Wapato, WA -Aggressive Unwanted Male At Sports Bar Call - Tased Twice - Hit With Batons - Suspect Steals Patrol Car - Crashes Into Parked Car - Totaled - 2 Officers Injured

February 13, 2014


On 02-12-14 at 2359 hours Wapato Officers Murphy and Eismann received a complaint of an unwanted male at the El Compadre Sportsbar located at 220 S. Wapato Avenue. On arrival Officers contacted a 23 year old male outside the tavern. The male was instantly aggressive with the officers and charged at Officer Murphy. Both officers deployed their taser on the suspect. The man was unfazed by the taser and a fight to control the man ensued. Officers used their batons in an attempt to bring the male under control. The man was unphased by the use of the batons and at one time assumed a combative stance and stated “is that all you got” The man broke free and ran to Officer Eismann’s vehicle where he entered the vehicle via the drivers side door and drove South on South Wapato Avenue. The man crashed into a parked and unoccupied vehicle in the 700 block of S. Wapato Avenue. A passing tow truck driver became involved and held the male inside the wrecked patrol car until Officer Murphy and Eismann arrived. In doing so the tow truck driver also became engaged in a physical confrontation with the male. Assisting units from the Yakima Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol arrived to assist with taking the male into custody. The male was transported to Regional Hospital for injuries sustained in the car crash. Officer Murphy sustained an injury to his right hand. Officer Eismann had bumps and scrapes. Both officers received medical treatment for their injuries and were released.

Charges of theft of a motor vehicle and two counts of 3rd degree assault will be filed on the male suspect.

The Washington State Patrol is handling the collision investigation.

The patrol car is a total loss.