to the Walmart at 4735 Jonesboro Rd. to help another officer arrest Jenny Faith Clementi for bank card fraud, Union City police spokeswoman Detective Gloria Hodgson said.

Clementi was handcuffed and placed into the back of the patrol car, Hodgson said.

“While the officer was collecting evidence and information, Clementi was able to reposition her hands, which had been secured behind her back, to her front,” she said. “After doing so, Clementi was able to pry the passage portal leading from the rear of the patrol vehicle to the front of the patrol vehicle open.”

Police said Clementi squeezed through the portal into the front seat of the running vehicle, and drove away.

Clementi headed north on I-85 to I-285, crashed the police squad car into another vehicle, exited the squad car and ran from the scene, police said.